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Start a Protein Rich Biscuits

(246). Start a Protein Rich Biscuits
Product and Applications
Lifestyle is changing in most of the urban cities very rapidly. With both the husband and wife working the eating and cooking habits are undergoing changeover. Couples do not find time to prepare snacks at home and generally prefer snack food available in the market under different brand names. Bakery products have been popular and are being made since long. Bread and Biscuits are one such item equally preferred by children and grown ups. The biscuits generally are prepared from wheat flour with various additions for flavor and taste. An addition of Soya flour increases its protein content and serves as a source of energy and nutrition. This value addition to the wheat flour does not affect its shelf life and economics. The technology for such biscuits is available with CFTRI. Compliance with PFA Act for such a unit is essential.

Industry Profile and Market Assessment
Bakery is an age old industry. Bread and biscuits in different varieties manufactured either large multinationals or at village level in small setup form the bakery products. The products are popular both at rural as well as urban level only the product and price differs. While the rural population prefers the cheap home made variety the urban elite go in for costly varieties in different taste and assortments. There is market for both the varieties. The biscuits in general sense mean a product with lot of calories and which is generally consumed as a snack at tea time or children consume it in between meals. There are variations in the taste and flavour of biscuits as it may be chocolate flavour or orange, vanilla, straw berry etc it may be with cream or without cream. The biscuits though have calories but lack protein. This profile seeks to introduce biscuits with protein for calorie conscious and for those who wish to retain energy. Biscuits are consumed by all irrespective of age or income groups. With addition of soya flour the consumer can get additional nutrient as soya is high in protein but low in fat and carbohydrates. Soya products like milk, nuggets, paneer, flour, biscuits etc. are becoming popular and the industry is growing at a good rate. It has a good demand in urban areas and metropolitan cities. Once the product establishes its Brand, export opportunities can also be explored. Middle East countries and other western countries are places where it has demand. 

Manufacturing Process & Know How
The process of manufacturing is simple and standardized. Various ingredients like flour/maida, soyabean flour, starch, soda, salt, preservatives, sugar, ghee, etc are thoroughly mixed with the help of water and properly kneaded dough is set on biscuit moulds and then baked in an oven. The baked biscuits are cooled, weighed and packed for dispatch.Know how is available with Central Government research Laboratories. The machinery is all indigenously available.
The production capacity envisaged is 80 tonnes per year 300 days and two shifts basis working.

 Plant and Machinery: The main plant and machinery required comprise
  • Roller cutting m/c size 48 inches with oven complete with reduction gear electrical and
  • accessories. - 1 no.
  • Automatic screw type flour sifter with motors - 1no.
  • Grinder 30 kg. - 1nos
  • Roller sheeter with motors - 1 no
  • Double action horizontal mixing machine 250kg - 1 no.
  • Cooling conveyor 18" with motors. - 1 no
  • Oil spraying machine - 1 no
  • Turn table with motors - 1 no
  • Syrup machine with motors - 1 no.
  • Biscuit grinder - 1 no.
  • SS tanks, trays, crates, weighing scales
The total cost of machinery is estimated to be Rs.13.85 lakhs.
The unit will also require miscellaneous assets such as furniture, fixtures, storage facilities etc. the total cost of these is estimated to be Rs. 0.75 lakhs.

The total requirement of power shall be 70 HP, the unit will need 3000 lits of water daily.

 Raw material and Packing Material: The basic raw material for the unit is wheat flour and soya flour. Other items like starch, salt, sugar, baking soda, colours, flavours shall be needed in small quantities. Packing material like boxes, polythene sheets, box strappings etc shall also be required.

On an average the raw material cost has been estimated to be Rs.31.15 lakhs at rated capacity. At 60% capacity in 1st year the cost works out to Rs 18.69 lakhs.

Land and Building: For smooth operation of the unit, it will require 500 sq. mts of open land and a built up area of 300 sq. mts. The total cost of land and building is estimated at Rs. 9.00 lakhs. 

For smooth functioning of the unit the requirement of man power is expected to be around 8 persons.
Sales person self
Skilled Workers 2
Semi skilled workers 2
Helpers 2
Supervisor 1

The annual salary bill is estimated to be around Rs.2.58 lakhs.: 

Sales Revenue: (100% capacity)
Selling price varies depending on the product mix quality. An average price of Rs 85,000/- per tonne has been taken the annual income at installed capacity of 80 tonnes is Rs 68.00 lakhs.
Cost of Project
Sales Rs. lakhs
Land & Building 9.00
Plant & Machinery 13.85
Other assets 0.75
Contingencies 2.30
P & P expenses 1.00
Margin money 1.35
Total 28.25
Means of Finance
Promoters Contribution 8.50
Term Loan 19.75
Total 28.25

Profitability: (60%capacity)
Rs. lakhs
Sales 40.80
Raw material 18.69
Salary 2.58
Utilities 0.90
Stores & Spares 0.30
Repairs & Maintenance 0.36
Selling expenses 9.18
Administrative expenses 0.60
Depreciation 2.94
Interest on T.L 2.10
Interest on W.C 0.37
Cost of production 38.02
Profit 2.78

Requirement of Working Capital
Margin W.C Margin Money
Packing material 15 days 30% 0.80 0.25
Stock of finished goods 15 days 25% 1.00 0.25
Working expenses 1 month 100% 0.40 0.40
Sale on credit 15 days 25% 1.80 0.45
Margin money for W.C 1.35
Break Even point      49% 

Machinery Suppliers :
a. M/S Baker & Co P. Ltd, Crawford Market Mumbai 400 008.
b. M/s Raylon Metal Works J.B.Nagar, Andheri(E) Mumbai.
c. M/S Baker Enterprises,Near Peeragarhi, New Delhi.110 041
d. M/S Delite Engineering Works, Asalatpura, Moradabad 244 001.
e. M/S Foodmac Engineers P. Ltd. 37038, Sector 2, Parwanoo,173 220.

Contact for more information:
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E-mail: timeis@ficci.com

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