Start a online Commercial/Residential Leasing Agent

Start a online Commerical/Residential Leasing Agent

What is a commercial/Residential Leasing?
A commercial lease is a rental agreement for office, warehouse or other space to use to run a business. Commercial leasing agreements vary widely in their terms, but the specifics in leases tend to be written to benefit landlords. It may be possible to negotiate leasing terms with commercial landlords, but the success of this may depend on how many other potential business tenants are interested in renting the property.

Meaning of online Commercial/Residential Leasing Agent?
A leasing agent, or commercial leasing agent, works for the landlords of shopping centers or office buildings to find tenants. He or she earns a commission for finding tenants and usually handles all aspects of leases. Excellent negotiating skills and the ability to recognize a qualified tenant are crucial characteristics of a good agent.

How to work Commerical/Residential Leasing Agent?

 A commercial leasing agent is generally hired by a property owner to rent out commercial spaces to tenants on the owner’s behalf. Typically, the agent and the owner sign a listing agreement, in which the owner agrees to pay the agent if the agent finds a qualified tenant for the property within a set period of time. Most agents receive a commission that is paid once the property owner and the tenant sign a leasing agreement. Some also charge an hourly fee for their services. Agents can lease a variety of different kinds of commercial properties, including retail or shopping centers, office buildings, restaurant space, and industrial warehouses.
How to Become a Commerical/residential leasing agent?
A person who wants to become a commercial leasing agent generally needs good customer service skills and selling ability. There are no ironclad educational requirements for a person in this field, but a high school education is usually expected. Those who earn college degrees may gain more favor when applying for jobs, however. In some places, a person who wants to become a commercial leasing agent will need licensing as well. The skills a person needs to become a commercial leasing agent are those required in most sales positions. An individual in this field needs to know how to talk to customers and answer questions with both patience and courtesy.There are also training courses a person may take in pursuit of this career. Real estate agencies, community colleges, vocational schools, and some adult learning centers may provide property management or real estate courses.


Business Overview Commercial Leasing Agent

Business At A Glance
Startup Costs: $10,000 - $50,000
Home Based: Can be operated from home.
Franchises Available? Yes
Online Operation? No
Educating yourself about the laws of commercial real estate leases and contracts can really pay off, especially if you apply this newfound knowledge and become a commercial leasing agent. A commercial leasing agent service can be set in motion for less than $10,000, and can return as much as $100,000 per year in income. The main focus of this enterprise is to source buildings, stores and offices to list for lease, and find suitable tenants to occupy these locations. In exchange for your services you charge the landlord of the building one month's rent as your fee, or leasing commission. Should another real estate or leasing agent be involved in the transaction, you would simply split the fee with that person or company. Commercial leasing is very straightforward, but you'll still want to extensively research the topic as well as check local regulations in terms of the legalities of becoming a leasing agent in your community.




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