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Start a Hologram Stickers Making Business


(288).Start a Hologram Stickers Making Business
Hologram stickers fascinate with a laser play of prismatic light. Metalized paper embossed with the hologram design causes a shimmering rainbow effect. Hologram stickers make effective decorations for outer space parties, futuristic events, marketing, kids rooms and school projects. Harness this effect for yourself with homemade hologram stickers. Design your own sticker shapes and apply them to school binders, text book covers, notebooks, gifts, cards, place holders, bookmarks and for decorating craft projects such as purses, candle holders, belts, bulletin boards, frames and any other firm surface. In an afternoon, you can craft hologram stickers for your own projects and to share.

Instructions :- 

  • 1. Place a sheet of hologram gift wrapping paper with the hologram side up on a cutting board.

  • 2. Create the sticker shapes on the hologram paper. Hold a stencil down on the paper and draw the shape or draw the shapes free-hand. Make circles by tracing a spice jar. Draw as many stickers as desired in a variety of shapes, such as stars, half moons, a crown, a flower or any other design with basic lines and curves that will be basic enough to cut out easily.

  • 3. Cut out the hologram sticker shapes slowly and carefully with a utility knife on the cutting board

  • 4. Place the hologram shapes on the sheets of large paper labels. Center the holograms so that they fit on the labels. Hold a hologram shape firmly with one hand and trace around it with a pencil. Repeat for all the hologram shapes.

  • 5. Place the paper labels on the cutting board. Spread glue on the sticker shapes with a glue stick.

  • 6. Center the hologram shapes on the matching paper label shapes and press each one down on the glue.

  • 7. Unroll enough clear shelf liner to cover all the stickers. Cut the length of shelf liner. Carefully remove the backing, keeping the adhesive side of the liner from sticking to itself. Center it over the stickers and press it down over all of them.

  • 8. Press the clear liner to the stickers firmly with your hands. Use a squeegee to remove air bubbles, if needed.

  • 9. Press the clear liner down with your finger tip all around the edge of each hologram sticker to help it adhere

  • 10. Cut out the hologram stickers with the utility knife.

  • 11. Apply the hologram stickers by peeling off the backing and pressing it to the desired surface.

  • Things You'll Need

    • Holographic paper or hologram gift wrapping paper
    • Stencils
    • Sharp pencil or felt tip pen
    • Cutting board
    • Utility knife
    • Glue stick
    • Sheets of large adhesive paper labels---blank labels designed to use in a computer printer
    • Clear adhesive shelf liner
    • Small squeegee

    Uses of a Hologram

    In science fiction, holograms are portrayed as an almost magical technology, creating virtual ghosts that can speak and interact with the hero. In the real world, the uses of a hologram are a little more ordinary, but holography is still an extremely useful technology with applications in artwork, security and data storage.

    Holographic sticker made of different material have several tyies, pressure tamper evident holographic sticker, pattern released tamper evident holographic sticker(VOID, CANCELED, Honeycomb released), non tamper evident sticker, transparent holographic sticker. Holographic sticker's metalized PET film can be sliver, golden, blue, green, etc. The silver material is used widely because it has best hologram effect after embossed. The thickness of sticker film can be 25 micron, 36 micron and 50 micron.

    Hologram sticker master can be a. 2D/3D MASTER (including FLIP-FLOP, true color)     b. DOT-MATRIX MASTER (including 2D/3D and Dot-matrix combination)  c. High Security Feature: Mole hidden text,  E-beam hidden text, Flashlight.For more security we can make hidden text in the hologram sticker. Sticker be pattern released which will leave word as  'VOID', 'ORIGINAL', 'CANCELED' after removed on paper. It's very good security to have running number on tamper evident hologram sticker too.

    1)Different Master Origination has different hologram effect
    DOT-MATRIX Holographic Sticker
    Dot-Matrix Holography allows implementing unlimited computer generated dots in Holographys. These Holographys are the result of designs comprising many tiny dots, where each dot is a separate diffraction grating. They create a beautiful impact of variable images on Holography sticker.

    2D/3D Holographic Sticker
    2D/3D Holography is made up of multiple two dimension layers with images visually placed one behind another with visual depth to produce an effect of three-dimensional structure on sticker. It has very good visual depth between different layers and shininess on first layer.

