Thursday, 15 September 2011

Start a Office Plant Supplier Business.

 (34) Start a Office Plant Supplier Business..

It is said that the best remedy for tired eyes is to look at something green - preferably trees and plants. This is especially so for tired office workers who have to stare at their computer screens for hours on end. Okay, so maybe that's not really the reason offices have green potted plants in their office, but plants do add a soothing and colorful touch to an otherwise cold and serious workplace.

If you love working with plants and you've got a fairly large collection of potted plants, or maybe your plants have outgrown your garden but you can't bear to get rid of them, why not use them to make some money? What you want to do is get in touch with some offices near your home and ask them if they'd like to have plants in their office for a small monthly fee. Even one client means you're putting your plants to "work" for you. You'll rotate these plants every few days so you get to take them home for the attention that they need (fertilizing, watering and pruning). Of course you'll want to choose hardy plants so they don't die while in the office! You might also want to consider supplying fresh cut flowers to your clients who have to entertain guests regularly. It's an additional income earner for you. A van and trolley are necessary tools for you in this business, so you might want to take this into account before you start your business. This is a great business if you're a healthy and fit retiree who loves plants.

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