Start a Aromatherapy Business

(74) Start a Aromatherapy Business 

Aromatherapy has become a popular therapy as people dealing with stress, mood problems, and illness have sought alternative medicine options to make themselves feel better. Start an aromatherapy home based business to use the therapeutic aspects of essential oils to help people heal and feel better. Below you'll find some of the practical as well as the creative steps you'll need to take to start an aromatherapy home based business.
Aromatherapy, the practice of using aromatic oils extracted from plants, herbs and flowers, is one of the fastest growing fields in the world today. It is the art and science of using aromas; essential plant oils, in treatments. Research has shown that fragrances and oils can be effective in relieving stress, calming nerves, energizing the body, improving the mood, and even improve work efficiency. As aromatherapy grows in popularity, retail shops everywhere carry aromatherapy products, whether oils, fragrances, soaps, lotions, massage oils and other products. According to the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, this is now "a $300 million a year business and estimated to quadruple in the next five years."Since aromatherapy is a relatively new field, there is still a lot of room for this business. You must, however, be knowledgeable with the benefits and uses of various oils. Many aromatherapists have extensive background in other health-related fields such as massage therapy, psychotherapy, or chiropractic, among others.

You can start off by operating your own practice or developing and manufacturing your own line of aromatherapy products. You can sell these products wholesale to retailers in your locality, or sell them yourself. Partnerships with massage therapists can be an important strategic alliance for your business, and can strongly enhance your reputation. You may be required to secure specific licenses to operate as an aromatherapist in your country. Be sure to check all laws and regulations pertaining to this type of business.

Do you want to start your own aromatherapy home business but don't know where to start?
The first thing that you will need to do is consider some questions to check you are ready to move onto the next step to starting your own home business.
It is essential that you investigate your options thoroughly and are absolutely sure that a home business is for you.
7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting an Aromatherapy Home Business
Do you think an aromatherapy home business is easier, more convenient or would be fun? Well these reasons are partly true. It is easier to be more flexible, you can organise your work times to suit you and your family and it is fun to do something you love, but it is still hard work.
  1. Will you provide a service and/or products? Do you plan to do aromatherapy treatments at home or do you want to sell essential oils and products? Most successful businesses have multiple streams of income so it is generally important to have more than one offering.
  2. Is your idea suitable to your local area or will you go online to work globally or both? Do you live in a large city where there is a need for your service? Will your business be about education (like presenting workshops)? Would you rather that it all be online? You will need to consider your target market and where you will find them.
  3. How will you protect your original ideas? Make sure your work is copyrighted and that you respect other people's work too by acknowledging when you use their work, including asking their permission.
  4. Do you need further education and skills? Make sure you have professional training if you are going to offer a service. Also, find out how to run a business efficiently by doing a course or reading thoroughly on the subject.
  5. Who are your competitors? It is important to know who your competitors are and what they are offering. You also what to network and learn from your competitors too so don't treat them as the enemy!
  6. What is your point of difference that you will bring to the market? If you offer the same thing in the same way, it would be so boring. Also, customers are not likely to be curious and find out more about you. Look for that point of difference. What is special about you or your product?
  7. Do you have the commitment and motivation to have a successful business ? Without commitment (and that means financially and personally) you won't have a business. It is hard work, but it is fun watching your business grow into something amazing. all your dreams will come true if you follow them!


(1)Learn about aromatherapy. You'll need to have a nose for the business - pun intended! But you'll also need to take classes and read up. There are even distance learning opportunities to help you get acquainted with the essential oils of herbs and plants and their curative properties. Research anatomy and physiology of the human body and the effects of scents on the olfactory system, the psyche, and overall health and wellness.

(2) Start your aromatherapy home based business as an online enterprise. As an aromatherapist, you can operate a small retail business on the Internet selling aromatherapy products to your customers.

(3) Study other aromatherapy home based businesses on the Internet. Get a sense of the competition and learn what you want to emulate and what you want to do differently.

