Start a Memory Foam Pillow Manufacturing Business

7. Start a Memory Foam Pillow Manufacturing Business

Most people know that memory foam is one of the best bedding materials for mattresses and pillows. What few really understand is what memory foam is or what makes it superior to other bedding materials used on the market today. Knowing this information can help you determine whether a memory foam pillow is right for you before making a purchase and trying it out.

f you want to get technical, memory foam is a material called polyurethane. This material was first used by NASA scientists trying to improve safety and comfort for astronauts in space. Polyurethane is mixed with chemicals to increase its density which simply means it increases the speed at which the material compresses under the weight of a body.

If that doesn’t make a lot of sense to you, don’t worry! All you need to know about memory foam to determine if it is suitable for your home is that it is a special foam that will press down when you rest your head on it. This compression allows the material to form around the natural shape of your body.

This ability to form around the body is important because it eliminates pressure points that can cause aches and pains in the morning. Pressure points are simply sore points where your muscles and joints flex and tense to support your body while lying down. Since the memory foam forms around the body’s natural shape it eliminates these points for greater comfort and less aches and pains come morning.

Higher density memory foam is preferable for most pillows because it breaks down slower over time. This simply means it offers greater support and will last longer than lower density foam. Higher density foam requires more processing and chemical additives, which is why prices of memory foam pillows tend to go up with the higher density foam ingredients.

Benefits of Memory Foam Pillows

When you pick up most memory foam pillows you definitely feel a difference between other types of pillows. Those made with this variety of foam tend to be heavier and feel more substantial in the hands. This is because memory foam is denser than feathers, down and other foams on the market today.

When you rest your head onto a memory foam pillow this foam conforms to the shape of the head for comfort and support. The shoulders and neck receive a firmer support than they would get with another type of pillow. This can relieve a lot of the pain or aches that some people experience in the morning with less supportive pillows.

Since memory foam pillows are denser and bulkier, they may also be more comfortable those who want to mold or position the pillow in certain ways under the head. The pillow may hold its shape or for better, leading to a more comfortable position for sleep.

Types of Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillow types are typically separated by the density of the foam. There are some brands, like Tempurpedic and Serta, that give special names to their foam because they have processed it a certain way, but it all comes down to the density of the memory foam used. Density does matter, so do your research to find a high quality product for the longest lasting and most satisfying results.

A good rule of thumb is to find a memory foam pillow that is at least 4 pounds in density. Memory foam pillows with lower density poundage won’t offer as much support to the head and neck and probably won’t last as long as higher density memory foam pillows.

Memory Foam is also very popular in mattresses, pads, and mattress toppers

Selecting Your Memory Foam Pillows

When shopping for memory foam pillows, always check the density first. You will find that the more expensive pillows happen to be those with the higher density material used. This is because it is more expensive to produce a higher density memory foam pillow.

When you figure that the higher density pillow should need replaced less often, the price really seems to even out. You are just paying a bit more upfront.

Most memory foam pillows have consumer and professional reviews available, so take the time to read them. Finding out what others have to say about them will help you determine the best memory foam pillows for your own home.

When trying to decide between a memory foam pillow and pillows made from feathers, down, or other materials, think about what memory foam is and what the benefits are to using it. If you want something firmer with added neck and head support, then you probably want a memory foam pillow. If you want something softer, then another pillow variety may be best for you.


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