Start a Umbrella Manufacturing Unit

Start a Umbrella Manufacturing Unit

 Umbrella is required to protect people from heat and rains during summer and rainy seasons respectively. Summer months in India are harsh, due to this elder and women are using umbrella to protect themselves.
The umbrellas are generally manufactured manually by assembling various items such as cloth, using needle and threads etc. and by stitching final shapes are made.

History and Use of the Umbrella

Umbrellas and parasols have been used by human civilization for thousands of years. Today, the item continues to be made, and millions of people utilize umbrellas on a daily basis. The use of umbrellas can provide many benefits, like sun protection for health purposes. Provided below is information about the history, uses, and types of umbrellas.

When Was the Umbrella Invented?

The exact origination date of umbrellas is unknown. Historians believe that parasols, which were not water resistant, were first constructed of leaves in ancient Egypt more than 3,000 years ago. The first umbrellas are said to have been invented in China in the 11th century BC. In Ancient Greece, parasols became women's fashion statements in the 5th century BC. More recent history dictates that umbrellas became commonly used in 17th and 18th century Europe.

What Are the Common Uses for Umbrellas?

Umbrellas are most commonly used to protect people from rain. This item is also used to shield individuals from sunlight. The protection that umbrellas can provide from Ultraviolet (UV) rays offers health benefits for many. Several people bring umbrellas to the beach as a form of protection from excessive sun. Commonly, parasols are used for patio and outdoor tables as a sunshade. Umbrellas may also be used for style purposes. Fashion designers have regularly created fashionable and functional umbrellas for consumers to purchase.

Umbrella Manufacturing Process-


The major raw materials are those required for manufacturing umbrella ribs and fittings. These are mild steel, spring steel, steel strips and steel wires. Nylon cloth of different colours is also major raw material. Auxiliary materials required by the plant include plastic granules, eyelets, sewing thread, electro-plating chemical and corrugated paper box.


Electricity and water are the major utilities required by the plant.


1. Production Process

Four major sub-processes are required in order to manufacture umbrella. These are:-

a) Cutting and Straightening Wires

The wire is first cut to the required length on "wine straightening and cutting machine". This machine performs two operations simultaneously. It cuts the wires to the length and straightens it.

b) Head Cutting and Punching

After the wires are cut and straightened, the ends are flattened on "horizontal head former machine". The flattened ends are now punched with hole to form the 'hinge type'. The middle of the longer wire is also similarly flattened and drilled to accommodate the end of shorter wire.
c) Balls Making and Assembly

The hinges that are made with the help of special joints are now assembled together to from the hinges. The backs are of small and big circlips, bent and rounded, ends flattened.

d) Polishing and Electro-Plating or Painting
After the ribs and fittings are assembled, they are polished. The parts are either electroplated or painted according to the type of design and requirements.

Variety of Umbrellas-

The Complete Umbrella Buying Guide
Enjoying the great outdoors, whether it is on an excursion into the wilderness or simply a stroll around the block, can be relaxing and improve one’s health. However, nothing spoils a trip outdoors like being caught unprepared in inclement weather. A sudden downpour can ruin a day as quick as it takes for hair to get frizzy. But the sun can be a culprit too, beating down with UV rays and causing excessive heat and sunburns. Luckily there is an accessory that can help to protect from both of these things, and most people own one already: an umbrella. Carrying the perfect umbrella, even for those people who live in geographies with near-perfect weather, means being prepared for any weather condition. Even luckier still, umbrellas are available virtually everywhere, from convenience stores looking to capitalize on gloomy days to department stores to online shops of all types. Finding a durable, affordable, and stylish umbrella has never been easier.

Rain Umbrellas

When most people think of umbrellas, they think of rain umbrellas. These umbrellas have waterproof canopies that are designed to protect whoever carries them from rain. While it may seem like a very basic accessory, there are actually many different types of rain umbrellas, some of which may be differentially suitable to certain situations or certain personalities.

Full-Sized Umbrellas

At one time, a full-sized umbrella was the only kind that was available. These umbrellas have either a stick or a cane handle that does not fold up and remains at full height at all times. Because of this, full-sized umbrellas sometimes double as walking sticks. Usually, the canopy of this type of umbrella offers a significant amount of coverage and can be very durable. However, because the umbrella does not fold or collapse, it can be rather cumbersome to carry. People who would prefer an umbrella to slip into a briefcase or purse will not prefer a full-sized umbrella. However, for dressy occasions where there is a chance of rain, it can be a classy choice.