(4) Purchase ingredient supplies such as essential oils and carrier oils and fillers and any necessary preservatives from an aromatherapy supplier, herbalist, or bulk essential oil distributor. Make your purchases online if there is no wholesale local retailer.

(5) Decide what aromatherapy products you'll be creating, such as lotions, massage oils, balms, and soaps. Purchase appropriate bottling, labeling, and packaging supplies. Don't forget basic office supplies like shipping supplies and computer supplies.
(6) Open a separate business checking account. Save all your receipts and payment records. Learn what expenses you might be able to deduct from your income taxes and keep good records of all your expenditures. Consider getting bookkeeping software.
(7) Decide how you'll manage your storefront. If you don't have web designing experience, hire a website designer. Hire a web content writer with excellent SEO (search engine opitmization) skills to design your online aromatherapy store to attract customers. Figure out how you want to arrange your shopping cart and payment options for your customers.
(8) Decide on a name for your business that has flair, is simple, and is memorable as well as symbolic of healing. Register a domain name as close to the name as possible. Find a website hosting service.
(9) Design a logo or hire an artist to design your logo. Consider a logo that blends elegance with the appeal of nature to represent the character of the aromatherapy products you'll be marketing.
(10) Develop an advertising and promotional plan to spread the word about your aromatherapy products. Advertise on the Internet, but don't neglect promotion in the "real" world.
(11) When your store is ready to go live, register the URL with the search engines. After several months and making sure the store is as you want it, register your website with the Open Directory to increase website traffic.

(12) Work up aromatherapy blends and prepare your different products. Spend the time to brainstorm how to give your products a character that is more than just a blend of essential oils. Your customers will need to believe in your products.

(13) Get product labels printed, as well as business cards. Give out free samples of your aromatherapy products to local contacts and obtain testimonials to use on your website store.
(14) Take out a business license in your state, and if applicable in your city and county. Check with the local authorities about any license fees and current tax laws for collecting and reporting sales tax.
(15) Live, eat, and breathe your aromatherapy business for at least a year. Devote yourself to making the best aromatherapy products out there, promoting the business, and gaining a loyal customer base.


For those beginning their own essential oils kit, there are a few ways you can go about it. You can buy one ready made or put together one of your own. At Rocky Mountain Oils, we sell Basic Health Kit, which is a good starter kit of oils for anyone wanting to use AROMATHERAPY ESSENTIAL OILS and doesn’t know where to start. We also recommend other AROMATHERAPY PRODUCTS like an AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSER.
If you want to put your own kit together, there are well known favorites to get you started. All beginning kits should have these oils: Lavender , Tea Tree , Peppermint ,Chamomile , Eucalyptus , Geranium , Rosemary , Thyme , Lemon and Clove .
Other additions to your starter kit should be Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, distilled water and Rose Water. While Aloe Vera is an excellent anti inflammatory as well as a burn treatment, it also works well as an Aromatherapy carrier oil.
Aromatherapy carrier oils are a must and should be chosen wisely. Always buy a cold pressed, vegetable, nut or seed oil. We here at Rocky Mountain Oils preferFractionated Coconut oil (FCO) because it doesn’t stain, absorbs easily into the skin, has no scent and is inexpensive. Grapeseed oil is another good one.
For those just getting started we recommend buying an AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSER. We sell the Jet Diffuser , which we have found to be the best on the market. The otherAROMATHERAPY PRODUCTS you also should get are spray bottles—the finer the mist the better—and a simmer pot.
The main thing to remember when buying your oils is to use pure, unadulterated AROMATHERAPY ESSENTIAL OILS. Always check the labels for the ingredients. If it contains any chemicals or alcohol, you don’t want to use the oil. Here at Rocky Mountain Oils, we sell a variety of the 100% therapeutic oils you need as well as anAROMATHERAPY DIFFUSER and other products you need for a beginning starter kit.


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