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Animals which eat a lot of vegetable matter and have poor digestive systems generate poo that is suitable for making paper. The animal droppings are washed and boiled for many hours. The solution is then blended or spun to soften and cut the fibers. Other things such as dye and/or other fibrous materials may be be added to give the solution the proper consistency. The slurry is then sifted onto rectangular sieves and allowed to dry. When dry, the thin layer of plant fibers is peeled off the sieve and made into paper and paper products
The method used for making elephant dung paper is more or less the same as making other varieties of handmade paper. There are minor changes we have had to make because of the fibrous nature of the raw material. Making sure that the paper is not harmful for the papermaker as well as the user was our biggest challenge… so disinfectants are used to make the paper as bacteria free as possible.


Dung Collection - gathering the poo
Dung is collected from various elephant stables. The colour of the dung varies from season to season, as what the elephants eat depends on the crop of the season.


Cleaning the Poo - Elephant Poo cleaning

The cleaning of the dung is one of the important stages… the dung is washed thoroughly with water in large tanks. At the end, all what is left is the fibre. Since this process is water intensive, it is preferably done close to cultivated land… the water acts as a fantastic fertilizer.


Cooking the Poo - Softening the elephant dung.
Paper can only be made with this fibre if its soft enough to be beaten into pulp. To get the fibre ready for the next stage of pulping, it is cooked in water for over 4-5 hours with salt and then washed with hydrogen peroxide to complete the first stage of making the paper bacteria free.


Sorting - Dry elephant poo is sorted.
After cooking, the water is drained out and the dung is left to dry out in the sun. Once its dry, it is sorted and any non-usable fibre is removed.


Pulping - The softened and sorted Elephant poo is beaten to a pulp.
After the fibre has been softened and sorted, it goes into the Hollander Beater, to be beaten to pulp. This process takes about 4 hours. The fibre goes through the process of being beaten into very fine pulp and also being washed again. Disinfectant is added here to kill any bacteria still in the pulp.


Lifting - pulp through a sieve is paper!
The pulp is then taken to cement/ wooden vats filled with water. Depending on the weight of the paper to be made, the required amount of pulp is mixed with the water. A flat sieve-like mould is used to lift a layer of pulp out of water. A sheet of paper is made.


Couching - Piles of sheets pressed together.
The sheet is then placed on a muslin cloth by applying gentle pressure onto the mould. This process continues till there is a heap of about 100 sheets.


Drying - paper is hung dry in shade.
The heap of interleaved sheets is then placed in a hydraulic press and compressed to drain out as much water as possible. The paper is then dried on lines, in a shady area. Direct sunlight is not good for drying the sheets unless they’re white as the colour fades under the sun.


Calendering - Dry sheets of elephant poo paper are smoothened.
Paper sheets are then calendered to make them smoother and writable. Calendering involves interleaving a bunch of sheets with zinc coated metal sheets and passing them under pressure, back and forth between two rollers.The sheets are then cut to the specified size, packed and sent to their required destinations.



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