Start a Jute Sacking Bags Manufacturing Business


(278). Start a Jute Sacking Bags Manufacturing Business
Jute is a naturally occurring, inexpensive fiber that is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Because of its natural golden shine, jute is also known as "the golden fiber." Jute is most commonly used to make consumer goods such as bags and rugs.When the jute industry started in India, one of the earlier developments was the manufacture of jute sacks.  The bulk of jute sack production is used for all types of jute bags. Sacking bags, woven wholly from jute fabrics, are available as plain and twill bags. Jute bags, the other name for sacking bags are mainly used to pack cement, sugar and other bulky articles, which are packed in weight range from 50 to 100 kgs. These are tailored as per customerʹs specifications in terms of size and to meet the ever increasing demand of jute bags in the farm sector, agro‐based industries and cement industries. The Jute Textiles Industry occupies and important place in the national economy.It is one of the major industries in the eastern region, particularly in West BengalIt supports nearly 4 million farm families, besides providing direct employment to about 2.6 lac industrial workers.
The jute industry is laborintensive and contributes about Rs.1,200 crores annually to the export earnings.

Indian Jute Industry
Jute, the Golden Fiber as it is called, is a plant that yields a fiber used for sacking
and cordage. Known as the raw material for sacks the world over, jute is truly one of the most versatile fibers gifted to man by nature that finds various uses in the form of Handicrafts. Next to cotton, jute is the cheapest and most important of all textile fibers. Jute is being cultivated in India for centuries. The landmark in the history of jute industry in India dates back to 1854 when the first jute mill as set up by George Auckland at Rishra in Hoogly district of West Bengal. Jute is predominantly a crop of eastern India.

The production process in the jute industry goes through a variety of activities, which include cultivation of raw jute, processing of jute fibers, spinning, weaving, bleaching, dyeing, finishing and marketing of both raw jute and its finished products.  Currently the production of the fibre in India is around 100 lakh bales and about 73 jute mills are operating in the country at present. Besides, there are several small scale industries in the decentralized sector producing handicrafts,decoratives, twines, pulp & paper from jute and allied fibers and particle board
from jute stick.

India: Industry Milestones  
 The largest producer of raw jute in the world.  
 The biggest manufacturer of jute goods in the world.  
 The capacity to manufacture the widest range of products, tailored to customersʹ 
 Comprehensive and world class research and development facilities in the area
of jute agriculture, product development and machinery design.  
 Highly quality conscious employing most modern facilities for TQC.  
 Export history of raw jute and jute manufactures dates back to over 100 years.  
 Highly developed infrastructure like ports, shipping facilities etc.  
 A vibrant jute industry oriented to provide maximum customer satisfaction.  
 Indian Jute Industry has the capacity to produce and meet the International
demand for food grade Jute bags and cloth.  
 Food grade Jute Bags and cloth manufactured in India ‐ are a boon in the context
of global environmental and ecological concern. Indian food grade jute bags have
a twin edged advantage: preservation of food in the most natural way.  

Jute is a rainy season crop and hence sown from March to May according to
rainfall and type of land, and harvested from June to September depending on
whether the sowings are early or late.

Jute products are gaining immense popularity around the globe due to the fiber’s properties. Jute is high on tensile strength, is bio-degradable, inexpensive, and does not emit poisonous gasses when burnt. Moreover, advanced manufacturing techniques have also transformed jute into an attractive and versatile fiber. India is one of the major jute producing countries, accounting for nearly two-thirds of jute and allied fibers production. According to UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, India produced 2,041 metric tonnes of jute and jute-like fibers in 2006. Within India, the major jute producing areas are West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Tripura.

"Though the jute bags market is still at a nascent stage, Indian entrepreneurs see a huge opportunity for themselves as they do not see major competition from any other country, not even from jute-growing Bangladesh. The Indian government is aware of the potential global market for jute bags and has started several initiatives to popularise its use domestically as well.As per the latest data, the jute acreage was about 1.9 lakh hectare in seven states of India, including West Bengal and Bihar. Jute is mainly used in the manufacture of sacks and other packaging goods. "Exporters dealing in jute bags are getting a good response  Entrepreneurs are also gearing up so that they could meet the growing demand of jute bags.The popularity of jute bags has been increasing tremendously both in the international and domestic markets because it is available in the trendiest of design, while being highly utilitarian and eco-friendly.

