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Start a business of Ice Cream Parlour

Start a Business of Ice Cream Parlour

Ice cream is a popular commodity, and one with a significant mark-up. If you’re looking to start an ice cream business, there are a number of different avenues to take, such as going mobile with a van, or opening a fixed location at a beach or on the high-street. Having a solid business plan is essential as ice cream businesses can be heavily affected by seasonal demand. Ice cream is a very saleable commodity, especially during the summer months. The initial start-up costs are not as high as some other businesses and thus may attract first-time entrepreneurs or those not willing to risk large amounts of capital. Ice-cream businesses are also very scalable; you can expand to multiple vans or locations should you succeed. If you’re looking to start your entrepreneurial path and aren’t sure what company to start, consider an ice-cream business. If you can find the right location, and pair it with a solid business plan, you’ll get a great flavour of run…

Start a Business of Interior Decorator

Start A Business of  Interior Decorator

If you have a love of decorating and a knack for arranging furniture and choosing decor and color, a career as an interior decorator may be perfect for you. Unlike interior design, training and certification is not required. Anyone with skills and the ability to market themselves can start working as an interior decorator. Since competition is high and there is some work involved with getting started, it's important to learn how to become an interior decorator and market yourself effectively. Steps 1 Evaluate your skills, strengths and weaknesses. If people regularly compliment your decorating skills and turn to you for advice, that's a good sign that you have the natural talent to be an interior decorator. However, when working for others, you'll be exposed to a variety of different tastes and styles. You'll have to be able to show an extensive knowledge of space planning, fabrics and materials and you'll also have to be able to…

Start a Nutritionist / Dietitian business