Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Start a Online consumer Opinion Service

Start a Online consumer Opinion Service


What is a Opinion Service?
Consumer Opinion Services, Inc. is a one-stop shop for marketing research, offering a multitude of staple and creative services to help our clients meet their objectives. Through combining the integrity of traditional methods with the efficiency of technology, we are able to create a truly valuable and unique product.
What is a Consumer Opinion Service?
 An online customer service is an inexpensive and efficient tool to obtaining key data that can enhance customer retention. The information garnered from online customer service sets the groundwork in which to build and improve customer service, marketing and other business initiatives.

Steps In The Online Consumer Service Process

 we have the expertise and experience to create online customer service that generate valid, reliable and high response rates. All of our online customer service go through the following steps:

Design – Design a customized online customer service for your organization. We can work within our proven online customer service  templates, or create an entirely new survey “from scratch.” Our experienced marketing research consultants will work with you to develop an online survey that meet your strategic objectives while ensuring validity, reliability and bias reduction. If your organization already has a printed customer survey, we can take your existing survey and prepare it for web distribution.
Online Customer Service Administration – Using our proprietary security methods, we takes your survey design and administers it to your desired recipients. As with all our services, we heed to our clients’ unique requirements for security level, deadlines, incentives, etc.
Online Customer Survey Analysis – Our in-house data analysis staff and senior marketing research consultants are trained to turn your raw survey responses into meaningful and actionable conclusions. We offer a variety of online customer survey analysis packages for every budget.
Consumer opinion service provider
Consumer Opinion Services is a full service market research provider, with an emphasis on data collection, field services, and focus group facilities. We offer everything from research design to data collection via phone, internet, mobile, or through staffing of large in-person survey projects. We recruit people worldwide to participate in research testing. We provide design, analysis, tabulation and a complete range of other research services. Our moderators travel the country, our project managers manage large scale studies (and small ones as well), and our people solve research problems and provide data collection solutions for a whole host of clients. Our clientele ranges from other research providers such as AC Nielsen and The Center for Disease Control, to R&D departments from the Internal Revenue Service, Nike, and Bally Technologies. We service national clients, such as USA Today, PBS’s The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, and Taco Bell, as well as Oregon-based companies like NW Natural, Oil Can Henrys and ODS Healthcare.

Market potential of Online Consumer Opinion Service
Consumer Opinion Services Inc. (COS) has provided clients with market research and data collection services for more than 50 years. Founded in 1960, the company conducts qualitative, quantitative, and hybrid studies, with executive offices, focus group facilities and call centers located in Seattle, Portland, and Las Vegas.Our reliable and consistent abilities have earned Consumer Opinion Services a reputation as an industry leader in high quality market research and data collection.COS is a primary research provider for leading corporations, research companies and consultants locally, throughout the country, and internationally


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