Start a Business for Home Theatre Designing

Start a Business for Home Theatre Designing

What is a Home Theatre ?
home theater or home theatre is a theater built in a home, designed to mimic (or exceed) commercial theater performance and feeling, more commonly known as a Home cinema. Home cinema commonly referred to as home theater or home theatre, are home entertainment set-ups that seek to reproduce movie theater video and audio feeling in a private home. 

Home theater in the backyard. Depending on the space available, it may simply be a temporary version with foldable screen, a projector and couple of speakers, or a permanent fixture with huge screens and dedicated audio set up poolside. Due to the outdoor nature, it is quite popular with BBQ parties and pool parties.
HTIB is an modestly-priced integrated home theater package which "bundles" together a combination DVD-Video or Blu-ray Disc player and multi-channel amplifier (which includes a surround sound decoder, a radio tuner, and other features), speaker wires, connection cables, a remote control, a set of five or more surround sound speakers (or more rarely, just left and right speakers) and a low-frequency subwoofer.

What You Need to Get Started in a Home Theater Design 

and Installation Home Business?

  • Knowledge of audio and video products such as HDTVs, digital video and gaming devices.
  • A business license in most cases. You should understand your local building codes in the event that rewiring needs to be done you'll want to know which tasks require a licensed electrician.
  • A van or truck if you're transporting the goods from a warehouse to the customer.
  • Basic tools for home theater installation.
  • Knowledge of the costs and services of potential home theater design and installation rivals.
  •   Brochures, print and online advertising and a website to promote your business. A blog can also be helpful as it can establish you as an authority for home theater design and installation.
  • Good networking skills to attract new customers and suppliers.
Market Potentials of Home Theatre Design?

Home theaters used to be the domain of Hollywood bigwigs and the wealthy, but falling prices for flat-screen TVs and other consumer electronics have turned people of even modest means into potential customers for those interested in starting a home theater design and installation business.Income can be even higher for an enterprenuer who also designs home theater rooms and buys the audio-visual equipment.The job of home theater design typically includes basics such as connecting the DVD player and sound system, mounting the TV screen and concealing the wiring, and adding or enhancing gaming capability. Home theater installers are also expected to give clients a crash course in how everything works and consolidate all functions into one remote. Other assignments can focus on the design details: placement of speakers and furniture, optimizing acoustics and building and installing shelves, lighting and the like.Electronics giants such as Best Buy have their own installer-designers, and many who enter the business independently are electronics store refugees who already have expertise and relationships with vendors, so working as a home theater design before you start this business can be very helpful



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