Friday, 16 September 2011

Start a Spiritual Tourism Business

(52) Start a Spiritual Tourism Business

Are you looking for a business which you can start from your home?
So this August month we will be providing you unique and profitable home based business ideas..which one can easily start from home without much investment..

Start a Spiritual tourism Business.

Spiritual tourism has a big future in India. India is richly endowed with ancient temples and religious festivals. Religions originating in India, be it Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism or Buddhism, Christianity or Islam have a vibrant culture and spiritual philosophy. Despite the weak economy, religious and spiritual tourism is on the rise.

There is a revival of religious attitudes not only in India but the world over. The second and third generations of the Indian Diaspora are actively seeking out their roots in religion.

Spiritual tourism in India offers a variety to attract different kinds of tourists. In time, it has the potential to become a commercially viable endeavor. To begin with, there are pilgrimages to several world-renowned temples and shrines, such as Tirupati, Vaishno Devi and Sabarimala. For those seeking more enduring pilgrimages, there are the Char Dhams (four holy sites).
One thing to be taken care of will be to provide the tourists with a holistic religious experience. Tourists may not find it worthwhile to come all the way just for a pilgrimage

But Before coming into this Business
-Get Information on the mythological significance of the places of pilgrimage .
-Search for raditional dances, music and theatre related to the religious shrine
-Discourses on the essence of the religious beliefs, workshops on yoga and ayurvedic practices can add immense value to Spritual tourism.

This would require blending the ritualistic part of the religious tours with informative, cultural and philosophical inputs.

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