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Start a Seviyan (Vermicelli)Making Business

Vermicelli Making machine        

(360)Start a Seviyan (Vermicelli)Making Business

Vermicelli (sevai) is a popular instant food product. It falls under the category of extruded product and is making from wheat flour. At times tapioca or soya bean or groundnut flour is also add. Thus, it is rich in proteins and liked by people from all lifestyles, irrespective of age. It is a snack food item and at times, it is use as a table enriches. With changing lifestyles, greater awareness about health and preference for instant food items have made vermicelli very popular and item of mass consumption.
Vermicelli is an extruded instant food product made from wheat flour. Other flours like groundnut, soya bean or tapioca are also mix with wheat flour to make it more nutritive. They are easily affordable, tasty and easy to make. This product make in many states of the country.

Bureau of Indian Standards has specified quality parameters in 1485:1976. Compliance's under the PFA act are mandatory. Urbanization has changed the lifestyles of not only urbanites but even of semi-urban and rural areas. This along with increase in the purchasing power of people has fuelled demand for many fast food or instant food items and vermicelli is one such product. With the addition of groundnut or soya bean or tapioca flour, it also becomes a nutritive product and thus even health conscious people prefer it. Thus vermicelli has, become a very popular instant food. Variety since last few years and its demand is steadily growing. There are some established brands but the market is very large and growing. A small-scale unit can compete with these brands in the local market on the price front because of low overheads, less transportation costs and reasonable advertisement budget. Proper and adequate placement of product and thrust on publicity at the point of sales would also be crucial.

Construction of Vermicelli Making machinery ( Shevaya Machine )
BodyHeavy duty mild steel fabricated body designed for easy to move , clean & for inspection
GearsAlloy steel hardened spiral bevel gear
WarmSpecial cast iron thick warm supplied with machine ( on demand warm can supply with stainless steel 304 or brass) fitted with main shaft of vermicelli extruder.
Cooling systemSpecially designed water circulating system for cold running.
Drying systemMachine is supply with fan drying system. And not required any separate motor for it.
Feeder vassalAluminum or stainless feeder vassal with proper taper thus not needs to press the dough.
Key features of Vermicelli Making machinery ( Sevai Machine )
  • Vermicelli Making machinery ( Sewai Machine ) machine is fitted with heavy duty mild steel fabricated structure
  • Easy to operate, saving time and labor
    • Operator needs no experience, production is rapid. The thickness of vermicelli and size of finished products are adjustable.
  • Cold running by water circulating system
  • Advanced design and sanitary
    • Machine is easy to assemble, clean and maintain
  • Special alloy spiral bevel gears minimize both friction and noise providing quiet operation.
  • Uniform products, reasonable price, small size, easy maintenance
  • Continuous product length: end numbers
  • Unique and reliable design
    • The vermicelli (sevai) making machinery are highly effective as well as nonstop continuous vermicelli ( sevai ) making machinery making process

Process of Vermicelli Making machinery ( Sevai Machine )
It is very well standardized and simple. Wheat and other flours in small quantity are mix with around 25% to 30% of water in a mixer for about half an hour and dough is prepared. It can prepare with help either dough mixer this machine would consist of heavy-duty stainless steel body with multi-purpose arms. Heavy-duty gears are providing to take the full load and to avoid damage to the mixer arms) or by hand.
This dough is passing through extruder and long rods of vermicelli come out from the extruder with fitted die 0.5 mm to 1.6 mm, which are cuts into the desire length and then placed in the tray drier for drying. Drying temperature is around 55-65 c and time required is 4.5 to 5 hours. Darien piece are weighing and packed in attractively printed polythene bag. The weight and process loss is around 10%.

Available models of Vermicelli Making machinery ( Sevai Machine )
Model no.Required motorApproximate production capacity
Tw-7771.5 H.P. (1.13 KW)5 to 6 kg. Per hour
Tw-7782 H.P. (1.5 KW)10 to 12 kg per hour
Tw-7795 H.P. (3.75 KW)35 to 40 kg per hour
Tw-77107.5 H.P. (5.625 KW)50 to 55 kg
Tw-771110 H.P. (7.5 KW)100 to 110 kg per hour
Standard accessories of Vermicelli Making machinery ( Sevai Machine )
  • Motor pulley
  • Adjustable rail for fixing the motors.
  • 2 numbers of different taper round holes brass die.
Extra accessories of Vermicelli Making machinery ( Sevai Machine )
  • Dough kneader.
  • Tray dryer
  • Steamer
  • Extra taper round holes die for different diameter size vermicelli die
  • Suitable 4 pole totally enclosed fan cooled three phase or single phase sq. Cage motor as per is: 325 or 996 {electricity (special power can be accommodated): 110/220/380/415 volts, 50/60 Hz, 1/3 phase}.
  • Starters, main switch, ampere meter, capacitor for three phase electric motor.
  • Suitable miniature circuit breaker as per is: 8828 with 3 meter cable & 3 pin top as per is: 1293 for single phase electric motors.
  • V belts


Whether you slurp them, gulp them down, or twirl them on your fork, everyone seems to love vermicelli. Vermicelli is fine, hard, pale beige in colour and sold in sticks measuring nearly 30 cm. (1 ft.). Vermicelli is made out of maida that is ground from very hard wheat. It is simply maida, water, and a little salt. Vermicelli is a popular instant food product. It falls under the category of extruded product and is made from wheat flour. At times tapioca or soya bean or groundnut flour is also added. Thus, it is rich in proteins and liked by people from all walks of life, irrespective of age.

