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Start a Carpet Dyeing Business Idea


(274). Start a Carpet Dyeing Business Idea

Over the last few years, the carpet dyeing business has become the fashionable and affordable solution for freshening up the appearance of the carpets and rugs in your home.The carpet dyeing business is by no means dying today, as everybody and their brother are looking to save money. Learning the carpet dyeing business does not take a college degree and just about anyone can do it.
An alternative to carpet replacement, dying saves the homeowner enormous amounts of money in unnecessary replacement when the existing carpet only has some faded areas or areas of slight wear.
Most stains can be covered or disguised by re-dyeing the carpet.
Often, homeowners who are simply looking for a change in their home’s color scheme opt to choose dying over carpet replacement, which saves them hundreds – even thousands – of dollars and a lot of stress.
Carpets can be dyed in a vast amount of shades from light to dark browns, blues, greens and burgundy reds. In addition to your core services, your carpet dyeing business can also provide color consultations to help customers pick the perfect color.
Sometimes it is difficult to find a dying technician, and this is where an opportunity presents itself to you – owning your own carpet dyeing business.
Dying is currently an untapped market and offers the entrepreneur vast opportunities for building a viable and profitable business from a much-needed and appreciated service.


To start your own carpet cleaning business, it is essential to have acquired some basic education on business fundamentals. It is necessary to understand issues pertaining to business such as state and federal tax laws, accounting, bookkeeping, record-keeping, proper licensure pertaining to your locality if applicable, and marketing and promotional techniques.
Since your business can be run from your home, a secluded area with a fully functional office for managing and operating your business is necessary. Have an updated computer with e-mail and fax capabilities, and also a business phone line with its own number that is associated directly with your business.
Other items you may need include basic office supplies and an appointment book that goes everywhere you go.


Your equipment is the hub of your business, and if you are already familiar with carpet cleaning equipment then it should be easy for you to familiarize yourself with dying equipment. Dying is an art, and it takes patience to apply the selected color of dye evenly over your customer’s carpet, so practice is essential before you take on paying customers.
Research the various types of carpet dye available, and purchase only the highest quality to ensure safety for your customers, their children, and their pets. Ensure the dye you use does not run or rub off after application. If dying is new to you, it may be beneficial to work as an apprentice under an experienced expert until you have gained enough experience to do the work on your own.
It makes a lot of sense to call on those that manage apartment complexes and commercial rental units. You know those people are? There are at real estate investment meetings and you can find out where they meet by doing a simple Google search typing in your city name in parentheses, as well as real estate investment meetings in parentheses.
Those meetings can have as many as 500 people, and often times will give you a free thirty second presentation in front of all of them at one time. By accident, you have new customers and be pocketing good money in your own carpet dyeing business.


Once you have acquired the basic necessities for managing and operating your business, it is time to tell the world about what you offer. By printing up professional looking business cards with all the pertinent information relating to your business, you can have something to pass out to potential customers.
Landlords will become your biggest fans, and targeting real estate offices and going through rental listings is also a must. You can promote your carpet dyeing business online by designing your own website or contracting someone to create a homepage for you.
Once you have established yourself professionally in your new carpet dyeing business, customers will come to you by word of mouth – a true sign that you’re doing something right.
Instructions on How to Dye a Carpet

Carpet dyeing with DIY tips can be a rewarding job. However, there are certain cautions that should be followed carefully in order to make the task successful. First of all, analyze the carpet fiber; those made up of nylon or woolen fiber can be dyed, while polyester or acrylic carpets cannot be dyed. Also, carpet fibers may react differently with different dyes. You can check the carpet fiber and ensure that it is capable of absorbing the dye. If you are not sure about the fiber type and the suitable dye, you can always seek advice from a professional before actually dyeing the carpet.

Decide the color of the carpet dye. If your existing carpet is cream or light colored, you can select from a wide range of colors. The trick is to choose a darker shade than the previous one. The resulting color of the carpet also depends on the previous shade. For example, if the current color is blue, dyeing with a red colored dye will give a purple color carpet and so on. You can also opt for the darker color carpet dye that complements the interior design, curtains, walls, and furniture of the room.

The next step for carpet dyeing is to clean the carpet, so that it absorbs the dye effectively. You can shampoo the carpet to get rid of accumulated dust and dirt. Allow the carpet to dry and free of moisture before dipping in the color solution. By the meantime, you can move all the furniture out of the room and tape the walls so as to avoid staining. As carpet dyeing involves handling of strong dyes, consider wearing rubber hand gloves and old clothes for safety purpose. Once you are ready with all these necessary preparations, make the dye solution.

For the preparation of carpet dye, dissolve a specific amount of dye in about 150 ml of hot water to make a desired color range. Stir well so that the dye distributes evenly in the water. Add warm water as per the instructions provided by the dye manufacturer. Don't dilute the solution randomly, rather do it slowly. Shake well the mixture and pour it in a spray bottle. In order to check the color, you can spray the dye on a small portion of the carpet. After this trial, you can add water or dye in order to dilute or concentrate the dye solution, until you get the desired color.

Once you achieve a satisfactory color, you can spray the dye to the carpet. Start with applying the dye in a small section of the carpet and then proceed further. You can use a stiff brush or a rotary scrubber to apply the carpet dye. If you are using a brush, make sure you apply in a circular or overlapping motion, so that the dye is spread evenly. After dyeing, allow the carpet to dry completely. This way, you can dye a carpet with the color of your choice and make it look like a new one.


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