    2D Holographic Sticker
    2D Holography is made up of two dimension images. The images are assigned different colors and position in one layer. It just has one layer on Holography image on Holography sticker, without visual depth.

    E-beam hidden text(image) and Mole hidden text in hologram
    Hidden text or image feature contains unique encrypted images or text, invisible to the naked eye and detectable by means of a pocket laser reader. E-beam hidden text or image just can be seen with special laser pointer (or called laser beam reader). Mole hidden text just can be visible when you cover it with decode film.

    Micro text or image Sticker
    Micro text or micro image on holographci sticker is difficult to be seen clearly by naked eye. It just can be clearly seen by magnifier.

    True Color Holographic Sticker
    True Color Holography is made up of photographic quality artwork. If counterfeiters can't get the original photo, they can't duplicate Holography sticker close to original one. It's a very good way to achieve anti-counterfeit performance.

    Flip-Flop Holographic Sticker
    Flip-Flop Holography can display two images from different viewing angle. When the viewing angle changes horizontally (left to right) or vertically (upside and down), different images evolve through the Holography.

    Kinetic movement Sticker
    Kinetic movement image can be seen from different viewing angle. With our special digital technologies and 2D/3D technologies, custom design logo or graph can be incorporated onto the holo-patterns.

    Combination of hologram
    Combination can be used to create an impact that has extra-ordinary viewing effects and also security features. Usually, it's good to combine 2D/3D and dot-matrix types which will be having sharp kinetic movements of dot-matrix and the depth of 2D/3D Holographys into sticker.

    (2)Different PET film of hologram stikcer
    Pressure tamper evident holographic sticker
    Pressure tamper evident holographic sticker will be damaged when it's removed. Its holographic image can be easily damaged under pressure when the sticker is tearing off. This sticker can not be reused anymore.

    Pattern released tamper evident holographic sticker
    Tamper-proof also called pressure sensitive or tamper evident. Tamper-proof holographic sticker will be damaged when it's removed. Tamper-proof holographic sticker's Holography image cannot be removed without being destroyed. Then sticker can not be reused anymore.

    Non pressure tamper evident holographic sticker
    Non pressure tamper evident holographic sticker won't be damaged when it's torn off from surface on which the sticker is pasted such as paper, glass and plastic card, etc.

    Transparent holographic sticker
    Transparent holographic sticker is see through type. It used to be pasted onto documents. Then text under Holography image can be seen through transparent holographic sticker.

    silver color or golden color metallized PET film
    hologram sticker samples 15metallized PET film in different colors. Silver or golden color holographic sticker is widely used. Silver or golden holographic sticker has same price.

    0.025mm, 0.036mm, 0.050mm thickness metallized PET film
    hologram sticker samples 16Different thickness of matelized PET film has different price and weight. The thicker the material, the heavier the sticker is, and a little bit more expensive the sticker than thinner sticker too.

    (3)Serial numbers and over printing
    Black over printing serial number on holographic sticker
    Over printing serial numbers( running numbers) are extra security feature for holographic stickers. They are widely used to improve management of goods and anti-counterfeit ability. We can make double serial number for each two sticker according to customer's requirement.

    Laser engraved transparent serial number on holographic sticker
    Transparent serial number which is engraved by laser is beautiful and has much more security than overprinting serial number. We can engrave whatever shape image or text on the stickers by laser. So transparent serial number with some other kind of image which is see through can be recombined.

    Black, red over printing on holographic sticker
    Serial We can print black or red overprinting on our holographic sticker. The overprinting can be whatever text or image.

    List of Hologram Machines
    2D/3D master shoooting lab including Microprocessor-Controlled Automatic Positioning Equipment, Optical Table, He-Cd laser, laser power controller, opticals, chemical, silver coatings and other technology transfer.
    Whole set of dot-matrix ologram master shooting machines includes Dot-matrix Mmachine, Silvering, He-Cd Laser, etc.
    To recombine small master into big master shim.
    4. Electronic Forming Machine 
    Electronic forming machine duplicates nickel operation shim from hologram mother shim for next process hologram embossing. Then we fix nickel hologram operation onto embosser's cylinder and emboss hologram image onto metallized PET film
    5. Narrow Hard Web Hologram Embosser
    Narrow web hard embosser is the machine to emboss hologram image onto base material such as aluminum metallized PET film, transparent PET film, aluminum foil,etc. It's very simple manufacturing process with very low cost. Hologram image is compressed by three cylinder with air pressure without ink.
    6. Laminator
    To laminate silicon paper(liner) and hologram film together by adhensive. Adehensive (usually, solvent based) is same adhensive for normal self-sticker.
    7. Wide Web Soft Hologram Embosser
    To emboss transparent holographic film in wide web. The hologram film can be BOPP, PET and PVC film.
    This machine die-cut hologram sticker precisely and fast in roll format.
    9.Manul Die-cutting punch
    Manul die-cutting punch can die-cut sticker into sheetin size of 160mm*160mm. It die-cut panel by panel. 

