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Start a Go-Kart Gaming Center

 (77). Start a  Go-Kart Gaming  Center

Kart racing today is associated with both young drivers as well as adults. It’s a low-cost but relatively safe way to experience the rush for speed racing, the thrill of adrenalin racing through your veins as you zoom down a track circuit.
Go-kart racing is a fun, family-friendly recreational activity that is popular among people of all ages as either a leisure activity or competitive sport. Tracks may be indoors or out, attached to family entertainment centers or stand-alone and may offer various types of tracks and speed limitations. Due to the speed of the go- karts, safety is of the utmost concern. In addition to constructing an enticing track, you'll need to implement measures to ensure the safety of your patrons.

Instruction :-

Identifying your target market

Research to determine the viability of establishing a go-kart track in your area. If necessary, develop a feasibility study. Considerations will include whether to house your business indoors or out, whether to operate as a standalone or as part of an entertainment center, whether to implement single or double pitting, the type of go-karts you will have and whether they will be gas-powered or electric, speed limits and whether you will include a separate arena for youth.
Determine what you can expect to earn per kart per hour. A reasonable amount to charge for each ride is about $3 to $5, depending on your area. Determine how many karts you will need to have and be able to run each hour to ensure profitability, once you've deducted operating costs, such as electricity, insurance costs, equipment wear and tear and payroll. Consider amenities that will help offset the cost, such as an arcade and refreshment bar.


Revenue flow

Determine how your business will make money? Since you’ll be providing a form of leisure in a form of rent, how much will actually be made from each rent? When making profit calculations, factor in overhead estimations like fuel, tire wear and tear, insurances and safety equipment gear and so on. Identify your monthly expenses, from the expenses you occur during business hours, and also from debts you incurred during your go kart start up costs. One can then determine how much needs to be serviced or rented out to break even. Don’t operate or run your business short. It will cost you.

Find a location for your kart track
Determine the type of track you want to use. Speedway racing uses asphalt or clay oval tracks which are normally 1/6 mile and 1/4 mile long. Often the track shape parallels that of an oval. Consult a real estate agent for potential locations. Or you may choose to have a portable track for hired special events which used mainly for recreational driving for youngsters.

Purchasing your go karts

  • Buy only from trusted dealers.
    Search the web for several trusted go kart brands. Survey and compare their prices. Choose the top 3 that peaks your interests. Then schedule a date to visit these store locations.
  • Check the wheels, belts and the insides. 
    Before you decide to purchase any kart, inspect the go kart model offered. Check the wheels and the safety belts. Do the belts lock? Also check the braking mechanisms of the unit. Check the chassis and also the engine used. Check the spark plugs and also the motor chain for damages.
  • Look over the frame. Are they sturdy? Check for dents and rust.
  • Check the oil. Make sure the oil is clean and it doesn’t smell like gas. Check for leaks.
  • Test drive the steering action. Give the kart a test run and check how well it steers and brakes. This is the ultimate test to satisfy your concerns.
Consult with a track design firm or contractor to help you determine your size requirements for the type of track and amenities you want to include. Then secure a location and obtain zoning approval. Most indoor tracks are housed in warehouses. According to Amusement Construction, you can expect to need about 35,000 square feet for a race track and 3,000 square feet for a kid kart track. The track firm may also be able to connect you with a liability insurance provider who can provide you with fire
Design firm may also provide you with the karts, helmets, replacements parts and gloves. Otherwise, contact manufacturers, such as Sodi Kart or Johnson Kart, directly to purchase karts and equipment.

Hire at least two employees for up to eight karts-  Look for go-kart enthusiasts who understand and appreciate the importance of implementing safety measures at all times. Safety is of the utmost importance within the industry, particularly on courses whose maximum speeds exceed 20 mph. Develop safety training and policies for your staff members and a junior driving school for youth drivers. These may include requiring drivers to hold a license or junior license, weight limits, food and drink restrictions, footwear requirements and rules against bumping or blocking.

If possible purchase a website for your business. Then take high-quality pictures of your track and create an online portfolio, along with your rates, equipment, safety policies, restrictions, operating hours and events calendar. 

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