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Start a Candle Holder Making Business

(353). Start a Candle Holder Making Business
If you thought candles were headed towards extinction after the invention of the bulb, you were dead wrong! In fact, despite the availability of generators to bypass the dilemma of black outs, candles are still pretty much in vogue! Candles make an admirable fashion statement with regard to the décor of elegant homes. Such has been the popularity and demand of stylish candles that it has sparked a raging demand for fancy and exotic candle holders. The market, today, is flooded with thousands and thousands of exquisitely designed candle holders! However, if your budget is tight and you have a passion for craft, you could get busy crafting your very own homemade candle holder! Dig out the surplus paraphernalia around your home and get creative! Not only will you be saving money, but you can flaunt a unique and beautiful piece of art to all the visitors stepping in and out of your dwelling.Candles bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere to any room, and also act as air fresheners. They help to draw attention to any focal point in a room, while helping to relieve stress.Many of those customers are looking for creative and unusual candle holders. Selling candle holders can be a good business if you know where to start and how to market your product.


Cost of Materials*  
               Materials                                                                                                          Cost 
A.     For the candle holder 1 terra cotta pot (3 inches deep and 9 inches wide).               Php 30.50 
   • 1 wood/bamboo cut in 3 inches with a diameter of 2 inches. This will serve 
 as the handle of the candle.                                                                                                1.50 
• 1 candle as big as the wooden handle.                                                                              30.00 

B. For the trimmings 
• 2 pieces of 31 inches braided buri strip 
• 5 gold-painted pine cones with stems made of wire 
• 8 strips of 6 inches paper twine                                                                                         1.75 
• 6  pieces of 3.5 inches christmas garland 
• Gold dust                                                                                                                        10.00 
• 3 big and 6 small pieces of styrofoam wrapped in brown  
       crepe paper                                                                                                                 14.50 
• Glue stick                                                                                                                         6.00 
• White glue                                                                                                                         .25 

Subtotal                                                                                                                         Php 148.00
Equipment                   Cost 
• Glue gun                Php 180.00 
• Gold paint                    8.75 
• Paint brush                   69.00 
• Scissors                     35.00 
 Total Cost                Php 290.75 
* Based on current market prices

A. Candle holder making 
1. Paint the sides and edges of the terra cotta pot. Use dry-brushing method. 
2. Using glue gun and glue sticks, attach the wooden handle at the center of the terra cotta. Let dry. 
3. Upon drying, put candle in the holder and set aside. 
4. Attach two small styrofoarm wrapped in brown crepe paper. 
5. Make two more pairs of styrofoam and let dry. 
6. Attach styrofoam inside the terra cotta and glue around the wooden handle. 
7. Attach three big pieces of styrofoam on top of the small ones. This will serve as the base of the trimming that would be attached to the candle holder. Set aside. 

B. Braided buri ribbon making 
1. Form one piece braided buri strip into a bow. 
2. Tie the center of the bow with wire using the pliers. 
3. Cut two ends of the bow in “V” shape. 
4. Repeat procedures 1-3 to make one more braided buri ribbon. 

C. Candle holder trimming 
1. Put pieces of styrofoam around the wood/bamboo to serve as the base. 
2. Attach paper twine petal and apply glue on the stem and attach on styrofoam base. 
3. Put glue and attach gold-painted pine cones around the candle. 
4. Attach braided buri ribbon on the sides of the paper twine petal. 
5. Attach the Christmas garland in different parts around the candle. 
6. Attach the four screw pines. Glue it on the center of the two ribbons and at the center of the paper twines. 
7. Arrange/align trimmings properly. 

A. Product Costing 
1. Direct Cost  Materials:   Php 148.00
2. Indirect Cost 
             Particulars                                                                              Cost 
 Labor Cost (P350/day min. wage)                                                   Php 19.44 
Transportation Cost     (P50.00)                                                               2.77 
Water and Electricity     (P40.00)                                                             2.22 Contingency Cost (10%  of  Direct                                                           14.80 cost)

Total Indirect Cost per piece                                                                Php 39.23                                                          
*Based on 18 pieces average daily produce.