    How hologram color been made?
    Holograms are shooted by laser beam in different angles which figure out different colors - red, green, blue, yellow, etc, in difference viewing angles. C olors of the hologram will change, because when rainbow hologram is turned back and forth depending on the light source and viewing angle, the colors will run through the spectrum - the colors of the rainbow.
    Different viewing depth of hologram comes from different position of the artwork film we locate when shooting master. Dot-matrix movement efffect comes from countinous hologram dots.

    How does design show hologram color?
    Holograms artwork design are basically an illusion; they are reflections of light that fool the eye into seeing a three-dimensional image. Therefore, it is impossible to give an accurate representation of a holographic image on a computer screen or paper printout. What you will receive via email or hardcopy is an artwork proof to look over to be sure that the graphics and layout are to your liking, free of typos, etc. The hologram master shooting process involves many detailed steps, so it is very important that all hologram artwork is approved before the project moves into the laser lab for hologram mastering.

    How to make artwork for holographic sticker?
    Holograms can be made from photos, flat art which is designed by Corel Draw, Illustrator, Photoshop or other software.Artwork file in  Corel Draw or Illustrator format is best file for us to seperate overlay design into layers and colors.     Adobe Photoshop file, JPG, GIF, is ok, if you can not design by Corel Draw or Illustrator. The text in artwork file should be converted into curves, so we can open it without change font in it.

    Design and sample photo:
    A. 2D/3D, size 19mm*19mm, square, three layers, six color

    B. 2D/3D, size 20mm in dia, circle, two layers, two color

    It has two layers,  floating layer and background layer. There're one color on foregroundfloating layer and one color in  background layer. So it has two colors and two layers. Corel Draw artwork file
    C. 2D/3D, size 25mm in dia, circle, two layers, 4 color

    It has two layers, foreground layer and background layer. There're two color on foreground layer and two color in background layer. So it has four colors and two layers. Corel Draw artwork file 

    D. 2D/3D, size 30mm*14mm, rectangle, two layers, four color
    It has two layers, foreground layer and background layer. There're two color on foreground layer and two color in background layer. So it has 4 colors and two layers.  Corel Draw artwork file   
    E. 2D/3D, size 25mm*25mm, square, threelayers, four color
    It has three layers, foreground, background and floating layer. There're two color on foreground, one color in background and one color in  floating layer. So it has four colors and three layers.  Corel Draw artwork file
    F. 2D/3D, size 20mm*20mm, square, two layers, four color
    It has two layers, foreground layer and background layer. There're two color on foreground and two color in background layer. So it has four colors and two layers Corel Draw artwork file
    G. 2D/3D, size 24mm*14mm, rectangle, three layers, three color
    It has three layers, foreground, background and floating layer. There're one color on foreground, one color in background and one color in  floating layer.  Corel Draw artwork file
    H. Dot-matrix & 2D/3D, size 30mm*15mm, rectangle, four flips
    It has one layer. There're two 2D color on surface. Dot-matrix effect lines make rotating light effect. Four flips of 'SECURITY' also make flips like a movie clips which shows each flip in different view angle. Corel Draw artwork file
    I. Dot-matrix & 2D/3D, size 14mm in dia, circle, one layer
    It has one layer. There're one color 2D text 'WARRANTY' and rotating dot-matrix effect on foreground Corel Draw artwork file
    J. Dot-matrix & 2D/3D, size 20mm*20mm, square, three layers
    It has three layers, foreground, background1 and background2. There're one color on foreground,  background1 in second layer is image of pyramid and background2 in third layer is image of desert.  Corel Draw artwork file
    K. Dot-matrix & 2D/3D, size 30mm*30mm, sqaure, two layers
    It has two layers. There're 2 color 2D image on foreground, 2 color 2D image in background and dot-matrix effect on foreground.  Corel Draw artwork file
    L. Dot-matrix, 15mm*15mm, square
    It has one layer. All images are made by Dot-matrix. The text and star is Dot-matrix type, not 2D type. The rotating light effect like sun also is  Dot-matrix  effect. Corel Draw artwork file

