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(283). Start a Beaded Curtain Making Business


Beaded curtains have become a trend in home decoration and different varieties are available to suit every need, from subtly elegant to plain loud. The perfect way to add color and zest to a drab room, beaded curtains are sure to add a fresh look to any room.These curtains were made by stringing together beads, feathers, fabric, bamboo, and even shells on a desired length of yarn. Beaded curtains remain popular today as they bring a sense of exoticism to a decor. There are a variety of raw materials that may be used to make beaded curtains; some curtains are even made with crystal beads, bamboo beads, arcylic beads, painted beads and many more.

Types of Beads


Following is a listing of the most common types of beads used in craftwork.
Seed beads
Seed beads are most often used in bead weaving and loom work.
"H" (cut beads)
Usually the same size a seed beads, but with 6 sizes. Hexagonal or an irregular cut. The flat surface causes more light to shine from the bead.
Cut Beads
Cut beads are available in many of the same sizes as regular round seed beads. The three most popular cut beads are:
  • Two-Cut beads look like very small bugle beads. They are cut at the top and bottom, but have a round body.
  • Three-Cut beads are faceted on all sides and look like a gemstone.
  • Charlotte Cuts are rounded, like regular seed beads, but are cut, or faceted, on one side.
Bugle Beads
Bugle beads are shaped like a tube, smooth or with 6 sides.
Roundel beads are more donut shaped, with a center hold. They're available in both smooth and faceted form.
Faceted Beads
Faceted beads come in lots of shapes and sizes, but they all have flat surface either cut or molded in a regular pattern.
Drop beads are any bead shaped like a pear, with a hole at the narrow end or lengthwise through the bead.
These are cylinder shaped beads and tile together perfectly.
These are the most common and you can usually find the greatest variety of colors and finishes.

Types of Beaded Curtains

Acrylic Beaded Curtains

Acrylic Beads            
Acrylic beads are generally transparent beads and are available in a many shapes and styles including raindrop, flowers and Aurora Borealis. Read more about bead shapes.
Acrylic beads are the perfect answer for a unique beaded curtain. Acrylic beads can be dyed to you color of choice. Once the acrylic beads have been dyed, they are unable to be washed.
Acrylic beaded curtains are useful for those who do not feel comfortable with glass beaded curtains.
Acrylic beaded curtains are the perfect answer to add a personal touch to your child's bedroom, without the worry about your child's safety if the beads crack or break.

Bamboo Beaded Curtains

Bamboo Curtain                    
Bamboo curtains add a relaxing and tropical touch to your home and is also useful in Feng Shui, as thebamboo beads keep the energy flowing in a room similar to wind chimes.
The hollow beads of bamboo make a soothing knocking sound to drift your away to another world.
Bamboo is easy to dye and different colored beads can be used on the strands to form a pattern. Bamboo is a good material for making door curtains due to its lightweight.
Bamboo curtains can either be left natural or painted with artwork of your choice. A number of selections are generally available. Read about painted beaded curtains.
Beaded bamboo curtains are great for use in children's rooms, either on windows, as a cover for storage units, or as a door curtain.
Bamboo beaded curtains are great for separating rooms, replacing doors and as a cover for storage. Bamboo beaded curtains are also known as bamboo door beads and bamboo room dividers.

Glass Beaded Curtains

Glass BeadsGlass beaded curtains are an easy way to add elegance to your room.
The light reflecting through transparent glass beads is calming and relaxing. And you can experience your own personal light show at nearly any time of the day.
Glass beads are available in a numerous shapes and styles including champagne bubbles, raindrops and animals. Read more about bead shapes.
We recommend using glass beaded curtains in areas of the home, which aren't utilized as often. We suggest this to prevent breakage of the glass beads on the curtain.
If a glass beaded curtain is used as a separator in a predominant doorway, there is more chance that the beads may fracture when the beads brush the doorway as people walk through the doorway.

Painted Beaded Curtains

Painted Beaded CurtainPainted beaded curtains are a great way to add artwork to your home, without taking up precious space.
Painted beaded curtains allow you to decorate without adding extra clutter to your home.
A number of images are available on painted beaded curtains. The most classic image is that of the Mona Lisa. Other popular painted curtains include Munch's The Scream and general tropical scenes.
Painted beaded curtains are made from bamboo, which allows you to have either an image on both sides of the bamboo, to offer a different décor in each room. Or the image painted on one side, which leave the opposite side with the classic natural bamboo look.

PVC Beaded Curtains

PVC Beaded CurtainsPVC beaded curtains are a great way to add a splash of color and funk to your bedroom or living room.
PVC beaded curtains are available in a number of shapes and sizes, including squares, circles, triangles.
Like glass beaded curtains, the PVC shapes on the curtain reflect the light as the PVC shapes are transparent. The reflective nature of PVC gives your home décor a wild and funky ambience in the room.
PVC beaded curtains generally have 8 strands (horizontally across) the curtain rod. However if you make your own beaded curtain, the number of strands will be determined by the size of the PVC beads you choose and the length of your curtain rod.
PVC beaded curtains are mostly made from circular and square beads.

Wooden Beaded Curtains

Wooden Beaded CurtainsIf you are looking for a natural look for your curtains and doorways, but bamboo beaded curtainsare not the look you desire, then wooden beaded curtains are the answer.
The sound of the wooden beads brushing against each other, will be determined by the type of wood used for the beaded curtain.
Wooden beaded curtains offer a beautiful, peaceful and natural touch to any home décor.
The patterns on wooden beaded curtains is purely up to the imagination of the person making the beaded curtain. See our Beaded Curtain Patterns.

