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Start a Natural Colour Making Business

Start a Natural Colour Making Business (320). Start a Natural Colour Making Business Natural colors and flavors are type of food additives that are added to food and beverages to make products more appealing and tastier. The use of natural colors and flavors in food and beverage industry is increasing since last decade. Rising demand for natural foods and consumer avoidance has led to strong progress for natural colors and flavors market capturing around 30% global color and flavors market. Hyperactivity and behavioral problems in children’s due to artificial colors and flavors are other driving factors for this market. Colors and flavors derived for natural products are having Exempt from Certification. Color and flavor degradation with change in pH, light, temperature, and oxidation with other ingredient is major restrain for global natural color and flavor market.
The natural food color industry market is growing at 10%  ‐15% annually. The rationale for growth is increasing awareness a…

Start a Fish Spa Therapy Business

(319). Start a Fish Spa  Therapy Business
Dr. Fish / Garra Rufa Spa Therapy is a natural form of exfoliation and relaxation treatment that has been offered with amazing results. Doctor Fish™ have been known for softening and cleansing the skin of people who bathed in hot springs where the fish darted about.It sounds crazy, but don’t knock it until you try it – it is surprisingly fun. These normally vegetarian fish home in on areas of dry skin, especially around heels and soles of the feet and finger nails. For a psoriasis sufferer, the fish target the plaques — areas of sore, red and thickened skin.
Doctor Fish trend is made popular in Asia and has since been making the headlines in the lifestyle industry. The secret to natural beautiful skin is finally here!These Doctor Fishes (Garra Rufa) are put to work by nibbling on your skin removing dead skin cells through natural exfoliation! They have found that these tiny fishes secrete a ENZYME called diathanol which is said to improve skin r…



What is Marine Fish Oil? Marine Fish Oil is a highly purified, concentrated fish oil supplement recommended by healthcare professionals to help patients enhance intake of omega-3 fatty acids that are often inadequate in the diet. The specific types of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, called EPA and DHA, are important to healthy cardiovascular, neurological, and immune system function. 
How does fish oil benefit heart health? EPA and DHA in fish oil help maintain normal blood triglyceride levels, reduce platelet stickiness, maintain elasticity of artery walls, stabilize heart rhythm, and assist in regulating blood pressure. They also keep blood from clotting too quickly. Studies show reduced risk of heart attack and stroke. Bypass surgery and angioplasty patients reportedly also benefit from fish oils. Clinical trials have shown that fish oils are safe for heart disease patients. 
How much Marine Fish Oil should should one take? One to fou…