Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Start a Online Healthcare Consulting Service

Start a Online Healthcare Consulting Service


Health care - 

The preservation of mental and physical health by preventing or treating illness through services offered by the health profession.

The combination of aging baby boomers and the upcoming changes of theAffordable Care Act means that the healthcare industry will rapidly continue to expand. As an independent healthcare consultant, you can offer management and data analysis for organizations like hospitals, labs and therapist offices to help implement solutions to improve efficiency and/or save money. This is a great opportunity to put that marketing or economics degree to use.

Business Overview
Here's an online business venture that has the potential to be expanded from coast to coast. An online medical center is a collection of health-care providers from one community grouped together into one website. Instead of each business or professional having to pay thousands of dollars to develop and maintain individual sites, they can join your online medical center for a year for what it typically costs to host and maintain a site for one month. The site would have to be indexed by type of medical service or product that is being featured, such as plastic surgery, medical equipment, dental, family practitioners and home-care providers. Visitors using the site would simply choose an area of interest in the index and be linked to a pop-up page within the site that described the business's medical products and services, including contact information. This type of site could be easily expanded by selling the franchise or license rights to qualified operators to host, maintain and market a clone site in every city or community across the country.

Attract patients to your practice

  • Patients want to be cured, and today’s empowered patients start the process online
  • Google wants to guide searchers to the right websites
  • Healthcare providers want to provide their resources

What is a healthcare online presence?

A single presence is no longer enough. In order to expect an ROI, you need a comprehensive, yet simple integrated platform that expedites what you need to get done.
  • Dynamic web 2.0 website Always functioning as your hub, your main web property.
  • Facebook Page Your presence on this 800 million member strong social network.
  • Blog A monthly blog post is critical to perform well on search engines and social media.
  • Twitter Connect with your healthcare peers, follow the healthcare thought leaders, and share your content.
  • Google AdWords Target patients that search for treatments in your location with text ads.
what is healthcare online presence

We outlined some key features provided by the startup:
Treatment Connect:
 It enables users to view a brief opinion, provisional line of treatment, and an estimate of the medical treatment so patients can plan in advance their finances. It also provides credible insights to help users make informed decisions.
 It offers doctors' opinions and information on treatment plans.
Video-Connect :
 Delivered through partnerships with hospitals, this video consultation service aims to help increase patient trust and clear doubt, especially if the patient chooses to travel to another city for consultation. 
Inbuilt Knowledge Bank:
 A patient can check cost estimates from Surgerica's database comprising different medical procedures, free of cost.
In a nutshell, the Indian startup aims to provide services to help consumers curate information and compare quotes between hospitals before choosing the most suitable healthcare service.
The startup is also planning to maintain an online review and rating system where a patient can directly review the services of the portal, hospital, and doctor. 

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