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Start a Maternity Clothing & Accessories Manufacturing Business

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(83). Start a Maternity Clothing & Accessories Manufacturing Business
With more than 4 million babies born annually, the maternity clothing market is buzzing. Hence, clothing designers from high-end maternity designers A Pea in the Pod to newcomers The Gap have recognized the potential of this growing market.
The maternity retail business has come a long way from offering dowdy, muumuu style maternity clothes to those that helps women celebrate their style and look sexy even as their body changes. Clothes offered for pregnant women in the market now include hip and sexy maternity clothing, athletic wear and corporate clothes. After all, as pregnant women’s waistlines balloon, their lives and careers go on as usual. Professional women, for example, used to wearing smart career outfits would still want to wear suits and clothing suitable for work.
What kinds of clothes can you offer in your maternity retail store? First, it is important to remember that pregnant women want good fit in clothes. A pregnant woman needs clothes that fit her growing belly, without looking like she’s wearing her husband’s clothes all the time.
You may also want to choose merchandise that provides maximum versatility. Most retailers offer starter sets that contain matching shirt or blouse, skirt, pants and shorts. Others include suits. These clothes are designed for lots of occasions, from office to receptions and dinners.
Choose clothing that lasts the life of a pregnancy. Pregnant women are looking for clothes that could last into the last month and looks good post-pregnancy.
Setting up a maternity clothing business in Phoenix is a wonderful business idea, considering the huge demand of such clothing in the city nowadays. The craze of looking great even during pregnancy is the primary driving force for this business. Women nowadays, want to make style statements even when they are pregnant and this is the market you have to target.
The trick to succeed in the business is to convince your customers that style complements a pregnancy. Persuade them about how important it is to feel good and look great during a pregnancy. Win them over with statements like the pregnancy period is one is one of the most memorable experiences of their life and they must try to add as much color to it.
Setting Up a Maternity Clothing Business Store from Scratch: 
Maternity clothing segment is one of the fastest growing ready-made garment segments. If you intend to set up such a store there is easy credit available in the market. When you plan on the location for the store, it is advisable to stay away from the areas that already have such established stores; otherwise, you run the risk of facing tough competitors.
If you do not wish to invest hugely in the beginning, you can start the business from home initially by stocking wholesale supplies or designing the clothes by yourself, depending on the category of people you are planning to target. Of course, you need to advertise your business venture by distributing flyers and placing ads regularly in the local newspapers. Once your business starts rolling, you can expand by setting up a store for your clothes.
Make a Complete Business Plan: 
A business plan is very important to keep you going, fulfilling the targets, and competing with your peers. A business plan will serve as a blueprint for your growth in future. Such a plan will be extremely beneficial if you intend to expand big time in future. It will enable you to seek potential investors. Investors are on a constant look out for growth potential in businesses, so if your business has this in it, you are bound to attract them. They will readily invest in your business if your business plan is strong enough to boost their investment decision.
Whether you are looking at investors or not, clear business plans are important as they give the company's employees and management a vision of the company's growth and performance. Such a plan outlines a company's goals, sets targets, and gives the employees information crucial to the day-to-day operation in the organization. The better the employees know their organization and understand its goals, the better they perform and the greater their efficiency.

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Needed Equipment 

It depends on your focus. If you're going to create the clothing yourself, you'll need a sewing machine and other tools of the trade. Once the orders start pouring in, you may want to contract with a manufacturer. If you will just be selling them, you'll need storage and transportation. For both, you'll need a computer to keep track of orders, accounts and contacts.

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