With changing lifestyles, greater awareness about health and preference for instant food items
have made vermicelli very popular and an item of mass consumption.

Crushed vermicelli: 

It not only gives eye appeal to the fried snack but also ensures a crisp texture. To make crushed vermicelli, coarsely grind in a mixer or pound using a mortar and pestle. Roll ingredients like marinated paneer, spiced potato dumplings dipped in flour paste etc in the crushed vermicelli, dust off extra vermicelli and then deep fry in hot oil.

Powdered vermicelli: 
Grind vermicelli in a grinder till a fine powder. Store in a air tight container in a cool and dry place. Use this powder as a thickening agent for soups and milk based desserts. Apart from that, you can use this powder as a binding agent in fried starters like cheese balls, batter based fritters etc.

Broken vermicelli: 

Made from semolina, broken vermicelli is used in various cuisines. It is smaller in length as compared to the standard length of vermicelli. Use it to make upma, payasam (kheer), etc. To make broken vermicelli at home, crush coarsely using a rolling pin or break using your hands into desired lengths or as required by the recipe.
Dried rice vermicelli
They are thin noodles made from rice and are commonly used in Asian cuisines as stir fries, in soups or in salads. In India, it is used to make "Sevai"- a traditional South Indian style upma which can be made in various flavours like with coconut, with lemon or sweetened. To cook, all you need to do is place the vermicelli in boiling water and cook for a few minutes. Drain off excess water using a soup strainer or a colander and use in recipes as required.

How to Select
It is made with a special process that ensures it is non-sticky and does not form lumps. Choose from short cut, long cut or roasted vermicelli. Choose from the various brands available in the market. It is easily available in small as well as large packets, buy as desired. Also, they are made of different ingredients. Hence, make certain to read the label and then purchase. Read well the dates stamped - manufacturing as well as expiry. 

Culinary Uses
· It is basically a snack food item and at times it is also used as a table enricher.
· Festive occasions and special days are marked by a payasam. One of South India culinary enticements is Vermicelli Payasam; milk based sweet dessert where vermicelli is cooked in milk and sugar, prepared for that special occasion like a birthday or a wedding anniversary.
· In most South Indian homes, dessert bowls of Payasam or kheer topped with nuts or pistachios and Paramannam are offered to God during auspicious occasions like the Harvest festival of Sankranti. 
· This is not a low calorie dessert for sure but sometimes it's nice to indulge ourselves to a sweet treat on a weekend. 
· Make creamy sweet kheer, savoury upma or toss it with boiled vegetables for a wholesome pulao. Vermicelli Masala Vada Recipe - Soak vermicelli in yoghurt for one hour. Grind ginger, garlic, red chillies, cloves, and salt finely. Mix this with the soaked vermicelli. Add chopped onions, curry leaves, and cilantro to this. Make small balls and deep fry in oil.
· It can be eaten hot or cold, steamed, stir-fried, deep-fried, boiled, or served in a soup. 
· It can also be used successfully in the place of rice to make a pudding, making it possible for persons who are trying to avoid a lot of starch to still enjoy something sweet with the meal. 
· As it tends to absorb flavors very well, they will easily blend in with the spices and extracts used to make the pudding. 
· Being versatile can be used in soups, stir-fries, salads and braised dishes.
· It is also used in Thai cuisine, both fried and cooked in water. 

How to Store 
Storing vermicelli requires no special type of container or conditions. It is a good idea to store in an airtight container, and make sure the container is stored is a cupboard that is no more than room temperature. It will last for a year or more without losing any of the basic flavors, or developing a taste that seem slightly off. 

Health Benefits
· These are relatively low in cholesterol and carbohydrates; they are a great alternative to other forms of pasta. 
· For the nutritionally-inclined, it is an excellent option, when combined with plenty of steamed veggies
· To enhance the nutritional content, cook it in whey water.
· These noodles are ideal for people with wheat related food allergies.

Automatic Sewai Maker Cooker

Roughly the Indian equivalent of ready-to-eat plain noodles,Sevai (more info...) is an ethnic food popular in Southern India. Also called Santhakai, Semiya or sometimes loosely as Idiyappam, it is one of the safest, energy giving, easy-to-digest, carbohydrate-rich food, fit even for recuperating people. Made from Parboiled rice batter, the steam-cooked Sevai is daily food for millions.
The hitch with Sevai is in the making process, a put-off for many. The traditional sequence of Grinding the Batter, Cooking Dumplings, Extruding Sevai is always a laborious and time consuming work that takes a toll on the enthusiasm of housewives. Understanding this from a practical perspective, NuHom SevaiMagik was developed from the scratch. Once the Batter is ground to a thin consistent batter, it is just a one step process to tasty, hygienic Sevai. 

Different Sewai Recipe

  1. Heat ghee in a heavy deep pan.
  2. Add broken vermicelli , stir till lightly roasted.
  3. Add hot milk, stir gently to bring to a boil.
  4. Reduce heat allow to simmer for 5 minutes.
  5. Add sugar, stir till dissolved.
  6. Add cardamom, saffron, cardamom, almonds and pistachios.
  7. Mix and take off fire.
  8. Serve hot and wholesome.
Shelflife: 3-4 hours
Making time: 20 minutes
Makes: 4-5 servings

1 litre milk
1/2 cup fine vermicelli broken to 1" bits
1 tsp. ghee
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 tsp. cardamom powder
15-20 strands of saffron, crushed in 1 tsp. hot milk
10 almonds, blanched and thinly slivered
10 pistachios, unsalted, thinly slivered


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