As 2011 comes to a close, the lessons we have learned through all the overcast and gloomy clouds is that ours is an interconnected global world. What happens in one part, affects all of us. Whether it was Osama Bin Laden or Steve Jobs, we had all the news, even before our TV told us so. Advances in the digital and electronic world, demographics, business practices and changes in the global economyhave opened new career avenues. Some emerging career options for 2012 are:

Social media manager
Social media is the new buzz of the day. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and YouTube have revolutionised the way we work and live. Not surprising that more and more marketing and advertising companies are incorporating social media into their strategies and using these services to reach out to customers and build social networks within companies and outside.
Young people recruited for the purpose are quite happy to be working while tweeting, re-tweeting and being up to date with what others are saying online. On a more professional level, this also means reviewing traffic volume, bounce rates and other relevant metrics, developing social media components for new campaigns, helping with blogger outreach, creating long-term solutions for clients, lots of brainstorming, coming up with new ideas for reaching larger numbers.
Tips: Being a social media manager means lots of responsibility because a brand's reputation and voice is in your hands.

Mobile application programmers
The immense popularity of Apple's application store and similar sites from other brands has created professional programmers who have specialised in developing applications for mobile phones. Additionally,they may also help in combating security and compatibility issues. Knowledge of interface design, network communications, web services, SQLite databases, GSP framework and location based services is highly recommended for such professionals.
Tips: With 110 million mobile users in India, this upcoming and promising career has a huge scope to be creative.

Natural resource managers
Contributing to the maintenance and conservation of the ecosystem that we rely on for our survival is extremely rewarding. These professionals are in high demand, to advise and help manage development and use of cities and rural areas with minimal impact to the environment.
Professionals in this field are often employed to advise, inform and maintain valued natural resource assets, and job opportunities are available in diverse roles.
Attractive features in this industry include working independently and as part of a team, thriving in different environments, such as outdoors or an office, running community education programmes, doing research and so on, and at reasonably good salary.
Tips: Careers, such as, ecologist, environmental coordinator, forester, land surveyor, and logistics planner are available in field.

Social entrepreneurs
Social entrepreneurship is expected to be the next big thing to influence India as the country juggles to achieve a balance between a growing gross domestic product, ensuring inclusive growth and attempting to address issues ranging from education, energy efficiency to climate change. Social entrepreneurs are most commonly associated with the voluntary and not-for-profit sectors, but this need not preclude making a profit.
Tips: Before getting into this profession go and experience the work. Don't confuse romance and passion. The romance will wear off.

Education consultants
The education industry in India is fast evolving. Institutes of higher education are coming up all across the country and it is being said that the country needs 800 additional universities and 35,000 new colleges by2012 to cater to the burgeoning demand for higher education in the country. But it is not only teaching that is in demand.
With more people becoming aware of the need for a wider interpretation of what constitutes a good education, there is a much larger requirement for non-teaching specialists. Today, there are various education consultancies, which provide information, guidance and counselling to students on various aspects. These could range from career counselling, to preparing for scholarships or studying abroad.
Moreover, with the development of modern communication technologies such as satellite, radio and the growth of the Internet, learning can be taken to the students through distance education. Today there is a huge number of online courses, training programmes and other education facilities. Education Process Outsourcing is another new emerging service. Sitting in small cubicles, fitted with headset and mouse, tutors teach students across the globe.
Tips: With KPMG anticipating growth of 10 to 15 per cent by 2021, the education sector is providing lucrative career opportunities.

Speciality chefs
Cooking is considered an art, and a craft that has given good chefs, celebrity status. While some people take up cooking as a leisure pastime, many with a penchant for cooking and the creative ability to excel, are flambeing their way to stardom and success. As food goes global, specialty chefs are in great demand. Some specialisations for chefs include saucier, garde manger and patissier.
Tips: It is important that aspiring chefs must have excellent technical and communication skills and a positive attitude.

In today's dynamic work scene, where no job lasts for a lifetime-these and many more emerging career options grow and evolve, from the increasing demands of a developing economy. While the recession has set back the dreams of many young hopefuls, for those willing to dream, create and reinvent themselves, there will always be exciting new opportunities.

List of the 50 Best Careers of 2012
Financial adviser
Financial analyst
Meeting planner
Public relations specialist
Sales manager
Training specialist

Creative and Service Jobs:
Commercial pilot
Film and video editor
Gaming manager
Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration technician
Multimedia artist
Technical writer

Healthcare Jobs:
Athletic trainer
Dental hygienist
Lab technician
Massage therapist
Occupational therapist
Physician assistant
Physical therapist
Physical therapist assistant
Radiologic technologist
Registered nurse

School psychologist

Social Service Jobs:
Court reporter
Education administrator
Emergency management specialist
Marriage and family therapist
Medical and public health social worker
Special-education teacher
Urban planner

Technology Jobs:
Biomedical engineer
Civil engineer
Computer software engineer
Computer support specialist
Computer systems analyst
Environmental engineering technician
Environmental science technician
Network architect