What is Sacking Bag & Why Jute for making Sacking Bag?
A large strong coarse material bag carrying or holding heavy quantity objects are called a sacking bag. Jute sacking bags are in demand due to its certain properties. Since the strong coarse in jute sacking bag allows to breath, it resists condensation and keeps the pack materials protected for longer time. Sacking bags are old traditional form of jute bag. Jute is cheaper and the rough surface it is ideal for making sacking bags. Jute bags are easier to mark, print and resist tearing. 

Jute sacking bags are mainly used for packing cement, sands, agro products, sugar and other bulky items. These bags are ideal for transporting bulk food items like – onion, potatoes, flour rice and fertilizers. Apart from packing, in far east the used jute sacking bags are used as mattress stuffing. 

Designs : 
The pure jute fabric woven sacking bags are available in both plain and twill forms. These bags are available in laminated form as well. These are tailored as per customer's specifications in terms of size and to meet the ever-increasing demand of jute bags in the farm sector, agro-based industries and cement industries. 

Types of Jute Sacks
The sizes are custom fitted according to specifications provided by the customer.  
However, there are standard sizes already estimated for specific kinds of
products  as there are quantity‐requirements that count by the number of sacks.
In high demand today are jute sacks that come in the form of hydrocarbon‐free
bags purposely for agro based products such as sugar, cocoa, coffee, rice,
potato, onions, peanuts, wool and other agricultural products.  
This type of jute sack is treated with vegetable oils which are non‐toxic and do not
contain compounds that could produce off flavors and tastes when in contact
with edible materials. Aside from eliminating the harmful effects of hydrocarbon, the process makes it free from any kerosene smell as well.  
Different categories of sacking are:
  •  ATwill - A double warp hemmed twill bag of 112 x 76.5 cm size and weighing1190 gm with strips woven along the length of the bag and used for packing sugar.
  • BTwill - A double warp hemmed twill bag of 112 x 76.5 cm size and weighing1020 gm. Capacity to hold 95 kg of food grains. With three blue stripes woven along the bag and used for packing food grain
  • LTwill  
  • D.W. Flour – For packing of flour, maize etc
  • D.W. Salt  
  • D. W. Nitrates  
  • Heavy Cees – For packing of tobacco leaves, spices etc
  • Light Cees
  • Sydney Woolpacks  
  • Australian Woolpacks  
  • Australian Cornsacks  
  • New Zealand Cornsacks  
  • New Zealand Woolpacks  
  • Fine Twill Cloth  
  • Cement Bags  
Sacking bags are in great demand these days .These bags are woven wholly from simple jute fabrics and basically used to pack cement , sugar and other agro based bulky items. Bags capacity ranges from 25 - 100 Kgms . For the storage of agro -based product , special hydrocarbon free bags are available . These product can be kept for longer period in these special hydrocarbon free bags.

These bags can be tailored as per customer's specification !!!

Sack BagSack BagSack Bag

Sack Bag
Sack Bag

An unit manufacturing jute bags is highly labour-intensive, and a skilled artisan can make up to 50-80 bags in a single day. According to A Kumar, for setting up a medium-sized unit, a jute entrepreneur would require 10,000-12,000 sq feet of land, and equipments such as sewing machines, screens for printing, and cutting equipments. The operating cost of such a unit would be near about 2-2.5 lacs. The government is also supportive and provides several concessions for exporting such products. Given the nature of investment, demand for such products, and profit margins, this area is worth venturing into.

