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Start a Oraganic Cold pressed oil extraction

Soğuk Yağ Presi, Soğuk Sıkım, Soğuk Yağ Sıkıcı, Esansiyel Yağ Sıkıcı, Toper Soğuk Yağ Presi, Cold Oil Press, Essential Oil Press
(180). Start a Oraganic Cold pressed oil extraction
Cold pressed oil is oil which has been produced with the use of a low heat technique. The introduction of heat to the process of making oil will degrade the flavor, nutritional value, and color of the oil. Heat, however, increases the yield. For this reason, cold pressed oil tends to be more expensive, although it is also of higher quality.
The term “cold pressed oil” is subject to different regulations, depending on the part of the world in which it is made. In the European Union, for example, oil which is labeled as coldpressed must be produced in an environment which never exceeds a certain temperature. The temperature varies, depending on the oil, but is generally around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius). In the United States, oil labeling is not regulated, so “cold pressed oil” may not actually be cold pressed oil at all. Consumers will need to smell, taste, and see the oil to determine whether or not it is truly cold pressed.

Some companies manufacture “expeller pressed oil” which is made in a high pressure environment. The high pressure is sometimes necessary with thick nuts and seeds, but it creates heat through friction. Some expeller pressed oil can be termed cold pressed, because the temperature does not rise a great deal. Other expeller pressed oil, however, is made at very high temperatures, and cannot be considered cold pressed oil. Companies may clarify by specifically labeling a product “expeller cold pressed oil.”
Many cooks believe that cold pressed oil has a superior flavor, and actively seek it out. For dressings and dishes in which the flavor of the oil will play an important role, cold pressed oilis generally superior to other types of oil. However, when the oil is going to be heated through cooking, consumers should be more concerned with the smoking point of the oil they are using. Some cold pressed oils are not able to handle high heat, and should not be used in cooking anyway, since the delicate and complex flavor will disappear.
This Cold Oil Press is suitable for the extraction of vegetable oils from such,Oil-bearing materials as rape seed, peanuts, sesame seed, cotton seed,Soya beans, coconuts, tea seed, sunflower seed, etc. (the pressing worms can be replaced as required by the user for the purpose of the extractionof oils from some other oil-bearing materials.

Multi-purpose cold oil press

Advanced technology in cold oil pressing and
essential oil production
Toper TBP series cold oil press
is developed by Toper R&D team
and extracts high quality oil from
every kind of oil seeds.

Thanks to high technology,
highest oil quality achieved.

Toper cold oil presses can be
used as a single unit or
combined to build large
capacity multi-unit lines

With their combination facility,
production capacity will be
increased in a limitless range
and these presses can be used
in every industrial process
from food to chemical industry.

Besides the edible oil production from oil seeds such as; Sesame, Canola, Rapes, Sunflowers, Hazelnuts, Pistachio, Cotton Seeds, Poppy Seeds, Linseeds, Pumpkin Seeds, etc., Toper cold oil press is also used in high quality and efficient essential oil production as follows;

  • Spice oils
    Cummin, Black Pepper, Pepper, False Saffron, Coriander, Karaman Cummin, etc.
  • Cereal and Grain oils
    Soy Bean, Corn, Horsebean, etc.
  • Cosmetic oils
    Almond, Eucalypts, Avocado, Borage, Peppermint, Cedar, Lemon, etc.
  • Fruit and fruit seed oils
    Cranberry, Beech, Rosehip, Raspberry, Elderberry, Currant, Passion Fruit, etc.
  • Flower and flower seed oils
    Mole Bean, Stinger, Black Sesame, Calendula, Gum-Plant, Cannabis, Celery, Carrot, Evening Primrose, Castor Bean, Mustard, Tomato, etc.
  • Nut oils
    Walnut, Coconut, Cachew Nut, Brazil Nut
Extraction capacity20-30 lt/h - 676-1,014 fl.oz/h
Extraction ratio% 25-37 (due to seed type)
Electricity consumption3 kW
Heater power consumption0.5 kW
Dimensions (W-H-D)70 x 123 x 142 cm - 28 x 48 x 56 in
Weight245 kgs - 540 lbs
Voltage380 - 460 V (three-phase)
Frequency50 - 60 Hz
Soğuk Yağ Presi, Soğuk Sıkım, Soğuk Yağ Sıkıcı, Esansiyel Yağ Sıkıcı, Toper Soğuk Yağ Presi, Cold Oil Press, Essential Oil Press


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