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Start a Rainwater Harvesting Business


Start a Barcode Generating and Printing Business


(293). Start a Barcode Generating and Printing Business

What Is Barcode? Barcode is the small image of parallel lines (bars) and spaces that is machine readable representation of information in a visual format and may be referred to as linear or 1D (1 dimensional) barcodes or symbologies used to retail store items, identification cards, and postal mail to identify a particular product number, person, or location. The barcode uses a sequence of vertical bars and spaces to represent numbers and other symbols. A bar code symbol typically consists of five parts: a quiet zone, a start character, data characters (including an optional check character), a stop character, and another quiet zone. Barcodes is an optical machine-readable representation of data that can easily readable by handheld scanner optical called barcode readers or barcode imager for 2D codes and transfer to computer via barcode software. The reader uses a laser beam that is sensitive to the reflections from the line and spa…