Start a Party Entertainer Business

Start a Party Entertainer Business

Party Entertainer  

Do you enjoy children? Do children like you? Can you tell stories, be a clown, play sports or a musical instrument? If so, then you may be able to start a small business doing kids’ entertainment. You can work for yourself and make good money at the same time. There are as many ways to entertain kids as there are interests and talents, and building up a niche with the under ten set can be a great way to supplement your income or build a solid business. 

Here are some of the many ways to entertain children: 

Working with animals
Arts and crafts
Face painting
Rock Climbing 

Business Overview

There are a couple of options available in terms of starting a party entertaining service. You can work as an agency, representing entertainers for parties. Or, if you have the skills, you can be an entertainer yourself. The different types of entertainers for children's parties include clowns, magicians, trained pet shows, singers and skit plays. You can also gear your act to adults and offer your services for corporate events as a magician or karaoke deejay. This is a relatively low-investment business to start and operate, and the profit potential is very good. I contacted four different agencies and found the average rate for party entertainers was $50 per hour, with a minimum charge for 1-1/2 hours including travel. An agency representing entertainers for parties or being an entertainer yourself is a good home based business that allows for flexible hours, good income potential and loads of fun.

The Market

Your customers are parents who are giving their children parties, and businesses who are planning anniversary, holiday or summer events for their employees. While you can advertise in the Yellow Pages and send fliers to local businesses, your best marketing tool will be word-of-mouth. Be sure to bring brochures or business cards to every gig you get.

Needed Equipment

Your area of expertise will dictate the tools of your trade. You will also need reliable transportation.

Children's Entertainers in your area

The best way of finding a party entertainer in your area is by word of mouth - preferably from another parent who has recently thrown a successful kid's party.

Remember that if the entertainer operates under a character name, such as 'Tommy the Clown', for example, they may be part of an organisation that uses many different people dressed up as the same character and some may be better than others. It is therefore well worth finding out who is the best individual.
Here are my Top Ten Tips to Becoming a Highly Successful Children's Entertainer
     It may sound obvious but you do need to have a love for entertaining and also a love of working with children.  Children can detect a phony right away so don't try to bluff your way through a show.  Trust me you will regret it.
   A good way to learn whether or not you are suited to work with children is to perhaps offer to baby sit for a friend or family member.  This way you will quickly learn children's humour and is a great way of finding out what they like, what makes them laugh etc.
   Also do volunteer work for a local youth organisation such as the Scouts or a church group.  I was a Sunday School Teacher for many years and found interacting with children to be very natural especially when it came to the Children's Christmas Shows and summer trips.

Remember to be successful in show business you not only need a great show but you must always make sure that you attend to the business side o

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