Compact Umbrella

In general, compact umbrellas enjoy more popularity today than  their full-sized counterparts. These umbrellas have a handle and support that collapses or folds into itself when the user collapses the canopy. This construction means that it is easy to carry a compact umbrella when it is not in use and to have it handy for when the weather might turn unexpectedly. Despite the fact that compact umbrellas may be a bit less durable than full-sized umbrellas, those that are made with nickel or fiberglass rather than aluminum will stand up very well to the elements.

Shedrain Compact Umbrella

Shedrain is a company that has specialized in making all types of umbrellas since the 1940’s. Originating the Pacific Northwest in the U.S., the company has a good understanding of what it takes to be protected from downpours as well as drizzles, which shows in all Shedrain umbrellas. Shedrain compact umbrellas, like the Shedrain Windjammer, are a testament to this fact. They are well-constructed and also generally affordable. The Windjammer series is specially vented to allow wind to pass through. The vents keep the umbrella from turning inside out, thereby rendering it useless. These umbrellas are also compact enough to put into a purse and have at the ready.

Bubble Umbrellas

Bubble umbrellas may look a bit different to people who are used to traditional canopy umbrellas, but they actually serve an important purpose. A bubble umbrella is designed so that whoever is carrying it can actually cover his or her entire head. The umbrella’s canopy is transparent so as to allow for visibility. This means that carrying a bubble umbrella will keep the head (and hairstyle) dry much better than most traditional umbrellas. Some bubble umbrellas have only a band of transparent plastic for visibility while others are transparent all over for maximum peripheral vision.

Totes Bubble Umbrella

Totes is another brand that has made it their business to protect people from the weather. The company offers a line of Totes umbrellas, along with rain boots, hats, and scarves. Totes bubble umbrellas are particularly popular with women due to how well they protect hair and purses from rain and wind. These umbrellas come in a variety of designs, with some being completely transparent and others sporting fun, quirky designs around the bottom of the umbrella’s canopy. These bubble umbrellas are not expensive, so they make a whimsical and an affordable solution for bad weather.

Designer Rain Umbrella

There are some people for whom a generic umbrella simply will not do. For this population, there is a surprising variety of designer rain umbrellas available that offer high fashion style along with waterproof protection. Of course, these designer umbrellas are a good deal more expensive than some of the other, more common varieties but for those people who must maintain their label loyalty, they may be the preferable choice.

Burberry Umbrella

Burberry is an iconic London fashion label that is perhaps best known for its chic and timeless trench coats. However, they also make a line of Burberry umbrellas that feature their classic plaid design. A Burberry umbrella can be a considerable investment. Clearly, this is not an accessory that everyone can afford, but for the right person it can be a dream.

Sun Umbrella

Of course, rain is not the only reason that a person may need an  umbrella. The same structure that is effective in protecting people from moisture can also help to block out the sun’s punishing rays. While some users may be content with a sun umbrella that is simply a repurposed rain umbrella, other users may prefer their sun umbrellas to be entirely different contraptions made from different materials.

Patio Umbrella

Patio umbrellas are a necessity for any patio or outdoor seating area. These tall umbrellas are much different from umbrellas that are carried by hand. Patio umbrellas can be mounted in permanent stands in the ground or they can be portable so that they may be moved with the sun to provide constant shade. They are usually made from specially treated canvas so that they can effectively shade people while also offering protection in case of rain.

Beach Umbrella 

The beach is a place where people make themselves especially susceptible to UV rays and sunburn. With so much skin on display, a proper beach umbrella coupled with sunscreen is the best way to protect against sunburn and other harmful effects. Large beach umbrellas should be able to be anchored in the sand easily and cover substantial territory with their shade. Some beach umbrellas will clamp onto a beach chair, which can be convenient and prevent them from falling or blowing away.


Parasol is a fancy name for a sun umbrella that is carried by hand. Parasols are designed to provide shade and usually are not waterproof, so they are ineffective as rain umbrellas. However, keeping the face shaded from direct sunlight can be helpful in preventing sun damage and the associated premature aging. Decorative lace parasols have become a popular accessory for outdoor weddings, both for brides and for guests who may find themselves sitting in the sun for long periods.

There exists demand for umbrellas in almost all parts of the country. Various types and colours of umbrellas are available to cater to all sections of people

 Optimum working capital cycle has been considered for calculating the requirements. Raw materials shall be procured from local areas and quotations, wherever applicable may be obtained.
 The cost of project will vary in different States & Regions.
 It is assumed that the products have good demand, and the promoters have sound experience in the relevant fields.

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