A jute sack is woven wholly from lower grades of jute fabrics and is usually available as plain and twill. The latter is produced by passing the weft threads over one and under two or more warp threads resulting to a type of textile patterned with diagonal lines.  Known in the trade as heavy goods,jute sack is loosely woven, weighs from 12 to 20 ounces a yard and comes in different widths, depending on the kind of goods intended to be packed. Jute sacks are usually utilized to pack bulky articles weighing 50 to 100 kilograms; more commonly are
cement, sugar, wheat and coal.  
The industry has huge potential to emerge as a major foreign exchange earner for
the country, particularly at a time when the global demand is shifting towards
natural fibres. The fibre has got a distinct advantage over synthetic alternatives in
terms of its environment friendly image. There is need to diversify the usage of
jute fibre. There should be proper efforts to develop new technologies, processes
and value added products in the non textile field by developing jute based
substitutes. As part of strategy, product development and market development
should go on simultaneously. End uses of Jute sacks include usage by the food processing industry, export packaging, cement, food products packing and others packaging uses. 

Safest packaging material for agro-based products, Hydrocarbon free Jute Bags are being increasingly used in place of regular jute bags. Hydrocarbon free bags are actually Sacking Bags that have been guarded against any contamination of hydrocarbons. Such bags are also free from any kerosene smell and hence are specifically used for packing sugar, coffee, cocoa, rice, potato, onions, peanuts, cotton, wool, etc. These bags are made from jute, treated with vegetable oil.

Hydrocarbon-free food grade bags are totally safe for storing edibles. Eco-friendly and bio-degradable, these bags are safely processed with vegetable oil. Manufacturers and exporters ensure that their bags meet international standards of quality.
Features of Hydrocarbon Free Jute Bags -
# The ingredients used as batching oils are non-toxic and approved for use in packaging materials that come in contact with food materials and do not contain compounds that could produce off-flavors or off-tastes in food materials packed in jute bags.

# No undesirable odors or odors untypical of jute is present. No unacceptable odor develops after artificial ageing of the bags.



Weaving :   
Weaving is a process of interlacement of two series of threads called "wrap" and "weft" yarns to produce the fabric of desired quality.  There are separate looms for hessian and sacking in weaving section.  The Hessian looms, shuttle which contents cops (weft yarn) is manually changed.  The sacking looms are equipped with eco-loader to load a cop automatically into the shuttle.

Dumping :

Dumping is the process in which the rolled woven cloth is unrolled and water is sprinkled on it continuously to provide desired moisture.  Each roll is generally104 yards or 95.976 meters.  Damping is done manually. 


Calendering : 

Calendering is a process similar to ironing of fabric.  After damping the damped fabric passes through pairs of heavy rollers rendering threads in fabric flattened and improve the quality and appearance. 

Lapping :
Lapping is the process in which Hessian fabrics are folded into the required size used in "Bale press" operation on the lapping machine.

Cutting is the process where the sacking cloth is cut to the required length for making bags for different size such as A-Twill bags and B-twill bags of 100 kg capacity.

Hemming :
In Hemming process, the raw edges of sacking cloth cut pieces are shown by folding it with sewing machine.

Herackele Sewing :
In Herackele sewing the sides of sacking cloth cut pieces are shown to make a complete bag.

Bailing :
Bags or Bale processing cloths are pressed compactly according to buyers need.

Jute Sacking Bag Rapier Weaving Machine (J758-200)

Product Description
J758-200 jute sacking bag rapier weaving machine is a product with our own intellectual property rights. This weaving machine is designed especially for weaving heavy fabric with very high-count yarn such as jute fibre. Fibrous glass and paper rope, etc.

This weaving machine can weave cloth from cone yarn directly. No need warping machine, winding machine and sizing machine, etc.

Name & Address of Raw Materials Suppliers:
1. M/s  Chapdani Show Room
25, Princep Street,
Kolkata-700 001

2. M/s Jutex India,
11, Shambhu Chatterjee Street
Near Grace Cinema Hall,
Kolkata-700 007
Phone 2241-1349

3. M/s Deepa Meheta
Bara Bazar, Kolkata-700 007.
4. All Jute Materials are available at Bara Bazar,
Khangra Patty,
Kolkata-700 007.


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