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Start a Biolubricant Making Business

Start a Biolubricant Making Business

What are biolubricants?

Biolubricants are products which, when used, have a lower impact on the environment. Biolubricants have a lower impact on aquatic and soil life and cause less health risks. Preferably, they are mainly derived from renewable raw materials, such as rapeseed oil. Their technical performance must at least equal that of conventional lubricants.

In order to meet the technical performance requirements of diverse applications, lubricants contain various components. The source and nature of the base oil and additives do not only influence technical performance, but also the environmental performance of the lubricant. Detailed criteria such as biodegradability, persistence and bioaccumulation, (aquatic) toxicity and other environmental and health hazards, and the extent to which the lubricants are based on renewable materials, determine whether lubricants may be eligible for ecolabels.

Why should biolubricants be used? Because of the way i…

Start a Poy-Sian Inhaler Manufacturing Business

Start a Poy-Sian Inhaler Manufacturing Business
The Poy-Sian provides valuable services with fatigue, looseness, malaise, nausea, dizziness, unpleasant odors, headaches, mild flu symptoms, nasal congestion, itching, insect bites, or even nicotine withdrawal.

With its manifold effects and potential applications the Poy-Sian faces greatest popularity in Thailand and is also increasingly discovered by  "foreigners" and tourists to be their constant companion.  Unscrew the top to inhale, unscrew the bottom to apply to the skin, practically in the format and available in different colors, so that everyone can easily recognizes his own Poy-Sian. 
Poy Sian Inhalers can be used for colds, flu, to clear sinus and blocked nasal passages. It’s also used for vertigo or just to inhale.
Poy Sian Inhaler Pocket essential oils  Description: That's 6 nasal inhalers brand-POY SIAN MARK II from Asian medicine and enhanced with 6 different colors. Poy Sian Mark II, very helpful in your pocket w…