Start a Business of Aquarium Maintenance

How to Start an Aquarium Maintenance Business

Starting an aquarium maintenance company requires knowledge and planning.

Fish are popular pets, and when their aquariums are clean, they can be one of the most beautiful and relaxing pets to have.
A clean aquarium is necessary for healthy fish, but it can be a lot of work to keep an aquarium clean. This is why some fish owners hire aquarium maintenance professionals to clean their aquariums, making aquarium maintenance a very profitable business idea.


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    Start by planning. Research is the key to success. Investigate how you will lay out your store, price your fish, what kind of fish you will sell and which breeders to contact. Or maybe you would like to breed your own fish. Breeding aquarium fish is one of the steps to becoming a skilled aquarist.
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    Gather supplies. Listed in the "Things You'll Need" section below.
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    Begin breeding and stocking your tanks. Before you add expensive tropical fish to your new tanks, you will need to go through the cycling process. This process is to avoid "new tank syndrome." You should cycle your tanks with a few hearty fish.
    Add easy breeder fish such as guppies and mollies. Once these have a stable population in your tanks, start buying different types of fish. Stock up on food and medications.
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    Make sure your tank setups are working. Fish from a breeder might be ill. If you see signs of illness, remove the fish to a hospital tank. Check your fish daily and change the tank water often. Note: Commercialize your fish tanks as much as possible, but maintain happy fish. Healthy tanks attract customers.
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    Keeping healthy fish can be a challenge. Once your tanks are set up and cycled through, you will need to care for the fish. Maintaining healthy fish will include these tasks:
    • Regular aquarium cleanings and water changes
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    • Regular filter maintenance
    • Regular feedings, using a variety of healthy foods
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    • Recognizing any odd behaviors in your fish
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    • Inspecting your equipment
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    • Many problems start with water quality. The quality of the water can be compromised when the decorations-rocks, gravel, plastic plants-are added. They may contain limestone which will make the water alkaline. You will forever struggle with maintaining the pH balance in your tank. Make sure the decorations you use are clean, appropriate and of a quality material. 
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    Start up your shop. Once you have the amount of fish and tanks that you want, open your store up. Make sure to obtain the right permits before attempting this step. Read up on starting a small business.
aquarium rental and maintenance business

Some Other Points:-
1) Provide fish owners with additional fish-related products to minimize their shopping time and provide convenience – your customers can just enjoy their aquariums.
2) Add aquarium installation and “set‑up” services for new fish/aquarium owners.
3) Take your camera along and get some good quality photos or videos of “Goldy” Fish and her friends -- package them (either digital, online, or prints) with other products for your fish owners.
diatom algae4) Package with other pet “clean-up” services.
5) Collect or make your own fish food and sell it your customers.
6) Draw, paint, sculpt aquariums, fish, or other sea creature

  • Don't sacrifice quality when tempted to buy cheap heaters.
  • Making each tank maintain itself with the right types of fish and other living things will reduce your maintenance workload some but not all. Still it is worth it to let algae eaters to the first line of defense and other cleaning shrimp, snails and fish provide an added layer of self maintenance.
  • Test Often. Daily. Keep everything in balance as much as possible (According to the normal "Cycle" of a tank). Don't change the pH unless you know what you are doing.
  • Know what fish are aggressive and which are not. You don't want to send 3 fish home with a family and the children watch the bigger one eat the other two! (Unless they are feeders)
  • Know that goldfish are some of the worst fish as far as keeping water clean and that you will likely have to filter their water 2 to 3 times as much as the others.
  • Certain fish eat their fry. It's a good idea to separate the fry from the adults.
  • Know your general plants and their needs (Lights/Fertilizers) and what types of fish do well in similar conditions.
  • Keep the price of your fish low, but high enough to make a profit.
  • Quarantine fish before putting them in the tanks, when customers realize you have healthy fish they'll want to come back.
  • Divide your store by the various types of tanks you will have. (Freshwater Hi Temp/ Low Temp, Saltwater, Brackish water, Goldfish tanks, etc..)

Aquarium Service Business IdeaKeeping customers happy involves much more than simply cleaning their aquariums.

It is important to put in the extra effort. Maintaining a top-notch service can include service hours. It may be important that your students don't come to the business when they are open. You crew could come earlier or later. Some places may want you to do all of your work on a Saturday when the office cleaning crew is there.

It's very important that your customers have a phone number that is working 24 hours a day. You could have a cell phone number that is answered by one of the students.You will find out the things happen to aquariums at the most unexpected times. You don't expect something to go wrong, but the customer wants to be able to get in touch with someone as soon as they notice something wrong with the aquarium.

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