Start a Protein Shakes Business


(71) Start a Protein Shakes Business
Energy…..the elusive part of us that we just don’t have enough of.  We look everywhere to try to find that magic blend of chemicals and extracts that will keep us going throughout the day.  Some athletes look to powdered and processed energy drinks to provide protein and fuel for work outs and competitions.

But the energy and protein shake business is a multibillion dollar mountain of lies.  The sad thing is that young athletes are falling into the trap of false and inaccurate advertising.  Look at what manufacturers call “healthy energy shakes” and you will find chemicals, preservatives, caffeine and soy isolates.  None of these ingredients will give your body what it needs to perform at its peak.
Protein shakes are good for people involved in activities that need a lot of power muscle. You might be sitting there wondering what viable business you can venture into to supplement your other sources of income. Why not venture into a Protein Shakes Business? There are so many people who do not have the time to prepare meals or even drinks in the house and would highly appreciate buying it from a convenient outlet. 
1. Tips on Running a Protein Shakes Business: Do Research
How do you set up your own a protein shakes business? Here is how. You need to do proper research on the available protein shakes recipes. There are many places that you can do this kind of research like the internet or even read books.
2. Tips on Running a Protein Shakes Business: Get the right Recipes
In addition to that, there are as many recipes for making protein shakes as you can possibly desire. They vary from ingredients that are used to make them. Take for instance the ultimate banana milk shake. You need to have bananas, milk, protein powder and nutmeg. For the chocolate peanut butter supreme put together water, natural peanut butter, heavy whipping cream, chocolate powder cream and ice cubes to taste. Mocha shake is made of water, ice cubes, whipping cream, coffee and chocolate protein powder.
3. Tips on Running a Protein Shakes Business: Understanding Your Target Market
After doing your research, you need to understand your target market. There are groups of people that prefer to use protein shakes to supplement their daily meals. They include busy mums, weight lifters, athletes and even busy business people. As a person aspiring to venture into a protein shakes business, you need to study these groups well and understand their needs.
4. Tips on Running a Protein Shakes Business: Understanding your customer Behaviors
Understand their consumption behaviors and the places they frequent. This is very important information to have so that you know how to locate a protein shakes business. After identifying a location, it is time to set up your premise. The business set up depends on which part of the world you are. Tented shades are preferably the cheapest premise to set up for a protein shakes business and are more comfortable in terms of space and fresh air as it is in open.
5. Tips on Running a Protein Shakes Business: Get the right equipments
To make and sell protein shakes you need to have the right equipment. They include enough blenders, enough cups to serve. You need to have takeaway cups as well as some clients might prefer to take away their protein shakes.
6. Tips on Running a Protein Shakes Business: Make Then Tasty
These shakes do not taste as good so also need to devise ways to make them taste better. You can add cinnamon, vanilla, honey or coconut milk to make them tasty. This still ensures that your clients’ taste buds remain interested in what you are selling while keeping them healthy.
7. Tips on Running a Protein Shakes Business: Build a good Relationship with Your Customers
To maximize the potential of your protein shakes business, develop a close business relationship with your customers then therefore it makes them trust your credibility among them and make also get comfortable drinking your shakes.
There are clients that would prefer their shakes delivered to them, therefore you need a direct line that you clients can call in to place orders order. You also need to riders that will be doing quick deliveries to your clients.
8. Tips on Running a Protein Shakes Business: Keep High Hygiene
It is important to ensure cleanliness when you are in the protein shakes business. Matters that concern the safety of your clients’ health are in your hands; therefore ensure total neatness and cleanliness. Sterilize your equipment from time to time.
9. Tips on Running a Protein Shakes Business: Get Certified
To run a protein shakes business you need to acquire a business license and a health permit from your local city or town council. This is necessary for comfortable running of your business as well as your employees. There is no need to run up and down hiding from the law enforcers.
10. Tips on Running a Protein Shakes Business: Get customer Feedback
It is good to have a suggestion box or book where customers can put down their comments and suggestions regarding your protein shake. Review them from time to time to give you insights on how to maintain or improve the quality of your shakes. As you send out riders to make deliveries, ensure that they carry the suggestion books along with them where clients can make their comments.
11. Tips on Running a Protein Shakes Business: Be Competitive
Having done all this, how do you ensure that your protein shakes business remains a household product among its users? You need to set up efficient exposure mechanisms that will help you acquire leverage with your competition or even do better than the competition in your locality.
12. Tips on Running a Protein Shakes Business: Advertise
There are several ways of advertising your business and products. The business covers the locality you are in but advertising the products is what is important.
You can choose to advertise on television through fitness programs. You can have a product placement, for example the mocha and the ultimate banana protein shakes. This will have this particular products gain massive exposure among its users and the icing to the cake is that they will find it in your shop. The radio is another most available means of advertising. You can buy spots and speak to the radio host and explain to him or her how you would want your product advertised or exposed. The most effective and cheapest means of advertising is through word of mouth. Rumors spread like bushfire and what more could you desire than a rumor that spreads regarding your refined protein shakes? Definitely none! Word of mouth starts from the root which happens to be you. During a workout at the gym, tell your friends or people you frequently meet at the gym how you are making this fantastic protein shakes that are great healthy meal supplements that they can use in between their work outs. Carry free samples or actually bring them to your store and have them try them out, if they like, which they should, they will spread a good word about them to anyone they know and is seeking a convenient option to their meals. They themselves will be frequent customers. This forms a great network and the benefactor is you and your business.


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