Start a organic Jaggery Extraction Unit


(214). Start a organic Jaggery Extraction Unit

Sugar industry in India is a well-developped industry and one of the largest after textiles. It
provides rural employment opportunities and plays an important role in Indian economy.
Jaggery is also manufactured from sugarcane juice and is very widely used not only in
individual households but also in many eateries, restaurants, clubs and hostels and it has
certain industrial applications as well. Manufacture of sugar involves many technical aspects
and the capital investment is also on the higher side. Compared to this, production of jaggery
is very simple and the capital cost is also very limited. Due to its wide applications, the
market for jaggery is continuously growing.

Jaggery is a typical Indian product with several uses in daily food preparations and it is also
used to make many sweet food preparations. This is a product with scattered market and can
be manufactured in the states like Maharashtra, UP, Gujarat, Bihar, Jharkhand etc.

The demand for jaggery is steadily growing many folds in the urban, rural and semi-urban
areas. There are several applications of jaggery and almost all Indian households use it on
day-to-day basis. Market for jaggery is round the year whereas its production is only during
the sugarcane season and thus factory works for around 6 to 7 months every year. Apart
from individual households, it is used in large quantities in restaurants, road-side dhabas,
other eateries, hostels and clubs and by caterers. It has shelf-life of more than couple of
months. Its production is undertaken at several places but Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh,
Bihar and Tamil Nadu are the leading manufacturers. In view of constantly growing market,
it should not be difficult for a new entrant to enter and capture the market.

Jaggery manufacturing is done on a small scale by a group of farmers. The juice is extracted
from fresh sugarcane. Then it is filtered and boiled in wide, shallow iron pans with continous
stirring and, simultaneously soda or bhindi juice is added in required quantity. While boiling,
brownish foams come at the top which are continuously removed to get golden yellow colour
of jaggery. The consistency of the juice becomes thick and then it is poured into the small to
medium sized iron or aluminum cans where blocks of jaggery are formed after cooling. Size of
the blocks can vary from 1 kg. to 12 kgs. Finally, these blocks are packed in gunny bags.
From 100 kgs. of sugarcane, 10 kgs. of jaggery is made. The process flow chart is as under:
  • Juice Extraction
  • Filtration and Boiling
  • Cooling and Packing
5.1 Land and Buildings
The total land requirement would be 500 sq.meters which may cost Rs. 1.50 lacs. The built
up area requirement is estimated to be 300 sq.mtrs. and the rate of construction is taken at
Rs.1500/ since the roofing could be of asbestos sheets. The cost of construction would
be Rs.4.50 lacs.
5.2 Plant and Machinery
This is a seasonal activity and the plant generally runs from October to March-April. To
produce 200 tons of jaggery every season, following machines shall be required:
Particular                                                                           Qty.                                             Rs.
Double Roller Sugar Cane Crushers Operated by      No.2                                           80,000
2.5 HP Motor Plastic Juice Storage Tanks No.4

Dimension of about 3 x 2 x 1 Mts.                                                                                     60,000
1.5 Meters diameter Iron Pans with 2-3 handles 
to handle                                                                            No.2                                           10,000
Weighing Bridge 100 Kgs cap                                       No.1                                           10,000
Laboratory Equipments -                                             One set                                             5,000
Strong Iron Scrappers with Long handle                   No.4                                                    2,000
Tools and Equipments                                               4 Sets                                                 5,000
                                                                                      Total                                                1,72,000

5.3 Miscellaneous Assets:
Some other assets like furniture & fixtures, storage facilities, HDPE barrels, bag sealing
machine etc. would cost around Rs. 1.00 lac.

5.4 Utilities
The power requirements shall be 40 HP whereas per day water requirement during the
season shall be 3000 ltrs.

5.5 Raw and Packing Materials
The main raw material is sugarcane with minimum 19.0 Brix reading. The extraction of juice
from the sugarcane works out to about 45%. The states of Bihar and Jharkhand produce
large quantity of sugarcane and availability should not be a bottleneck. Other materials like
soda/bhindi juice shall be available locally. Gunny bags of different capacity shall be the
packing material.

Particulars                          No                                  Monthly                                Total Monthly
                                                                              Salary (Rs.)                                 Salary (Rs.)
Skilled Workers                     4                             2,500                                            10,000
Helpers                                   6                            1,250                                             7,500
Salesman                               1                             2,500                                            2,500
                                                                              Total                                                20,000
Activity Period (in months)
Application and sanction of loan 1.5
Site selection and commencement of civil work 0.5
Completion of civil work and placement of
orders for machinery 1.5
Erection, installation and trial runs 0.5
8.1 Land and Building
(Rs. in lacs)
Particulars Area (Sq.Mtrs) Cost
Land 500 1.50
Building 300 4.50
Total 6.00
8.2 Plant and Machinery
The total cost of machinery is estimated to be Rs.1.72 lacs, as explained earlier.
8.3 Miscellaneous Assets
The provision for miscellaneous assets of Rs. 1.00 lac shall be adequate as explained earlier.
8.4 Preliminary and Pre-Operative Expenses
The registration charges, establishment expenses, trial run expenses, interest during
implementation etc would be around Rs.1.00 lac.
8.5 Working Capital Requirement
This is a seasonal business and sugarcane is available on credit. Main requirement is for
post-sales for which a lump sum provision of Rs.1 lac is made comprising margin of
Rs.30,000/- and bank finance of Rs. 70,000/-.
8.6 Cost of the Project and Means of Financing:
(Rs. in lacs)
Items Amount
Land and Buildings 6.00
Machinery 1.72
Miscellaneous Assets 1.00
Preliminary and Pre-operative Expenses 1.00
Contingencies @ 10% on land and
building and machinery 0.75
Working Capital Margin 0.30
Total 10.77
Means of Finance
Promoter's Contribution 3.27
Bank Loan/ Financial Institutions 7.50
Total 10.77
Debt Equity Ratio 2.29: 1
Promoters' Contribution 30%
Financial assistance in the form of grant is available from the Ministry of Food Processing
Industries, Govt. of India, towards expenditure on technical civil works and plant and
machinery for eligible projects subject to certain terms and conditions.

