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Start a Candle Holder Making Business

(353). Start a Candle Holder Making Business
If you thought candles were headed towards extinction after the invention of the bulb, you were dead wrong! In fact, despite the availability of generators to bypass the dilemma of black outs, candles are still pretty much in vogue! Candles make an admirable fashion statement with regard to the d├ęcor of elegant homes. Such has been the popularity and demand of stylish candles that it has sparked a raging demand for fancy and exotic candle holders. The market, today, is flooded with thousands and thousands of exquisitely designed candle holders! However, if your budget is tight and you have a passion for craft, you could get busy crafting your very own homemade candle holder! Dig out the surplus paraphernalia around your home and get creative! Not only will you be saving money, but you can flaunt a unique and beautiful piece of art to all the visitors stepping in and out of your dwelling.Candles bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere to any ro…

Start a Car Floor Mat Manufacturing Business

(352). Start a Car Floor Mat Manufacturing Business
By now all of must be aware of the fundamental function of car mats. It helps to keep the interiors of your car sparkling clean. With the passage of time people have started experimenting with the choice of car mats. There are many who opt for stylish car mats to enhance the look and feel of their car.In fact, stylish car mats have witnessed an increasing demand in the recent times. Not only they are available in a wide range of designs and shades, but also strive to enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle. While some of the car mats cost a pinch on your pocket, most of them are reasonably priced. Car owners who are very much fussy about the look of their precious possession even opt for customized mats. What makes the stylish car mats so appealing is their attractive designs and clean feel.
It is always safer to opt for darker colors as the stains are hardly visible on them. Moreover, while washing the dark colored car mats you…

Start a Edible Oyster Culture Business

(351). Start a Edible Oyster Culture Business

Marine animals belonging to the families Ostreidae are called oysters in common usage. Oyster is one of the best known and most widely cultivated marine animals. The oysters are highly esteemed sea food and considered a delicacy in USA, Europe, Japan etc. In India there is a growing demand for oyster meat in some parts of the country. .Until recently, oyster farming has been considered as a traditional practice followed only in the temperate countries. The awareness about the vast potentialities for development of oyster farming in tropics is recent. Serious efforts are now being directed in its development under tropical conditions
2. Scope for oyster farming in India

In India pioneering attempts were made by James Hornell in 1910 in developing Oyster Culture in erstwhile Madras state. Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute undertook scientific investigations at Tuticorin from early 70's and as a result, complete package of the te…