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Start a Coconut Shell Powder Manufacturing Unit


(317). Start a Coconut Shell Powder Manufacturing Unit

Coconut shell powder is manufactured from matured coconut shells. The manufacture of coconut shell powder is not an organized industry in India. The product finds extensive use in plywood and laminated board industry as a phenolic extruder and as a filler in synthetic resin glues, mosquito coils and agarbathis. Coconut shell powder is preferred to other alternate materials available in the market such as bark powder, furfurol and peanut shell powder because of its uniformity in quality and chemical composition, better properties in respect of water absorption and resistance to fungal attack. The product is manufactured in sizes ranging from 80-200 mesh. Keeping in view of the vast industrial uses, the demand for coconut shell powder appears to be promising.

Coconut shell powder is mainly used as filler and thus it is an industrial product. It is used 
in the manufacture of thermoset moulding powders such as phenol formaldehyde moulding 
powder or bakelite and synthetic resin glues. Powder of different particle size is required for 
different end-uses. It would be better if the promoters have relevant marketing background. 
India has maintained fairly steady industrial growth during last 8-10 years. Indian economy 
is gradually coming out of the grips of demand recession and industrial production is once 
again picking up. Yet another favourable aspect of coconut shell powder is that it is a 
comparatively cheaper filler and hence preferred by many end-users.


Coconut shells free from contamination of coir pith, etc., are broken into small pieces and fed into a pulverizer. The powder from the pulverizer is fed into a cyclone and the parallel product is collected in bag filters. The shell powder is then fed into a vibrating sieving machine and packed according to mesh size requirements for various end uses. The rejects from the sieving machine can be recycled in the pulverizer for size reduction. The main requirements for consistent good quality of coconut shell powder, are proper selection of shell of proper stage of maturity and efficient machinery.

Product Specification

AppearanceClear light brown free flowing powder
Moisture10 per cent max.
Apparent density0.6 to 0.7 g/cc
Ash content1.5 max.
Sieve analysis - BS sieveRetained on 200 mesh shall not exceed 0.1%

Project Cost

(One tonne / day capacity)
Land required (cost variable)40 cents
Building (2000 sq. ft. building area)Rs.10 lakhs
Plant and MachineryRs.14.5 lakhs
Preliminary & pre-operative expensesRs.3.0 lakhs
ContingencyRs.1.5 lakh
Working capital (Margin Money)Rs.5.0 lakhs


  •  Hammer mill
  •  Storage bin
  •  Impact pulverizer
  •  Cyclone
  •  Bag filter
  •  Air blower
  •  Sieving machine


Raw material12,000 shell
Shell powder1 tonne

Salient Features

Annual salesRs.12.0 lakhs
Net profitRs.2.25 lakhs
Return on investment20 per cent

Coconut Shell based Products

Shell charcoal, shell based activated carbon, shell powder, shell handicrafts, shell ice cream cups and bear glasses, ladles, forks, show pieces, shell buttons, etc. are the shell based products available in the country.

Coconut shell charcoal

Coconut shell powder

Activated carbon

*Sources of Machinery / Equipment

  •  Kaps Engineers, 831, G. I. D. C. Makarpur, Vadodara - 390 030
  •  Pilots India, Kalletumkara - 680 683, Irinjalakuda Dist., Kerala
  •  Universal Enterprises, 99/77/1B Sri Rampura, H. O. Court Road, Mysore - 570 008

*Manufacturing units

M/s.Kongunad Agro Products, Olappalayam PO, Kangeyam Taluk, Erode District, Tamil Nadu Ph:            0491-2567232      , Mob: 9447503399
M/s.S.S. Agro Mills, Sidco IGC, Phase II, Samba, Jammu and Kashmir, Pin: 184121. Phone:            9419394038                  9906094038      
Machine Manufacturers

Company NameComm.AddressPhone(Off)
Amiable Agro Machines61,chinthamanipalayam,cheyur, avinashi, tirupur            9894818311      
Mosons EngineeringPalayad Industrial Estate Dharmadam, Thalassery Kannur, Kerala 670601            9388636181        
Perfect Machine TradersKalliath Royale Square Palace Road, PB No 553 Thrissur City            0487 2325245     


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