Thursday, 15 September 2011

Start a Soya Paneer Business

(30) Start a Soya Paneer Busines

Soya bean is a leguminous crop and is rich in proteins. Many value-added products are made from it like milk, sauce, paneer etc.

Soyabean paneer is most popular among all soya products. It is tasty and nutritious. Its daily use is good in heart diseases. Soya paneer is made from soya milk which is a rich source of high quality proteins and vitamins. Paneer is made by coagulating soya bean milk. It is white & soft.


Soya beans are very nutritious and their acceptance is increasing rapidly. With increasing health awareness,soya-based products are preferred. Yet another favourable aspect of soya paneer would be its price. As against the price of milk paneer which is in excess of Rs.100/- per kg, soya paneer can be offered at half the price.

At the same time, it is still a new concept and soya paneer is gradually being accepted by the consumers. Hence adequate marketing efforts coupled with attractive commission to the middlemen shall have to be offered. Nearby semi-urban and urban locations should be targeted.

Financial assistance in the form of grant is available from the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India, towards expenditure on technical civil works and plant and machinery for eligible projects subject to certain terms and conditions.

Some of the machinery suppliers are:-

1. De Leval Pvt. Ltd. - A-3, Abhimanshree Society, Pashan Road, Pune-411008,
Tel. No. 25675881/2, Fax: 25675916
2. Foodmac Engg., Pvt. Ltd., - 37038, Sector II, Parwanoo-173220(HP).
Tel No. 233294/5, Fax: 233296
3. Sahyog Steel Fabrications, - 28, Bhojrajpara, Gondal-360311. Tel No. 224075
4. Milkcraft Projects and Consultants Pvt. Ltd. , A-417, Kalkaji Double Storey,
New Delhi-110019. Tel No. 26473112

In Bhopal Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering (CIAE) is a premier institute in the country to conduct training in various soya bean products .
It is well Recognized and Prestigious Institute of Central Govt. ,lot of entrepreneurs every year do training here, you can also do training and start your own industry of Soyabean Paneer.

You can visit - for training purpose.

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