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Start a Diabetics Atta Making Business

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(338). Start a Diabetics Atta Making Business
Diabetics is a condition of the body in which the body does not produce much insulin or may not be able to use it properly. Insulin is a hormone which coverts sugar and other food items into energy needed for the day to day activities of the human body. The actual cause of diabetics is still not known but hereditary reasons and lifestyle of the people plays a very crucial role.
When the pancreas gland does not produce enough insulin for the sugar to energy conversion, the blood glucose level continues to rise without control; it results in the diabetic condition. This condition is termed a Diabetic Mellitus. There are three major types of Diabetics-
1.       Type-I   Diabetes
2.       Type -II Diabetes
3.       Gestational Diabetes

Type-I Diabetes-
Type-I Diabetics occurs when the body is unable to produce insulin. This type of diabetics appears in children and youth below 40 years of age. This group of people should be injected with insulin. But this type is less common.

 Type-II Diabetes
Hereditary and the lifestyle are the major causes of type II diabetes. 90% of diabetics belong to this group. In this case, the body is still able to produce insulin but it is not enough for the body functions or the insulin does not work properly. This condition is called insulin resistance. This is related to overweight. Type-II diabetes is seen mostly in people over 40 years of age.

 Gestation Diabetes-
This is another type of diabetes called gestational diabetes which occurs in some women during pregnancy. This may lead to complications during pregnancy, labour and delivery. Women who get gestational diabetics may develop type-II diabetics.

Anti Diabetic (wheat less) Atta controls sugar level and helps fighting diabetes.The Anti Diabetic (wheat less) Atta is a combination of various grains, where the concentration of dietary fibres, minerals & proteins is more. All these things helps our body to cope with diabetes which is basically caused due to lack of insulin in the body.
The amount of insulin, required to break down the sugar in the body, is reduced in diabetic people. This atta helps diabetic people to cope with this problem in a healthy manner. Non-diabetic people with diabetic history in family can also use this atta.