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Start a Chikki Making Business

Start a Chikki Making Business

Chikki is a sweet product prepared by mixing various types of nuts and other ingredients
either with jaggery or sugar. These ingredients are mixed with thick syrup made of jaggery
or sugar. The mixture is cooled and then smaller pieces are made and packed. There are
many ingredients which are used like groundnut or cashewnut kernels, sesame seeds, pieces
of dried coconut, dry-fruits and so on. Chikki is popular all over the country amongst all age
groups but school going children and rural areas are the main targets. This product can be
manufactured anywhere on the country, but this note considers the North-Eastern States as
a preferred location, in view of growing market

Chikkies can be made from many dry ingredients as explained above. It is a dry and sweet
preparation. It can be made by using costly ingredients like dry fruits but market for such
costly chikkies is limited and demand is only during winter season. But chikkies made …

Start a Business in Gift Packing

Start a Business in Gift Packing The gift packing business can be a profitable venture as long as you know some general business tips and demonstrate skill in gift packing. You can start this business with very little capital investment in India--even from your home. The only requirement is your skill in the art of packing and the proper raw materials. If you want to set up a full office or commercial establishment, then you need to follow the rules laid out in the Government Regulations Act for small-scale industries.
If you don’t have enough capital, you can begin with a home-based business. You can pick an empty room in your house and convert it into a home office or you can build an extension. Inside the home office, you put display racks for the wrappers and other supplies. You should have a sitting area for the customers and a table where you can wrap the gifts. Once you decide to expand, you can now look for a store space and add certain items that are suitable as gifts like stuf…