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Start a Food Waste into Organic Fertilizer

Start a  Food Waste into Organic FertilizerWith the trend toward environmentally friendly, organic and recycled products, people have started to look into natural ways to garden. All of these trends can be utilized with composting, a method of turning organic waste into fertilizer for gardens. With a few simple steps and new habits, you can make use of composting to lower your environmental impact and cut costsConverting Food Waste into Fertilizer  Food waste is any unused, left over and any consumable food items being discarded and is usually being handled by waste department and/or privately contracted waste management companies and is being hauled away and dumped into landfills. The sources of food waste mainly comes from leftover of our meals, waste ingredients during preparation of cuisine and the rejected products from food manufacturing and processing industries. In the United States the food waste contributes 35% by weight of the daily municipal solid wastes which are collected…

Start a Liquid Detergent Manufacturing Business


Start a Business of Energy Food Making

Start a Business of Energy Food Making 
Product and Applications Health awareness is fast growing and people are taking to such energy supplements to overcome ageing, tiredness, fatigue and general breakdown of the system. Various supplements are available in the market to lower fats increase stamina etc. People are very conscious of Cholesterol level in blood and avoid fatty foods. They are very selective of their diet and there is marked preference for low calorie high protein food supplements. The energy foods available in market are costly and beyond the reach of common man. Children are yet another group for cheap energy foods. The technology for such foods has been developed by CFTRI. Energy food is prepared from easily available ingredients like wheat, gram dal, jiggery, edible ground nut cake, minerals and vitamins. It is a ready to eat food item and does not require extensive cooking. Depending upon individuals tastes some milk or water can be added. It can also be used with …