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Start a Handicap Tricycle Manufacturing Unit


(245).Start a Handicap Tricycle Manufacturing Unit

Handicap tricycle has a very wide business as there are many people which are handicap, and they need tricycles to mobilize themselves,  for them, government and many other social organisations distribute tricycles, so this handicap manufacturing business has a good scope as you can link up with government and other social institutions to promote and enlarge your business.
Tricycles - a three-wheeler cycle very popular in the developing countries is the ideal means of locomotion for youth with a strong upper torso but crippled lower limbs.With a tricycle the physically challenged youth can go to work independently and thus not be a burden on his family or society. Females can attend college, take up a job and lead a normal life in spite of their handicap.
In today's pedal power manufacturing arena, tricycles for handicapped people are becoming a worldwide possibility. Innovative ideas take each type of individual's abilities into consideration. Important factors for the handicapped are stability, comfort and control.

One-Arm Steering

  • A tricycle for a handicapped person who has function in only one arm can use a circle bar for steering. The open frame design makes mounting and dismounting the tricycle much easier. The seat can swivel slightly between the rear two tires to make this even easier. Pedal function can be attached directly to the front wheel, or chain driven to the rear two tires which is more common. With a hitch attachment and a wagon, children can even travel with their handicapped parents

Pedal Steering

  • Tricycles for persons without the use of their arms have the ability to pedal normally and steer with their knees, or by mastering the use of turning using the pedals. This particular configuration can also add pedal function to the front or rear wheels, with the steering being done with knees on the front wheel. Rear wheel pedaling does not allow for pedal steering. The open frame design again allows for the person to mount and dismount the cycle easily.

Hand Pedaling and Steering

  • A person without the use of either of their legs can obtain a tricycle that allows the pedal to be positioned at the handle bar. The pedal action is chain driven to the front or rear wheels, and the steering is almost identical to the normal tricycle steering by using the pedal handles. Some of these models will allow the seat to slide forward and sideways, so the open frame design allows transfer from the tricycle to a wheel chair, chair or automobile.

  1. Recumbent

    • These tricycles have the person positioned well in between the rear wheels, with the handle bar being positioned far back from the front wheel for easy access to the rider. The recumbent cycle is well suited for those with back issues who need the added support of a seat back. Pedal power is almost always to the rear tires, and the handle bar will rise out of the way for mounting and dismounting the open frame design. 

    Recumbent Pedal Steering

    • Recumbent pedal steering is actually performed by the knees leaning left and right. Stability in a recumbent cycle is extremely good due to the position of the person down between the rear wheels. Comfort can be increased for individuals with back issues due to seats being designed for both back and head support.

    Recumbent Hand Pedaling Steering

    • The recumbent hand pedaling and steering cycle follows much of the design as the upright hand pedal steering cycle. This model can be adapted to both front or real wheel pedaling while the steering is connected to only the front wheel. Stability, comfort, mounting and dismounting with the pedal-handlebar being able to lay to the side or up out of the way allows, for many handicapped persons, the options of most any other tricycle.

    Duel Person Tricycles

    • Should a handicapped person have a handicapped partner to travel with, there are even tricycles made for two people. One person having the ability to steer while the other pedals. These are normally made for each person to be sitting side by side between the rear wheels. 

  • Handicap Tricycle manufacturers

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