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Start A Health Food Store Business


(276). Start A Health Food Store Business
The market for organic and health food options increases each year as more and more people connect their nutrition with their health. From baby foods to snack foods, consumer constantly looking for ways to eat healthy, but still retain the convenience of foods offered in grocery store. There are many opportunities in the health food industry for those looking to start business.the sales of organic foods and beverages have skyrocketed,  it's no wonder that the independent health food retail industry captured the attention of the entrepreneurial community. If you are an entrepreneur with an interest in health and nutrition, perhaps you have been thinking about how to start a health food store, it is a profitable and wide market to capture.
If you are an entrepreneur with an interest in health and nutrition, perhaps you have been thinking about how to start a health food store.
With today’s emphasis on healthy lifestyles, healthy and organic food sales are soaring.
As you investigate how to start a health food store, explore all of your options. Do you want to lease space and run a retail health food store? Are there any health food stores currently for sale in the area?
Do you want to sell health food online? Are there any franchise possibilities to investigate? The preliminary research you do will help you decide which option best fits your vision and offers the best chance for success.


A thriving retail health food store requires the following:
  1. An ideal location: Shoppers should already exist in the area. Locating close to a gym or workout business is an added plus.
  2. Inventory: Your inventory should reflect current health food trends and in-demand products.
  3. Staff: Staff should be knowledgeable about store products and current health food research. They should have the ability to make recommendations to customers and steer them in the right direction.
Choose a business name that reflects what your business is about. All too often, cute or obscure names hide what a business really does. No one should have to guess that you sell health food products.
After deciding on an appropriate business name, contact your local business office and apply for your business license.


Ongoing research into the latest health studies, healthy and organic food products, and buying trends will be essential in order to properly align with customer demand. The typical health food store customer is well-read and informed.
As the proprietor of a health food establishment, you will be expected to have considerable knowledge about the industry and products you carry.
A constant marketing campaign that targets the health conscious will also be important.


The more you learn about how to start a health food store, the more obvious it will be that finding customers will be a never ending process.
Prepare for your Grand Opening by mailing out fliers to gyms, fitness centers, and local business organizations. Advertise in local newspapers. Offer something free to the first 100 customers, as an example. Give people a reason to make that first visit!
Happy customers are the best form of free advertising. Offer loyalty perks to returning customers. Have special preferred customers sales.
Form partnerships with other health oriented businesses where they either recommend or sell your health food products within their establishments. These types of business alliances are valuable because they expose your products to more people.


There is a wide variety of health related products to add to your inventory and increase your sales. Health and herbal supplements, vitamins, books, and workout videos are all viable options.
In addition to adding products, consider bringing experts in to lecture or hold classes on nutrition, exercise, and healthy living. If you run a retail store, adding sales from an online store could bring in more profits.
By learning how to start a health food store, becoming an expert in the field, making the right business decisions, and offering customers the products they want, your health food store is on its way to success.

The Growing Industry of Health Food Stores

As people become more conscious of their health, they tend to consume more organic foods. A food is called organic if it is free from any type of chemicals and pesticides. Organic products can be obtained directly from the farmer, trade shows and markets. Health food stores are also one of the places where one can avail of these organic foods.
If you wish to consume only organic foods; then you must be ready to spend more. Organic products are pricey compare to the mass produced products. As much as these health food stores want to provide competitive prices; it is quite impossible to do so. Despite this obvious disadvantage, a lot of people would still want to venture on putting up health food stores. In fact, more people would rather invest in buying health food store for sale than buying mcdonalds franchise. Why? Simply because most people would want to live healthy lifestyle and fast food chain such as McDonalds does not offer the healthy foods.
Starting up a health food store is more viable business in the recent days. The rising popularity of alternative medicines, organic products, herbs and other alternative supplements are reason enough to setup a business related in this field. Before you begin your own health food store business, you need to consider the following things:
  • Where to get your stocks for the health food store; there are various ways on how a person can acquire natural food products. You have the option to directly transact with a farmer, go through a wholesaler or have a third party supply your health food store with the stocks that you need. If you want to get better profit; then you can do away with using a middleman. If you plan to get your products from the market; you need to be very keen and should not be blinded by gaining bigger profits. Remember that not all the products which are on sale in the market are all organic. Ensure that the farmer have complete certification that all the produce are all legally organic fruits and veggies.
  • The location of the health food store is one of the determining factors if a business will be successful or not. Your business should be in the right demographic area, ask yourself the following questions such as would there be a source of traffic in the area where you plan to setup your business? Are there too much competition? Or are there any other shops or stores that would complement your business?
  • Be aware of the rules and regulations regarding the setup of your health food store. Each state has its own health and sanitary regulations on every type of business. Definitely, the rules regarding sanitation are much stricter when it comes to food business. All business that claims to sell organic food items must have the certificate to prove it. An organic product should contain only 5% to 0% of non-organic materials. Even the packaging should be made of natural materials too.


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