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Start a Soya Bean Milk and Ice Cream Making Business


 Start a Soya Bean Milk and Ice Cream Making Business

Soy Milk 
Soy milk was initially used as an alternative to cow and buffalo milk, by the people who had to follow a milk allergy diet for their milk allergy or lactose intolerance. The food processing industry around the world started churning out soy milk, armed with the facts that about 75 percent of the world's population displayed lactose intolerance symptoms. Today, a lot of people who do not suffer from lactose intolerance, are switching over to soy milk, just to reap the benefits derived from it.

The first and foremost benefit of soy milk, is that it does not contain lactose and can thus be consumed by anybody. The second benefit is that it does not contain any kinds of complex fats. The amount of fat that is present in the soy milk is almost the same as that present on animal milk. However, in case of soy milk the fat is digested more easily and is thus not stored in the body. People who consume rather generous quantities of milk every day, religiously throughout the year, always face the risk of calcium loss through the kidneys. This loss is reduced with the consumption of soy milk. One of the major ingredients of soy milk are stachyose and raffinose, which are prebiotic sugars. These sugars facilitate the detoxification of organs and boost the immunity to most of the common diseases. 

One of the benefits of soy milk, that makes it a highly consumed beverage, by a huge population of people across the world, is that it has very low, almost negligible cholesterol volumes. Another very good advantage of soy milk is that, it also tends to reduce the fat, which comes in through the consumption oil and animal fat. The normal milk of cows and buffaloes, contains the hormones of the animal. Though hormones are quite harmless, they do contribute to body fat.

Excessive consumption of milk sometimes causes diabetes in the long run, which is only controlled by insulin administration and other types of medication. On the other hand, consumption of soy milk does not result in diabetes, because the amount of sugar and fat in soy milk is low. Soy milk has more fibers in it, and this is very healthy for the digestive system.

Soybean Milk Making Machine 

This kind of equipment is the smallest edible soybean milk machine among those that are used for preparation for immediate consumption. It only covers less than 1 square meter. In terms of pulp grinding, it adopts the technology of one-pass operation. It also adopts the technology to boil pulp under high pressure to ensure a reduction of noise and power consumption. This machine is applicable to breakfast restaurant, cold drink shop, etc. It can be heated by use of power, liquefied gas, gas or natural gas according to actual conditions.

Soy Milk Ice Cream Recipes

Soy milk ice cream is an alternative to dairy for those who are lactose intolerant or maintain a vegan diet. It's lower in calories and fat than regular ice cream because it does not contain heavy cream. You can create any flavor you prefer and it surprisingly does not taste much different than regular ice cream Soy milk is an ideal alternative for people who are lactose intolerant, vegans and others who need to avoid dairy products. Not only is soy non-dairy, it's also usually low fat and often calcium fortified.
Soy cream and tofu are two other products you can also use. They produce a richer, smoother dessert than soy milk alone.
Because soy milk lacks the butter fat of milk and cream, soy milk ice cream is often less smooth and freezes harder than ice cream made with cow milk. You'll have to plan on taking the container out of the freezer a while before you intend to serve dessert.
For this reason, you'll see many of our recipes include optional liqueur. We add splash or two of liqueur because, besides adding a twist of sophistication to any desert, alcohol will keep the ice cream for freezing as hard as it would otherwise.


    • 1. Place container from the ice cream machine in the freezer for at least six hours. Prevent freezer burn by first wrapping the container in a plastic bag.
    • 2. Choose a flavor for your soy milk ice cream. You can add fruit, chocolate or nuts. For strawberry, add about 15 frozen or almost frozen berries in with the rest of the ingredients.3. Thoroughly blend the tofu or soy yogurt, soy milk, vanilla and maple or brown rice syrup in your blender or food processor.4. Add any extra flavorings and blend until complete.5. Pour mixture into frozen container and follow the directions specific to your ice cream machine. It should be ready in 30 minutes. Harden the ice cream by putting the container back into the freezer.

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