Start a Organic Restaurant


(306). Start a Organic Restaurant

The Growing Organic Market  

A lot of individuals in the present day are viewing health care in a different level. Amidst the strong foundations of the pharmaceutical industry, there is still a great percent of the population who opt for the natural. One might find it quite ironic that that as science modernises, the more we go back to basics. Although some people might be sceptical about herbal medications and other health alternatives, it is still growing and even slowly invading the market little by little.

Aside from organic stores operating in the commercial market, which by the way are significantly increasing in number, the internet is becoming an enterprising ground for organic products too. The organic industry is relatively large and dynamically growing. And as science advances, it can probably advance even more.

Starting a Organic Restaurant

Considering all the stressful elements in the environment, more and more people today are in a constant search for healthier alternatives to processed food and beverages. If you are not convinced enough of the great consumer demand for such products, try browsing through the World Wide Web to find a treasure trove of herbal medicines, mineral cosmetics, and all other organic products you could imagine. By addressing the need of the times and riding along with the trend of healthy living, you can apparently expect profitable results.

Starting an organic restaurant could involve a critical process of understanding the science and art of organic food preparation. This will require you to conduct an extensive research about the procedures, recipes, and necessary ingredients. It is important too that you come up with a reliable and consistent sourcing strategy for organic food products. It might be ideal to establish a partnership with nearby farm producers or, better yet, to start an organic garden of your own. This way, you can sustain your own business while maintaining the nutritional value of the food that you serve.

The popularity of organic foods and the restaurants that serve them has skyrocketed in recent years. A once niche market is now a burgeoning billion-dollar industry. Though demand is growing, running an organic restaurant is not easy. Organic foods are intrinsically more expensive than processed foods, driving up a restaurateur's costs. Organic foods are also often in short supply. Still it is possible to succeed in the marketplace if several rules are taken under consideration. This guide will explain how to survive and ultimately succeed in the organic restaurant business.


Find a possible location for your store. Make sure it is in a popular area that gets a lot of traffic. Often small stores off of side streets end up closing their businesses within 2 years. A popular area also means less advertising expense, especially if you have a large sign that people can see from far away. When you find a possible location ask how much the rent would cost. You will need this info to create your budget.

Create a business plan so you can get start-up funding. Things to include in your business plan are all of your expected expenses: rent, electric, phone, Internet, organic food and advertising costs. Make the list as detailed as possible. Now include some paragraphs that show a prospective loan officer how you plan on making money. What would your mark-ups be? Will you create some of the organic food yourself from scratch? How will your accounting be handled? Will you have a business partner? Tell them a little bit about why you want to start an organic food business.

Get certified. If you want to produce any type of organic product, you will need to be certified .You don't need this certification if you are just selling food that is already deemed organic. You only need the certification if you are opening a organic restaurant.
Make a deal with a local farmer's market. You can negotiate a good price with them and then resell the foods for a higher dollar amount creating a profit. It would be beneficial to farmer's that are local to work with you, because they could save tons of money on shipping costs. Arrange to pick up the food and you should be able to negotiate a good price.

Get advertising and hold a grand opening. You are going to need to advertise a lot in the beginning, but it will not always be like this. You need to get people to know you are there. Once they do, you won't need to advertise as much. Make sure you have added this cost in to your budget. Your first year will include your biggest advertising expense.

Consider starting an organic food franchise. This would give you an established name plus provide you with all of the contacts you would need. It gets you insurance, training, signs, advertising, furniture, fixtures, computers and software you will need to run the business and so much more. This is an expensive option but one definitely worth considering. You will basically have a success manual, so if you follow it and your neighborhood has a demand for organic food, you should do very well.

Food  in Organic Restaurant

Oatmeal cookies

Beetroot & Spinach Tikki

Walnut Chutney

Detox Tea

Hearty Mushroom Soup

Spinach and sesame stir-fry

Children's day special easy fudge cake

Cheesy Eggplant

Home Cooked Italian Style Chicken with Basil & Olives

500 gms – Organic chicken (cut into thin bite sized strips)
10 – 12 pcs – Black Olive (pitted, sliced)
400 gms – Tomatoes – coarsely chopped
400 gms – Onions – coarsely chopped
10-12 pods of Garlic – crushed
8 –108 fresh basil leaves (or 2 teaspoons of dried basil)
3 teaspoons – Italian mixed herbs seasoning
1 teaspoon – paprika powder
2 tablespoons – Balsamic/ Red Wine Vinegar
2 tablespoon Virgin Olive Oil
Chilli flakes, Salt to taste

Bottle Gourd with Curd

Lemongrass tea

Healthy Organic Wraps

Pomegranate & Green Tea Smoothie

High Protein Breakfast Cereal

Crunchy Stir fried Vegetables

Peanut Dip

Broccoli in Butter Garlic Sauce

Walnut Butter

Chunky Gazpacho

Banana Bread


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