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Start a Automatic Rubber Latex Dipping Plant

(133). Start a Automatic Rubber Latex Dipping Plant

This automatic latex dipping plant was designed and invented for manufacturing latex products. The latex dipping machine can produce a variety of items such as gloves, swimming caps, balloons and condoms by different types of dipping equipment with particular types of moulds. Many countries throughout Southeast Asia and South America are abundant in natural rubber latex. All these countries are fully utilized their facilities for latex products, but the maximum outputs of dipped products are Malaysia & Thailand. However, apart from natural latex, the synthetic latex, such as nitrile, neoprem and PVC are also being developed for making different types of gloves but different types of chemical additives are also needed. Besides natural rubber latex or synthetic rubber, other auxiliary ingredients, such as vulcanizing agents, vulcanization accelerators, activators, retarders, auto-oxidants, stabilizers, thickeners, and coagulants are also required to mix with latex for appropriate quality products. 
The result of the chemical reaction brought about by mixing these natural and synthetic products together is a very high quality rubber latex which can be used to produce the various products commonly used for medical and industrial purposes as well as for everyday purposes. 
The machinery used in the plant outlined in this proposal is of the latest design. The ease with which this high performance, low power consumption, automated machinery can be used make the need for operators minimal. 
The plant itself was designed by companies with 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering for companies with vast reservoirs of knowledge and experience selecting to the use of rubber, chemicals, and their effects on one another. Though other countries may offer plants of a similar nature, none can match the quality or price of a Taiwan made rubber latex dipping plant. Moreover, the service offered by companies in the Republic of China make the establishment of this plant an ideal investment 

General Processing Information 
Automatic latex dipping products (surgical/examination glove) 

Process Description 
  • The rubber or rubber latex is mixed with the organic and inorganic materials needed. However, before mixing, the chemicals are ground, finished and dissolved in water. 
  • After the latex solution has been mixed, it is placed into the barrel of the automatic dipping machine. The dipping process is completely controlled by a microcomputer. Different products are made simply by changing the molds of machine models. 
  • After edge rolling and spray flocking, the product is vulcanized in a high temperature oven. 
  • After vulcanization, the product is placed in water, which separates it from the mold. The empty mold is then cleaned, cooled, and reused in the cyclical operation. 
  • The product is then chlorinated and cleaned to enhance its appearance. 
  • The product is then vulcanized for a second time to increase its quality and durability. 
  • Each product is then inspected by the quality control machine, which rejects any defective merchandise. 
  • Products passing quality control inspection are forwarded the edge-trimming machine, which removes any excess material caused during the dipping process. 
  • The products are then automatically packaged and sealed in bags. 
  • The finished products are then either stored or shipped to their final destination.

Plant Description 
From 3,000pcs~10,000pcs/hr depends the investor’s market requirement and available of plant space.

Raw materials: Natural rubber latex or synthetic rubber is the main ingredient used for making rubber latex dipped products. Other ingredients such as vulcanizing agents, vulcanization accelerators, activators, readers, auto oxidants, stabilizers, thickeners, and coagulatants are also required to make high quality latex dipped products.

Machines and Equipments
Grinding Machine
Auto Dipping Machine
Auto Beading Machine
Automatic Spray Flocking Machine (for household glove)
Vulcanizing Drying
Automatic Stripping Machine
Cleaning & Chiller Machine
Surface Treatment Machine (Chlorination for household glove)
Chemical Compounding
Quality Control Examining Machine
Automatic Testing Machine
Packaging Machine
Bag Sealing Machine

Manpower Requirement 

Job Classification
Plant manager
Mechanical/electrical maintenance
Dipping operator
General worker

Utilities: Water consumption: 4,000L/day
Electricity consumption: 300Kw
Gas consumption: 120kgs/day

Plant Layout 
  • Plant site planning 
  • The factors relating to the choice of a site for latex dipping production plant may vary considerably. Among these considerations are factors such as the price of real estate, availability of reliable transportation, the size of the market and an available supply of raw materials. The main concerns are good transportation, available of water. 
  • Minimum land and plant site required 
  • 80M(L) x 20M(W) x 8M(H) 
  • Plant layout 

Total Budget 
  • Capital availability for the production line (ranging from USD330, 000 ~ 800, 000 depends on the capacity, types of products required) 
  • Investor / buyer’s required conditions: Ability to import raw materials

Suppliers Information
Company Name: Asian Success Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address: No.733, HO-PIN Road, PATE City, TAOYUAN HSIEN, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel:             886-3-3613456      
Fax: 886-3-3660228
URL: Http:// 

The typical machines are:
  • Chain type dipping line for gloves, balloons, condom 
  • Batch type of dipping line for cotton glove dipped with nitrile, PVC 
  • Dotted gloves: cotton gloves implanted with PVC dots 
  • Special function for critical latex products such as latex boots, swimming caps etc. 
  • Special dipping line for PVC dipping lines and also supply the moulds for gloves and condoms in ceramic, glass and aluminum materials 
  • The supplier also provides process know-how and material.

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