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Start a Child Identification Service Business

(247). Start a Child Identification Service Business

One of the biggest concerns for parents today is the safety and welfare of their children. Starting a child identification service business provides a measure of security and peace of mind for families because these services provide a way to store up-to-date information in case a child is lost or abducted. Information can include recent photographs, fingerprints, medical and dental records and even DNA samples.
Child ID services can help law enforcement officials locate and identify a missing child, even if his or her appearance has been changed significantly. By starting your own child identification program, you can provide a valuable service to families while building an altruistic business.

What is a Child ID Service Business?
There are many different companies and businesses that provide child identification services to parents. Generally, the company provides a "kit" which parents can use to take their child's fingerprints, along with a folder or box in which they can keep a current photo or video and other identifying items. If a child goes missing, the parents can easily put their hands on the things that police most need to find the missing child.
Some child identification businesses actually take the photographs and record a digital or videotaped record of your child, as well as taking the fingerprints for you. Generally, these businesses work with schools, law enforcement agencies and other social programs to provide these services at a community event.
Finally, most child identification services also provide information and tips for parents on how to keep their children safe from predators and other dangers.

Child Safety ID bands are a wonderful idea for younger children and for those that cannot talk yet. There are some lovely bracelet wristbands that children will be all too happy to wear, but do tell your children why they have them as they will not be obvious to the person who has found your child. Wristbands speak for a child and help children and parents to reunite in the shortest time possible. They can be used to put contact information on or even medical information therefore giving peace of mind.

Getting Started In Your Child Identification Service Business 

Typically, child identification services provide a variety of products for families and maintain a database of information for access in the event of an emergency. By using a comprehensive child identification kit, fingerprint information, ID cards, and personal dental and medical records can be collected in one convenient format and retained by the parents to provide greater peace of mind.

As an additional service, periodic reminders can be sent to parents for them to update the information kit regularly, ensuring that the child’s data remains up to date and accurate. Most child identification kits are do-it-yourself, but some business owners also produce custom identification kits including ID cards for an additional fee.

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What Do I Need To Get Started?

In order to start your own child identification program, you will need at a minimum a computer and a high-quality printer. If you intend to produce individualized ID kits and identification cards, you will also need a laminator and a high-end printer that will accept card stock and print photo-quality images.
For higher-end operations, a professional identification card maker may be necessary. Of course, you’ll need to purchase premium paper, plastic bags, fingerprint cards, sturdy card stock for ID cards, and a plastic sleeve or folder for each child identification kit as well.
You can also store ID information in a database. However, this part of your business will be quite complex and you should have a thorough understanding of how to build and operation large-scale database systems before venturing down this road. For this article, we’ll focus on the general basics of a child identification program.


Computers vary widely in price depending on the speed and power of the processor, size of the hard drive, and the quality of the manufacturer. Generally speaking, a good basic home computing system with a sizable amount of space free on the hard drive is sufficient. To achieve the best results, however, you’ll want to invest in a good word processing program and familiarize yourself with its features.

Printer and Scanner

In most cases an all-in-one printer and scanner combination is the most cost-effective solution for producing ID kits, especially if you intend to create custom ID kits. A scanner will allow you to convert photos into computer files and easily insert them into a template for customized identification cards.
Additionally, you can resize those photos or crop them in order to produce the best possible likeness of the child for inclusion in the identification kit. Good printer/scanner combos start at around $200 and range as high as $1000 depending on print quality, speed, and extra features.

Lamination Machine

If you opt to provide parents with customized laminated ID cards, a basic lamination machine can be purchased for around $150 or less. A dedicated ID-card maker that can create photo IDs and store vital information typically costs $700 or more not including the cost of the cards.
It’s usually a good idea to begin by producing and selling general do-it-yourself kits before including personalized services in your child identification program due to the higher costs of these specialized pieces of equipment.

Growing  Children  Identification Business

Once you’ve produced a few sample child identification kits and set up a website (which you’ll need), you’re ready to begin advertising and raising awareness of your company. One way to attract attention is by achieving high rankings on Google and other search engines for your local area. An understanding of Search Engine Optimization techniques and proper website design are essential in order to achieve maximum visibility for your website and your services.
One way to attract new customers and help promote your business is by working with local child welfare agencies. Providing a demonstration at local PTA meetings or kid-friendly expos can make an impression on parents. A few free samples certainly don’t hurt.
By donating one or two kits to local schools for use in fundraising auctions, you can generate valuable attention and ensure that parents remember your company’s name when they are ready to purchase. Additionally, you may be able to set up a display or booth inside a local toy store or children’s clothing outlet, or even arrange for a retailer to sell your products directly for a small commission.
This resale arrangement benefits both you and the retailer, since you gain increased exposure for your product without paying rent for commercial space. The retailer also realizes a small profit from the sales of your kits and a significant public relations boost for its commitment to child safety.
Regardless, you can feel good about your child identification program, knowing that you’re not only making a profit for yourself, but helping to promote the safety of children as well

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