Start a Candle making Business

(255). Start a Candle making Business

If you enjoy crafts and know how to make candles, a great business home based business idea would be to start a candle making business. It is relatively inexpensive to set up and could start to make you some money quite quickly, while you continue to work in your full time job. It can be fitted around your existing commitments and once it takes off, you can consider going full time.

Although traditionally used at Christmas, candles are now extremely popular as gifts at any time of the year and for many different occasions. Candles are used for relaxation, during meditation and for romantic evenings. They are used on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries as well as in weddings and religious ceremonies. And of course, they have their original and practical uses when there is a power cut or you are staying in a cabin without electricity and your flashlight batteries fail.
There are many different types of candle, for example pillar candles which stand by themselves, tapered candles which you often see on the dinner table in candle sticks or holders and candles in small containers, which can be made of glass, pottery or any other heat resistant container. Then there are candles which float on water and candles which are made to burn outside. Tealight candles are used to keep food warm and then you have ordinary household candles which you use if the lights go out.

Candle Shapes
Candles come in all shapes and sizes:
1. Long thin candles known as pillars and tapers
2. Small candles such as votive and tealights
3. Geometric shapes, including balls, pyramids, squares and rectangles
4. Cartoon shapes
5. Candles in decorative containers such as glass, wire or steel vases

First Steps Towards Your Candle Making Business

To get started, you can either sign up with a company which will allow you buy and sell their candles or you can make your own candles. Buying from a large company will mean that you have a lot of competition and could struggle to get your website well-ranked compared to people selling exactly the same products.
So it may be easier to learn how to make your own candles. You can start out by making some for yourself and as your technique improves, you can make gifts for friends

Learn How to Make Candles

You can learn how to make candles from books or videos. Decide which type of candle you want to start out with and then find yourself some high quality candle making instructions, which are easy to follow . You will also have to pay close attention to safety and so you want to make sure your home or other premises are suitable and safe for making candles.
Candles come in all sorts of shape and colours, can be sold in many different types of container and various scents can be added, So there is plenty of scope for creativity in your candle making business. Specific types of candle are used to repel insects, get rid of odors and to remove ear wax.

Once you have decided to make your own candles you will need to learn how to make candles from an expert, either by finding someone locally who can teach you, perhaps in an adult education class or by buying a book written by an experienced candle maker. Making your own candles will enable you to develop unique designs, giving you an edge over your competitors and you can make specific candles to order, enabling customers to have their own individual designs.

You will need to learn about heating wax, puring it and adding scent. You will need to understand the different types of wax and candles, such as beeswax candles, soy wax candles and paraffin candles. And you’ll need to know how to make different types of candle and their uses such as floating candles, scented candles, taper candles votive candles.

The type of candles you make will depend on your market and you will need to do some market research so that you can produce candles which will sell.

Business Skills for Your Candle Making Business

You will need to learn business skills and also how to set up a website. Initially, you can sell candles to friends and co-workers and as you build your supply, you can look into setting up a market stall or selling at a craft fair. 
Once you are able to make good quality candles, you could approach gift stores or candle shops as well as developing your own online candle store.

So it is important to come up with a business plan. Having learned how to make different candles and reached a standard suitable for sale, you will need to decide how you will market your candles.

Then you must take the necessary steps to follow your marketing plan, whether that is offline via market stalls and printed advertising or online via a website.


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