3. Production Cost
                        Particulars                                                                        Cost
           Total Direct Cost                                                                     Php 148.00
             Add: Total Indirect Cost                                                        39.23
Total Cost per Production in
One Day
                                                                                                       Php 187.23
B. Product Pricing
Production cost per piece                                                                  Php 187.23
Add: 20% - 30% mark-up of the                                                                 37.45 
production cost
Selling Price per piece                                                                       Php 224.68    
Market price per piece                                                                   Php 250.00

The higher the volume of production per day, the lower the production cost, thus increasing the
markup to more than 30%. If price per piece is lower compared with the existing market price, increase mark-up to 30% or more. 

• SSS Special Financing Program
Social Security System (SSS)
Loans and Investment Office
SSS Building, East Avenue, Diliman,
Quezon City
Tel. Nos.: (632)920.6401 / 920.6446
Email: member_relations@sss.gov.ph
Website: www.sss.gov.ph
• Small & Medium Enterprise Credit
Phil. Business for Social Progress
18th Flr., Phil. Social Dev’t. Center,
Magallanes cor. Real St. Intramuros, Manila
Tel. Nos. (632)527.7741 to 51 or 527.3751
Fax No. (632)527.3743
Email:  pbsp@pbsp.org.ph or
Website: www.pbsp.org.ph
• People’s Credit Finance Corporation
395 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. Makati
Tel. Nos. (632) 897.8549 / 897.5822
Fax No. (632) 897.8523 / 897.8528
Email: info@pcfc.ph
Website: www.pcfc.gov.ph

Cottage Industry Technology  Center (CITC) 
20 Russet St., SSS Village, Marikina City
Tel. Nos.: (632) 942.0880 / 942.3974
Email: citc_dti@yahoo.com.
• Technology Resource Center (TRC) 
TLRC Building, 103 J. Abad Santos cor.
Lopez Jaena Sts., Little Baguio, San Juan,
Metro Manila
Tel. Nos.: (632) 727.6205
Website: www.tlrc.gov.ph
• Technical Education and Skills 
Development Authority For Women Center
37 East Service Rd. South Superhighway,
Taguig City
Telefax. No.: (632) 818.8062
Trunkline: (632) 814.4076 loc. 278
Email: tesdawomen@yahoo.com
Website:  http://twc.tesda.gov.ph

How to make Candle Holders at Home
  • A Coffee Can/ Glass Vase
  • Tealight Candles
  • Tiny Nails
  • Beads/ Buttons
  • Small Hammer
  • Water
  • Freezer
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Spray Paint For Several Colors
  • Get your hands on the marker and start sketching random geometric shapes and fancy patterns on the outer surface of the coffee can or vase. Choose whatever you like, be it stars, circles or butterflies! As long as you like it, go for it! 
  • In case you are using a glass vase, ensure that there’s enough of space to accommodate a quaint assortment of rocks or marbles to help hold the candle in place. For the coffee can, pour water into it but not right up to the rim! Since water expands when subject to freezing, you ought to leave an inch of space at least!
  • Place the coffee can into the freezer for a while.
  • At the beginning of the intricate patterns on the top of the coffee can, insert a small nail. Since the melting will begin from the top of the can, start piercing holes right there. Without much force, tap the hammer on the nail till it reaches the interiors of the can. Along the lines of the different patterns, keep piercing tiny holes until you’ve worked your way through the entire surface area of the can.
  • Allow the ice to melt as you place the can under the warm tap water. Spray paint with the color of your choice after the can dries.
  • Use colorful beads and sequins for further adornment on the vase or can, whichever you prefer. Stick the beads with glue and beading thread.
Lantern Candle Holder
  • To make a lantern candle holder, you will need more or less the same material used in the above mentioned candle holder. The only added material would be a thin gauge copper wire.
  • Your first step would entail making two holes on opposite sides of the can’s upper surface. Insert the copper wire through the holes and hang from a tree or garden porch. This is guaranteed to look stunning!
  • Just like in the previous type of tin candle holder, draw pretty shapes or flora patterns for beautification.


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