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Start a Marble Tiles Manufacturing Plant

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(202)  Start a Marble Tiles Manufacturing Plant

Polished marble tiles manufactured out of natural marble blocks of different colours is well known as one of the most beautiful decorative and reliable building material. Marble tiles are used as building material in hotels, hospitals and airport terminals, architectural use for interior, exterior and floor decoration in building, decorative memorial stone, high precision instrument beds and surface plates. Besides these, marble is in demand for table, craftwork for interior decoration, name plates etc.
Market Potential
The polished marble tiles are having good demand in India and abroad. In developing countries like India, the construction work of hotels, airport, railway stations, hospitals etc. is in great upsurge. The people have developed attraction for marble tiles due to its hardness, durability, smoothness and finish.
Realizing the potential of polished marble tiles, to earn substantial foreign exchange, the Govt. of India included the marble tiles industry in its list of export thrust sector. The major importers of polished marble tiles are the United State of America, United Kingdom (U.K.), Japan, Germany, Singapore and Canada. India's main competitors in the international market are China, South Korea, Brazil etc.
Basis and Presumptions
With 300 working days in a year and of 8 hrs. shift per day, the unit is likely to achieve 80% of its installed capacity.
The unit shall achieve full capacity in 3 years.
Labour wages has been taken according to the Minimum Wages Act of the State Government.
Interest Rate 13%
Fixed capital13%
Working Capital13%
Margin money25%
Estimate life of the project10 years
Repayment of loan7 years.
Average cost of land has been considered as per the rate of SIDC in industrial areas.
Implementation Schedule
Sl. No.ActivityPeriod
1.Preparing of project report1 month
2.Selection of site1 month
3.Registration of SSI1 Week
4.Availability of finance/loan1 month
5.Construction of building1 month
6.Machinery procurement, erection and commissioning3 months
7.Trial Production1 week
8.Recruitment of labour2 weeks
Technical Aspects
Process of Manufacture
Marble slabs of required thickness procured from block sawing machine are fed in the polishing machine for surface polishing and cut into the desired dimensions of tiles with the help of edge cutting machine. Thereafter, the tiles are sorted out size wise and packed.
Quality Control and Standards 

IS 33161 (Revision 1974).
Production Capacity (per annum)
Quantity: 112500 Nos. tiles size 6”x12”
 : 62500 Nos. tiles, size 24”x24”
 : 112500 Nos. tiles, size 12” x 12”
Value: 9687500

Motive Power30 kW.
Pollution Control
Water treatment plant is required for recirculation of the water.
Financial Aspects
A Fixed Capital
( i ) Land and Building(Rs.)
Land:About 500 sq. meter cost will be @ Rs. 2000 per
Building: Workshed: 12 x 10 sq, mtr. @ Rs. 4000
Office Stores etc.: 100 @ Rs. 5000 sq. mtr.500000
(ii) Machinery and Equipments
ParticularIndigenous/ ImportedNo.Cost (Rs.)
Automatic marble cutting machine with 13 HP Motor and other accessoriesIndigenous1500000
Edge cutting machine for edge cutting of the tiles with 10.5 HP motor and other accessories"1450000
Automatic polishing machine with 5 HP motor and other accessories"1260000
Overhead water tank cap 2500 Ltr. With water pump."140000
Cost of power connection including transformer 30 KW120000
Electrification, transformer and foundation etc@ 10%125000
Cost of fixture and furniture80000
(iii) Pre-operative expenses20000
B. Working Capital (Per Month)

(i) Personnel (per month)
DesignationNos.Salary/ month(Rs.)
Skilled workers2800016000
Un-skilled workers4450018000
+ 22% p erquisites16280
(ii) Raw Materials (per month)
DescriptionIndige-nous/Qty.(Rs.)Rate (Rs.)Amount (Rs.)
Marble SlabInd1600200 sq.m.320000
Diamond saw and SparesIndL.S. 80000
Lubricants, chemical and Misc.IndL.S. 35000

(iii) Utilities (per month)(Rs.)

(iv) Other Contingent Expenses (per month)(Rs.)
Postage and Stationery2000
Repair and Maintenance3000
Transportation charges14000
Sales expenses15000
Consumable Stores2000
Advertisement and Publicity4000
Misc. Expenses10000

(v) Total Recurring Expenditure (per month)(Rs.)
Salaries and wages90280
Raw materials435000
Misc. expenses57000

(vi) Total Working Capital(Rs.)
( On two months basis)1217560
C. Total Capital Investment
Total fixed investment3575000
Total working capital1217560
Financial Analysis
(1) Cost of Production (per annum)(Rs.)
Total recurring cost7305360
Depreciation on building @ 5%99000
Depreciation on machinery and equipment @ 10%125000
Depreciation on furniture and fixtures @ 20%16000
Interest on total investment @ 13%623032.8

(2)Turn-over (per year)
1,12,500 Nos. tiles of size 6”x12” @ Rs.20 per tile2250000
1,12,500 Nos. tiles of size 12”x12” @ Rs.30 per tile3375000
62,500 Nos. of tiles of size 24”x24” @ Rs.65 per tile4062500

(3) Net Profit (per year)=Sales – Cost of production
 =Rs. 9687500 – 8165792.8
(4) Net Profit Ratio=Net profit per year x 100
  Turn over per year
(5) Rate of Return=Net Profit per year x 100
  Total Investment
(6) Break-even Point
Fixed Cost (per annum)(Rs.)
Depreciation on machinery 10%125000
Depreciation on building 5%99000
Depreciation on fixture and
furniture 20%
Interest on Total Investment @13%623032.8
40% of salary and wages433344
40% of other Contingent expenses
(excluding insurance)

B.E.P=Fixed Cost x 100
  Fixed cost + Net Profit
 =1603376.8 X100
  1603376.8 +1521707.2
Addresses of Machinery Suppliers
1. M/s. M.I. Shah and Co. (Machinery) Pvt. Ltd.,
Lotus House, 5th Floor, 33, A,
New Marine Line,
2. M/s. Veenedyt
3, Girish, 224, Katni Road,
Matunga (West),
3. M/s. Rajasthan Udyog
13, Heavy Indl. Area,
4. M/s. Karam Chand Mansion
Barrack Road,
Behind Metro Cinema,
5. M/s. Grant Tools Pvt.Ltd.
53, 19th Main, 25th Cross,
5 Block Rajaji Nagar,
6. M/s. Surfix Polix
2-430, A, Naraina Village,
New Delhi-110028.
7. M/s. Ved Saso Mechanical
Opp. Lohil Machine Tools,
Panki Ind. Area, Kanpur.
Raw Material Suppliers
1. M/s. Andhra Pradesh Mining Corporation
2. M/s. Maharastra Steel Mining Corporation
Abbyanakar Nagar,


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