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Start a Body Art Stylist Business.

(18)Start a Body Art Stylist Business.

Eyebrows Decors
An eyebrow piercing is but the surface piercing that gets done vertically through the eyebrows. The piercing is done at any part that falls along the eyebrow, where it consumes six to eight weeks to get healed in a complete fashion. Though this is a safe facial piercing, beauty products or makeup applied to the face have the tendency to irritate the piercing, or it can even lead to infections.
jewelry type

The common forms of jewelry types that get worn in eyebrow piercings take the form of curved barbells, barbells as well as the captive bead rings, as each type can apply different pressures on that of the eyebrow piercing. This only leads to piercing migration or irritation over a period of time, where the body piercing jewelry that is commonly available can cause unnecessary risks.

Where to place?

Normally, the eyebrow piercing gets done at about 40 degree as from the eye’s outside corner, but, one can go in for the piercing along the parts of the eyebrow and that which lies just about the eyes. Also, while the piercing of the eyebrow is done, it shouldn’t get done further in than just above the eye, where it can cause damages to the three Supra-orbital nerves.

When does it heal?

When the eyebrow piercing gets done, it takes about a year on an approximate basis to heal completely, where it can consume even longer periods. One can find blackish or light bluish bruising in some cases, owing to the presence of capillaries in large amounts in the eyebrow and as it falls near the thin surface pertaining to the skin. If fingers instead of the forceps are put to use to clamp the eyebrows, one can avoid the bruising, and when proper care gets exercised, the healing also takes place quickly without any problems. When healing is complete, the closing up of the eyebrow piercings consumes about 24-48 hours, as when the jewelry gets removed.

This is the case as the skin is thin where the piercing gets placed, and it only has hair follicles in good numbers and it doesn’t contain enough tissue underneath which is essential to give the needed strength. But, at times the closing up process consumes longer durations than the normal ones, and the factors that influence this include the time length for which the person has had the eyebrow piercing, the way in which the body of the individual reacts to the taking out process, and the pace adopted by the body to heal after the eyebrow piercing gets removed.

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