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(275).Start a Motorcycle Taxi Business
As traffic continues to worsen in India, the motorcycle taxis are steadily increasing in popularity. Their ability to beat the heavy traffic in the city has made them one of the most effective modes of transport, and yet many are still unlicensed. Hoping to add levels of reliability, safety and security through the professionalization of the service, it recently came across as a new startup. motorcycle taxi is a licensed form of transport in some countries. Typically, they will carry one passenger (but sometimes two or more), who rides as the pillion, behind the motorcycle operator. Motorcycle taxis are the primary form of public transport. Motorcycle taxi drivers are calledmotodups. They form in queues outside major tourist attractions, office buildings, public markets and near the corners of residential streets. 

For expansion you can even make a Call centers and networking of Motorcycle Taxi, so that the motor taxi is easily available to the customer any time and everytime.
Motorcycle taxi  is both a taxi, a courier, and a shopping and grocery collection service, marketed as being suitable for both business and leisure use. Users of Of this business begin by calling the switchboard and specifying whether they are requesting transport for a person, package, or shopping collection. A fare is agreed upon depending on the distance involved, and a driver is sent out from the nearest available location. The caller will then receive a text confirming their order.
With more than 100,000 motorcycle taxis operating in the Bangkok alone (according to a Bangkok Metropolitan Administration [BMA] officer), it is a huge workforce generating large revenues. No one really knows the exact amount, but some sources estimate it at tens of millions of baht a month.

Motorcycle taxis are a licensed form of transport in Goa, India. They are much cheaper than other taxis, although the lone passenger can only carry a backpack as luggage. Motorcycle taxis in Goa are driven by men called 'pilots'. By law, in some parts of the state, the rider is expected to wear a helmet, but the pillion-rider is not. These motorcycle taxis can normally be identified by their yellow-and-black coloured paint. The fare should be fixed in advance, and the rides are not metered.

Motorcycle taxis in Goa:

Getting around Goa by Motorcycle taxis
Goa is the only state in India where motorcycles are a licensed form of taxi. Goa's motorcycle taxi riders, popularly known as 'pilots', are a quick way to travel and are best for short distances.

Motorcycle taxis drivers (pilots) waiting for customer on Panjim Bus-stand

There is no dearth of these vehicles. However, remember that bonafide operators ride black motorbikes with yellow mudguards. They gather, along with taxis andautorickshaws, at strategic points in towns and beach resorts. They’re fun and they’re fast – no other form of transportation can so quickly and efficiently navigate through traffic.
You should settle the fare in advance to avoid any confusion or argument.


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