9.1 Production Capacity and Build-up
The installed production capacity of Jaggery making would be 200 tonnes during the season
and capacity utilization of 60% is envisaged during first year and thereafter it is restricted to
9.2 Sales Revenue at 100%
(Rs. in lacs)
Product Qty. Selling Price Value
Jaggery 200 13,000 26.00
9.3 Raw and Materials Required at 100%
(Rs. in lacs)
Product Quantity Rate Value
Sugarcane 2,000 500 10.00
Soda Ash/Bhindi Juice -- -- 1.00
Gunny Bag Cloth and strings etc. -- -- 1.00
Total 12.00
9.4 Utilities
The per season cost of utilities at 100% capacity level would be Rs.1.00 lac.
9.5 Interest:
Interest on term loan of Rs.7.50 lacs has been calculated @ 12% per annum assuming
repayment in four years including a moratorium period of one year and on working capital
from bank, it is computed @ 14% per annum.
9.6 Depreciation:
Depreciation on building has been worked out @ 10% p.a. The depreciation on plant and
machinery as well as miscellaneous assets is assumed @ 20% per annum. The method applied
is WDV.
(Rs. in lacs)
No Particulars 1st Year 2nd Year
A Installed Capacity ---200 Tonnes ---
Capacity Utilisation 60% 75%
Sales Realisation 15.60 19.50
B Cost of Production
Raw and Packing Materials 7.20 9.00
Utilities 0.60 0.75
Salaries 1.60 1.90
Stores and Spares 12.00 18.00
Repairs and Maintenance 15.00 21.00
Selling Expenses @ 12.5% 1.95 2.45
Administrative Expenses 0.30 0.36
Total 11.62 14.85
C Profit before Interest & Depreciation 3.98 4.65
Interest on Term Loan 0.82 0.61
Interest on Working Capital 0.10 0.14
Depreciation 0.99 0.84
Net Profit 2.07 3.06
Income Tax @ 20% 0.41 0.61
Profit after Tax 1.66 2.45
Cash Accrual 2.65 3.29
Repayment of Term Loan -- 2.25

No. Particulars Amount
A Sales 15.60
B Variable Cost
Raw and Packing Materials 7.20
Utilities (70%) 0.42
Salaries (70%) 1.12
Stores and Spares 0.12
Selling Expenses (70%) 1.38
Administrative Expenses (50%) 0.15
Interest on working capital 0.10
Total 10.37
C Contribution 5.23
D. Fixed Cost 3.16
E. Break Even Point (D÷C) 60%
Financial leverage
= 2.99 ÷ 2.07
= 1.44
Operating Leverage
= Contribution / EBT
= 5.23 ÷ 2.07
= 2.53
Degree of Total Leverage
= 1.44 ÷ 2.53
= 0.57
(B) Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)
(Rs. in lacs)
Particulars 1st Yr 2nd Yr 3rd Yr 4th Yr
Cash Accruals 2.65 3.29 3.65 4.07
Interest on TL 0.82 0.61 0.35 0.19
Total [A] 3.47 3.90 4.00 4.26
Interest on TL 0.82 0.61 0.35 0.19
Repayment of TL -- 2.50 2.50 2.50
Total [B] 0.82 3.11 2.85 2.69
DSCR [A] ÷ [B] 4.23 1.26 1.48 1.58
Average DSCR ------------------------------ 2.14 --------------------------
[C] Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
Cost of the project is Rs. 10.77 lacs.
(Rs. in lacs)
Year Cash 16% 18% 20% 24%
1 2.65 2.28 2.24 2.21 2.14
2 3.29 2.44 2.36 2.28 2.14
3 3.65 2.34 2.22 2.11 1.91
4 4.07 2.25 2.10 1.96 1.72
5 4.42 2.10 1.93 1.78 1.51
6 4.97 2.04 1.84 1.67 1.37
23.05 13.45 12.69 12.01 10.79
The IRR is around 24%
Some of the machinery suppliers are
1. SP Engg. Works, PB No. 218, Kanpur (UP)
2. AMS Engg, Station Road, Patna (Bihar)
3. Siwan Foundry, Siwan (Bihar)
4. Sahyog Steel Fabrications, 28, Bhojrajpara, Gondal-360311. Tel No. 224075


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