Bead Shapes

There are a number of different shapes of beads available. Following are some of the most common shapes used in beading curtains today.
Champagne Bubbles
Champagne bubbles are most popular with acrylic beaded curtains. Champagne bubbles are round whole circles available in different sizes.
Rain drops
Rain drop beads like their name suggests look like rain drops. Rain drop beaded are also known as tear drops. Rain drop beads are popular in acrylic and glass beaded curtains.
Circle shapes are either whole or hollow and rounded. The circle shape is very diverse through the width and shaping of the circle. Circles are used in acrylic, glass and PVC beaded curtains.
Squares can with be whole or hollow. Squares are similar to circles in the diversity through the width of the hollow square to offer a numerous amount of shapes and sizes. Squares are used in acrylic, glass and PVC beaded curtains.
The most popular animal bead shapes include dolphins, butterflies, birds and fish. Animal beads are used in acrylic and glass beaded curtains.
Pendant beads are oblong shaped. They are most popular in acrylic beaded curtains.
Star beads are popular to be used in decorating children%u2019s bedrooms. Star beads are used in acrylic and glass beaded curtains.
Daisy-shaped beads are the most common beads used in beaded curtains. Flower beads are generally used in acrylic and glass beaded curtains.

Bead Coloring


Ceylon beads
Ceylon beads look like satin on glass. They have a lighter core with an opaque pearl-like finish.
Color-lined beads
Color-lined beads have a solid-color core with a transparent overlay. The core color is added to a transparent bead.
Silver-lined beads
Silver-lined beads have a silver coating on the inside that looks like foil. They are usually very sparkly and come in just about every color of the rainbow.
Matte beads
Matte beads are beads that have been dipped in an etching compound. The colors are usually muted and remind me of clay.
Galvanized beads
Galvanized beads are found in very bright, metallic colors. Be very careful as the coating comes off very easily.
Iridescent or AB (Aurora Borealis)
Iridescent beads can be clear, metallic or opaque, but they have a rainbow-like coating.
Opaque Beads
Opaque beads are solid-colored. No light passes through these beads.
Transparent Beads
Transparent beads are clear. Beads that are lined with silver or other colors begin their life as a transparent bead.

Bead Sizes

Bead sizes are determined by the number of beads will fit per inch. For example, if you had size 11/0 beads, approximately 11 of them would fit along one inch of a ruler. Only 6 size 6/0 beads would fit in the same space.
The larger the bead size, the smaller the bead and the smaller the bead size, the larger the bead. For example: size 6/0 beads are about 4 times the size of size 11/0 beads and size 8/0 beads are about 2 times the size of 11/0 bead and half the size of 6/0 beads.
Refer to the seed bead size chart below for approximate bead sizing conversion. Please note that the chart below is a guide only.

Bead SizeMillimeters

How To Make Beaded Curtains

Making your own beaded curtain is creative and fun.
Materials Required
  • Thread or string
  • Beads
  • Curtain rod
  • Curtain rod brackets (to support your curtain rod)
  • Eye hooks
  • Thin white straws (optional)
  • Ruler and pencil
Steps to Making Beaded Curtains
  1. Measure the width of the window or doorway and make sure that the rod is the right width. Using the ruler and pencil, divide the rod into equal parts and screw in the eye hooks at the points marked.
  2. Cut the thread into pieces (two inches longer than the desired length of your curtain - which leaves room for tying off ends). Standard curtain length is 75 inches (190 cms).
  3. Tie a knot in one end of the thread, this end will become the bottom of this curtain strand.
  4. Thread the beads onto your piece of string.
  5. When you are finished with a length of bead curtain, tie a knot in the top end. You'll need to put the knot right next to the last bead, and make sure you have two to four inches of thread available to make a loop in the top end of the thread.
  6. Attach the eye hooks to the curtain rod.
  7. Attach each curtain strand that is completed by placing the top loops onto the eye hooks.
  8. Fix the curtain rods brackets above the window or doorway.
  9. Place the curtain rod on the brackets above the window or doorway.

Beaded Curtain Patterns

Check out our free beaded curtain patterns

Beading Tools

There are an endless variety of beads available, varying in material, shape and size.
Straws are a great way to elongate your beaded curtain, without using too many beads. Straws work as separators between beaded patterns.
Beading thread and string come in a range of sizes and colors, to match any beaded curtain project you are undertaking. Thread often comes in small or large spools. Thread is usually made from nylon.
Bead Wire
Bead wire can also be used to make beaded curtains, but can be more difficult to keep unknotted when threading. We recommend nylon thread or string. Bead wire is more useful for small beading projects.
When using bead wire for your beaded curtains, pliers are needed to cut the wire. Try not to use scissors as this leaves an uneven cut on the wire. Pliers are inexpensive.
Craft glue can be used to keep thread knots from unraveling. Use a pin to apply a small amount to seal a knot, being careful not to get glue on any beads.
Bead Tips
Bead tips are metal findings that cover the knot at the end of a string of beads. Bead tips have holes between the two halves, which the thread goes through. Tying the knot around a seed bead and adding a drop of glue or clear nail polish secures the knot. Close the bead tip with pliers and snip the excess thread.
Eye Hooks
Eye hooks are used to connect the beaded strings to the curtain rod.
Curtain Rods
The curtain rod holds the beaded strings.


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