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Start a Dried Pan Making Business

 (358). Start a Dried Pan Making Business
Paan masala is a mixture of nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices which is served after meals in India. Various versions are also served in the Middle East and parts of Southeast Asia, where they are treated as mouth fresheners. Some households and restaurants make their own mixtures with special house ingredients, and it is also possible to purchase packaged pan masala from spice stores and many markets in India. Outside of India, it is available at Indian specialty stores and through importers.
The ingredients in pan masala vary widely, depending on personal taste and region. Fennel seeds are often a key ingredients, since they tend to leave the mouth with a fresh feeling, and it is also possible to find cinnamon, cardamom, lime, menthol, areca nuts, betel nuts, and various other ingredients. When chewed, the ingredients help to freshen the breath, and they are also said to aid digestion, which can be very useful after eating ferociously spicy food that might upset the stomach.
The tradition of chewing breath fresheners after meals is ancient, and it has a very long history in India in particular. In eras before regular dental hygiene, things like pan masala helped to keep the breath fresh and to support dental health. Some mixtures even have herbs and spices with antibacterial properties which benefit oral health, and it also sometimes includes stimulant herbs to give people energy after eating.
Dry paan is one of the widely used commodities in the country and also it is used in the other These dry paans are very tasty and a kind of mouth flavoring material. Ingredients

Betel leaves - 100
Paan supari - 100 gms
Sugar - 1 cup
Nutmeg - 1/4 inch
Edible Camphor - 2 pinch
Cardamom - 10 peeled and powdered
Dry coconut powder - 1 cup
Lime paste - 1/4 tsp
Cloves - 10


1. Wash and dry the leaves and chop it.
2. Mix sugar and the chopped betel leaves and cook on the stove in medium flame till it caramelizes. Turn of the heat.
3. Separately roast the cloves, nutmeg, and dry coconut lightly.
4. Mix all the other ingredients to the caramelized mixture.
5. Blend all the ingredients coarsely.

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