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Start a Trophies Manufacturing

Start a Trophies Manufacturing

What is a Trophy?
trophy is a reward for a specific achievement, and serves as recognition or evidence of merit. Trophies are most often awarded for sporting events, from youth sports to professional level athletics. In many sports medals (or, in North America, rings) are often given out either instead of or along with trophies.Originally the word trophy, derived from the Greek tropaion, referred to arms, standards, other property, or human captives and body parts.
Types of Trophies?
Trophies often represent the event they are in, for example in basketball tournaments, the trophy takes shape of a basketball player, or a basketball. Trophies can take the shape of two-handled cups, bowls, or mugs (all usually engraved); statues of people, animals, and architecture while displaying words, numbers or images. While trophies traditionally have been made with metal figures, wood columns, and wood bases, in recent years they have been made with plastic figures and marble bases.
A loving-cup trophy is a common variety of trophy; it is a cup shape, usually on a pedestal, with two or more handles, and is often made from silver or silver plate.
Hunting trophies are reminders of successes from hunting animals, such as an animal's head mounted to be hung on a wall.
Resin trophies come in a variety of sports or generic forms. These resin awards are often used for participation awards and can be custom made to include an event logo. These can be custom molded to create a unique trophy for businesses, youth sports organizations, and non profits alike.
Perpetual trophies are held by the winner until the next event, when the winner must compete again in order to keep the trophy. In some competitions winners in three consecutive or non-consecutive events receive the trophy or its copy in permanent ownership.
How to Start Trophies Business
An unbeatable interest to recognise grand success of individuals or group showcased through custom trophies is momentous coronation. Arrangements are made to appreciate excellent performances of sports teams, corporations, individuals and organizations through trophies and awards.New entrants in custom trophies business must keep their eyes open to understand the needs of prospective buyers. Business must focus upon servicing personalized customers. It is therefore important to offer quality produce. Have your storefront in local area where target consumers are available.
Online Trophies shop At Home

For decades, trophy shops have been staples of local small business communities. But given the dramatic changes in business and technology that have occurred in recent years, are trophy shops still potentially profitable small business venturesIn the past, trophy shop products were limited to plaques, medals and personalized figurine trophies. Today, laser engraving has transformed the industry, making it possible to efficiently customize materials like crystal, marble, glass, wood and composites.Another technological development that has taken the awards industry by storm is online marketing. Aggressive and profitable trophy shops now have the ability to take customer orders online, allowing them to expand their reach and serve awards customers outside of their immediate vicinity.In our experience, many startup trophy shops minimize the importance of launching with a functional e-commerce website already in place. But we think that's a big mistake -- an image-rich business website with an easy-to-use online ordering system is a strategic advantage you can use to differentiate your startup and capture market share right out of the gate.


 Business overview of Trophies Business

Each year in North America millions of trophies are given to winning sports teams, game MVPs, and to people being recognized for outstanding achievement. The demand for trophies is not only proven, it also continues to increase every year as the population of people and popularity of sports continues to grow. A trophy supply and engraving business can be started for less than $5,000, and purchasing trophies on a wholesale basis should not prove to be difficult as there are thousands of trophy manufacturers worldwide. Furthermore, the equipment needed for engraving name plaques for the trophies is inexpensive and available at most building centers in every community. Profit potential range is $10,000+ per year.
Company of Trophies 

The company gives top priority to client’s needs, requirements and satisfaction. Our company takes pride in its extremely accomplished staff capable in delivering excellent quality goods to a huge clientele. In comparison with any other similar product in the market, the range of Sports Cups, Sports Trophies and Brass Mementos made of Aluminium and Brass, are far superior in terms of quality, fine craftsmanship and reasonable pricing. Our company upholds its dedicated commitment to quality by using the age old tradition of creating beautiful Cups and Trophies with Modern Techniques.


‘Woolf’s Trophies’



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