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Start a Air Bubble Film Making Unit

(151). Start a Air Bubble Film Making Unit

Air Bubble was invented 1970 in Europe, it’s flexible polymeric materials comprising of small air pockets entrapped between two layers of polyethylene film, the symmetric & continuous air bubble pattern ensures an excellent Cushioning effect.All the other type of packaging is giving way to Air bubble wrapping on the account of many advantages. Its combination of lightweight flexibility & reliable protection makes Air bubble the perfect primary packaging option for export related items. While Air bubble not only protect the product but it gives more presentable value as well, and it can be easily made in any color to attract customer eye for any product wrapped with. Due to its excellent quality & many advantages this product has become the major packaging materials worldwide.
Air bubble film is a multi-layer plastic sheet with trapped air bubble. It is shock resistant and water proof packaging material. This material is tenacious printable. It is suitable for packing fragile as well as high glossy items. The bubble sheet for the pink antistatic bubble bag can prevent the product to be damaged during the product handling and transportation period due to collision or static electricity reasons. Such bag is applicable to the packing of general electronic product. 

The Air Bubble film manufactured  is useful to wrap on various products like furniture, glass, fragile products and auto parts. The Sandwich Air Bubble Film is made by various laminated sheets depending on product uses and required thickness. It is available in all grades depending upon product's technological and commercial value. It is useful against EPS / EPE packaging by its unique characteristic of grade. All special grades are available in standard sizes or it can be tailored as required by the client.

Use of Air Bubble Film will help you.
  • To – protection of fragile product by means of better cushioning & avoid scratching to surface.
  • Preservation
    From climate hazards (moisture / dust)

  • Transparency – easy to carry
  • Easy to dispense – easy to store
  • Easy to display
  • Flexible and light weight packing.
  • Easy to transit & packing – foreign packing

AIR BUBBLE, a laminate of two layers of embossed and flat polyethylene film, one layer is embossed into a sheet with bubbles. Another is laminated against the open side of the bubbles.
  • 70 GSM~ 200 GSM Materials are available.
  • Width up to 1500 available.
  • 2 Layer, 3 Layer materials are available.
  • Foam laminated, PET File Laminated, Paper Laminated rolls are available.
  • BOPP laminated Products are available.
  • Antistatic Products are available.
  • Fabricated Pouches of any size are available.
  • Use for wrapping and cushioning.
  • Ideal for shipping fragile items.
  • Provide maximum protection.
  • Lightweight saves postage.
  • Chemical and shock resistance (Antistatic).
  • High degree of flexibility.
  • No absorbance of humidity and moisture.
  • Waterproofing.
  • Easily to apply and made in pieces.
  • Competitive prices compared to other packing products.
Various packing methods for electrical and electronic systems and appliances: Calculators, China and glass, gifts and toys. Preparations of parcels and postal pickings.
  • Coatings for swimming pools to keep the warmness of the water and the cleanliness of the surfaces of the pool.
  • Insulation for walls and windows.
  • Agro-services coatings and insulation.
  • Packing of furniture and other decor products.
  • For use in first aid application to keep affected and injured body parts under certain degree of temperature.
  • Sound insulation for application under floorings.
  • Having high viscosity, it is used for certain special applications.
  • For underground application as insulation to protect cables and pipelines.
Types of Air Bubble products:
A- Air Bubble Film Roll
Made of low-density polyethylene, air bubble film is a product largely used in segments such as flower shops, furniture and metal working industries, among others. 

The air bubble film protects objects against scratches, falls and shocks, wrapping the product both as an internal and external packaging, as well as a separator (laminated).
Technical Specifications:
Bubble diameter10 & 30mm (big bubble)
Bubble grade70 - 200g/m2
Roll width300 - 1500mm
Roll LengthUp to 200 linear meters
B- Laminated Air Bubble Film Roll
For objects that demand highly protective packaging, the laminated air bubble film is the most suitable kind of packaging, because its film has more resistance against impact and tears. 

Laminated air bubble films with foam or plastic film basically have the same purpose, being recommended to protect technical pieces of high performance, such as the ones manufactured in car, electronic and computer industries. 

The metallic air bubble film has an impact resistance feature besides its main thermal protection property, which makes it appropriate for protecting cars against the sun effects.
Technical Specifications:
 Laminated Air Bubble Film with Foam FilmDouble Laminated Air Bubble FilmMetallic Laminated Air Bubble Film
Bubble diameter10mm10mm10mm
Bubble gradeMin. 80g/m2Min. 80g/m2Min. 100g/m2
Roll widthUp to 1500mmUp to 1500mmUp to 1200mm
Roll Length100 linear meters100 linear meters100 linear meters
C- Air Bubble Bags
Made in several customized sizes, air bubble bags are very much used to wrap technical parts, portable home appliances and upholstered furniture, among other products.
Technical Specifications:
Bubble diameter10mm
Minimum size (L x W)50mmx50mm
Maximum size (L x W)1500mm x5000mm

These machines are for the application of producing bubble film and bubble film packaging products. The bubble film is made of LDPE material. It can be used for various packaging purposes such as moisture proving, dust proving, shock proving, and static prevention. It can also make into laminated films with aluminized film, foamed PE sheet, and paper are the applications of sun shading, heat insulation, and packaging.  

Application of air bubble film: 
The bubble film is made of LDPE material. It can be used for various packaging purposes such as moisture proving, dust proving, shock proving, and static prevention. It can also make into laminated films with aluminized film, foamed PE sheet, and paper are the applications of sun shading, heat insulation, and packaging. It can be tailor-made into pouches, cut pieces, and mailing envelopes to suit each application. It is available in all 4 International Bubble Dia, 06, 10, 20 and 30 mm. It finds applications in industries such as electronics, computer, PCB, pharmaceutical bottles, vials, ceramic filters, articles and glassware, engineering and automobile components, machine tools and spares, textile machinery and spares, atomic energy, electrical and aerospace industrial machines and components, copper and aluminum sheets, tubes, profiles, shopping malls and departmental stores, domestic packing, fruits and vegetables, packaging of grapes and mangos, floppy covers and mailers, packing of components, test equipments and spares in hospitals, research laboratories, defense establishments, airlines, railways and industrial maintenance shop floors. It is also the most versatile and flexible packaging material available offering: Increased cushioning performance, Reduced material costs, Labor savings, Lower shipping costs.

Machine layout: 
Machine features: 
1. Robust and reliable 
2. Suitable for a wide spectrum of materials, including LDPE, LLDPE, and recycled PE.
3. Can produce films with various bubble sizes from ? 6- ? 32, by changing the roller.
4. Can be customized to make laminated film with aluminized film and, foamed PE sheet.
5. Index revolving winder is easy to operate. 
6. Strengthened chilling function with water and wind together, which greatly improved production efficiency. The strong chilling function makes the bubble more transparent and stereoscopic. The wind also dries out the film to make it ready for the next step processing.
7. Variable speed drive can greatly reduce energy consumption. 
8. Line speed up to 1200m/hr. 
screw diameter
Max. bubble film width
Total power
L/D ratio
Air bubble size
Machine weight
screw diameter
45mm, 55mm
60mm, 75mm
Max. bubble film width
Total power
L/D ratio
Air bubble size
Machine weight

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