    M. 2D/3D & Dot-matrix, size 25mm*15mm, rectangle
    It has one layer. There're 3 color 2D images and Dot-matrix effect on foreground . Corel Draw artwork file
    N. Dot-matrix & 2D/3D, size 15mm*25mm, rectangle, two layers

    It has two layers. There're photo, text and rainbow effect on foreground and one color text in the background layer. Corel Draw artwork file
    O. Dot-matrix & 2D/3D, size 25mm*15mm, rectangle


    It has one layer. There're 2 color text and rainbow image and Dot-matrix effect on foreground.Corel Draw artwork file
    P. Dot-matrix & 2D/3D, size 20mm*40mm, rectangle, three layers


    It has three layers. There're three color on foreground, two color in background deep and one color in  floating layer. There's Dot-matrix effect on foreground. Corel Draw artwork file
    Q. 2D/3D, size 48mm*17mm, special shape
    It has one layer. There're one color 2D text, one bottle image and Dot-matrix effect on foreground.
    R. 2D/3D, size 20mm in dia, circle, two layers
    It has two layers. There're one color 2D text and image of shield on foreground and two color text in background. Corel Draw artwork file

    E-beam hidden text and Mole hidden text:

    2D/3D hologram artwork sample:

    Dot-matrix hologram effect artwork sample:

    Holography Security Tape (Holography security seal) provides tamper-evident protection at the highest level. It offers you a High level of protection for envelope, box andcartonsThe tamper evident pattern released Holography tape seals are specially developed for induction sealing to envelope, box, bag,cartons, etc.When the pattern released seal is opened, it'll leave word such as 'VOID', 'ORIGINAL', 'CANCELED', 'OPENED'.
    Holography security tapes can be customized for use in any type of security application (government, military, industrial, commercial). They indicate "tamper evidence" or show that the product or package has been opened or tampered with. Holography Tapes (Holography security seals) offer an effective combination of security and attractive appearance. The customizable, Hidden text which just can be read by laser reader can be used for both anti-counterfeiting and brand protection.
    Henglei Holography provides Holography security tape(Holography seal) cost-effective.
    Holography Tape(Holography seal) in roll. 3cm*50meter.
    security transparent holographic ID card samples 2Holography tape(hologrm seal) has customized designed holographic images which change color, intensity and perspective with the viewing angle. Holographic images can include high resolution dot matrix in combination with 2D/3D three dimensional holography. Dot-matrix effect will have very strong movement effect of Holography grading. 2D/3D Holography has very good depth of Holography image. Hidden text just can be read by laser reader. Micro text is close visual inspection clearly by by magnifier.

    Holography Tape(Holography seal) sample pictures.
    security transparent holographic ID card samples 2
    Holography Tape(Holography seal), 2D/3D Holography master, general design 'GENUINE'. There's word 'GENUINE' on the tape. It's 2D design with 'GENUINE', has one layer Holography image which is on surface. When Holography tape removed, it leaves word 'VOID' on paper.

    security transparent holographic ID card samples 2
    Holography Tape(Holography seal), 2D/3D Holography master, general design 'GENUINE'.

    security transparent holographic ID card samples 2
    Holography Tape(Holography seal), 2D/3D Holography master, general design 'GENUINE'. Viewing from another angle.

    security transparent holographic ID card samples 2
    Holography Tape(Holography seal), Dot-matrix Holography master, Customized design.

    security transparent holographic ID card samples 2
    Holography Tape(Holography seal), Dot-matrix Holography master, Customized design. Viewing from another angle.

    Contact information: 

    Company: Shanghai Henglei Hologram Co.,LTD (Hologram Technology )
    Address: Room 503, Building 16, Rui Hong xing cheng, #133 LinPing Bei Road, (Near Subway Line 4, Hualun Rd Stop),Shanghai City, 200086, China
    Tel/Fax:             0086-21-61236144 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            0086-21-61236144      end_of_the_skype_highlighting       


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