Thursday, 15 September 2011

Start a Salwar Suit Embroidery Business.

4. Start a Salwar Suit Embroidery Business.

In Jabalpur there are 350 units of Salwar Suits, and every year there is about 400 cr turnover in this industry. A new readymade garment complex is coming which will boost this industry in many fold, so there are lot of scope in its ancillary unit like embroidery, if you can plant an embroidery machine in jabalpur, you can contribute in giving work to unemployed and can make a profitable business .

Do you…
- want to be your own boss?
- want financial independence?
- want creative freedom?
- want flexible hours?
- want unlimited earning potential?
If so, then owning and managing an embroidery business may be right for you.

Why Embroidery?
- It's profitable
- Everyone buys embroidered goods
- Your business can be operated full-time or part-time
- The equipment doesn't require special skills to operate
- Costs associated with startup are reasonable
- Easy to market - wear your product!

If so, then owning and managing an embroidery business may be right for you. Everyone is looking for a real start-up business opportunity. Starting an embroidery business has all the key ingredients that many people are looking for including, creativity, working from home, ability to work in any niche, huge profit potential and setting your own schedule. The embroidery industry (decorated apparel industry) has been expanding and evolving to the point where every niche is a profitable opportunity for our customers. it’s important to get as much information as you can about an industry before you buy into it.

Embroidery Business( Apparel decorating) is a 47 billion dollar a year industry that offers entrepreneurs an enormous amount of opportunities, that translates into unlimited opportunity for entrepreneurs to start an Embroidery Business. Among today’s many home or small business opportunities, the embroidery business offers entrepreneurs, a tremendous career in a booming industry. The embroidery business is a lively industry. Not only can you do fixing jobs, but you can do personalized orders as well. You are free to do customized work and capture loyal customers who can in turn refer people to you.

It’s a high touch industry. So if you want to profit in these kinds of business, this Embroidery business would be a best option.

Embroidery Machines Agents

Kay Kay Embroideries Private Limited - Kewal Industrial Estate, 446, S B Marg, Lower Parel, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 022 24983129

Balaji Embroidery
Khanna Estate, L B S Road, Opposite Vikhroli Station, Vikhroli East, Vikhroli East, Mumbai - 022 25784254

P Mahendra & Sons
- 16/4, Bombay Cotton Mills Estate, Hakoba Compound, Kala Chowki, Kala Chowki, Mumbai - 022 23716551

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