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Start a Telemedicine Equipment Business


(225). Start a Telemedicine  Equipment Business

Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information technologies in order to provide clinical health care at a distance. It helps eliminate distance barriers and can improve access to medical services that would often not be consistently available in distant rural communities. It is also used to save lives in critical care and emergency situations.

Telemedicine is an upcoming field in health science arising out of the effective fusion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with Medical Science having enormous potential in meeting the challenges of healthcare delivery to rural and remote areas besides several other applications in education, training and management in health sector. It may be as simple as two health professionals discussing medical problems of a patient and seeking advice over a simple telephone to as complex as transmission of  electronic medical records of clinical information, diagnostic tests such as E.C.G., radiological images etc. and carrying out real time interactive medical video conference with the help of IT based hardware and software, video-confernce using broadband telecommunication  media provided by satellite  and terrestrial network.

Telemedicine equipment have made it possible for an increased number of remote sites to utilize precise medical technology in capturing and forwarding the clearest of images. As telemedicine products become more widely available, cost, ease-of-use and efficacious imaging are important factors for practitioners to consider when searching for this type of professional visualization equipment. 

Telemedicine Equipment

VSS System

The Video Scope System (VSS) incorporates a high resolution camera, high intensity light source, and quick change handle allowing one unit to satisfy the demands of a multi-discipline site. Designed specifically for telemedicine, VSS is a building block unit to obtain high resolution images from various areas of the human body in one cost-effective system with ease of operation.
The patented quick-switch mechanism makes it easy to interchange any of the 16 optical heads, allowing your choice of custom view paths for visualizing anatomy and possible pathological conditions on or within the patient.

VSS Optical Heads

All VSS optical heads are designed and manufactured using only the finest German optics and surgical stainless steel. These interchangeable heads provide for a wide range of viewing applications of almost any condition in or on the body. The optical heads quickly and easily connect to the VSS camera system via the patented quick-switch camera head the system incorporates. A focusing ring allows every head to produce crisp images.
The unique design of the VSS system allows you to purchase only the optical heads needed now. You can obtain additional heads in the future to satisfy the new medical specialties as your program and remote sites expand and multiply.

Ear Drum and Canal Viewing

Ear Drum and Canal Viewing

Designed for use with the VSS camera, theVSS Otoscope is used for viewing the external auditory canal and tympanic membrane. The otoscope also includes an insufflator for performing pneumatic otoscopy and meets requirements of ear specialists. Adaptors allow the use of disposable specula for quick turn around.

Skin/Epithelial Viewing

Skin/Epithelial Viewing
Designed for use with the VSS camera, theVSS Surface scope is used for viewing the surface of the skin during a dermatological examination. The spacer tubes provide stability of imaging for clear diagnosis.


Designed for use with the VSS camera, theVSS laryngoscope is used for viewing the throat and vocal cords during a laryngeal examination.

General Viewing

General Viewing
Designed for use with the VSS camera system, the VSS General viewing scope has multiple applications. It can be used for general viewing of the body, oral examinations, colposcopic exams, etc.

Nasal and Sinus Viewing

Nasal and Sinus Viewing
Designed for use with the VSS camera, theVSS Sinus Scopes come in a variety of lengths, diameters, and viewing angles based on your needs. These scopes are designed to view the nasal area and the sinuses.

Oral Structures, Teeth, Tongue and Palate

Oral Structures, Teeth, Tongue and Palate
Designed for use with the VSS camera, theVSS Oral scope is designed to view the oral cavity. It has a 90 degree viewing angle so teeth and other structures can be viewed easily and close up.

Otoscope / Surface Scope Combination System

Otoscope / Surface Scope Combination System Otoscope / Surface Scope Combination System Otoscope / Surface Scope Combination System

Switch from Otoscope to Surface Scope in seconds

The camera system is a combination of a new single-chip camera and a built-in 24 watt metal halide light source. This powerful light source provides ample light for otoscopic and dermatological examinations. The camera has simple functions for controlling the color balance, window size, and automatic gain control which can be useful for general examinations of the body. The camera is very easy to operate and utilizes an S-video output which is ideal for telemedicine applications.
When using the scope for otoscopy, magnification and illumination are extremely important. The scope utilizes the latest in German optics and illumination technology to give you images that are sharp and well illuminated. The insufflator bulb provides the ability to perform pneumotoscopy while the specially designed nosepiece allows the use of either reusable or disposable specula.
When utilizing the scope for surface images, the system provides crisp, clear images while providing a wide angle of view. The specially designed surface sleeve gives the user a stable base to rest the scope which allows the images to be centered more easily. Images are easily focused by turning the focus ring conveniently located on the body of the scope.
Combo Camera - Universal Scope Coupling
Combo Camera - Universal Scope Coupling
The Combo/24 is the combination of our best single-chip camera with a built-in light source. The light source is a 24 watt short arc xenon metal halide. This camera has simple functions for controlling color balance, window size, and a special electronic filter for minimizing the moirè effects on flexible optics. The pictured coupler will connect standard diagnostic scopes to the camera allowing precise focus.


This otoscope is compatible with your existing video system. Any standard coupler can be used.
  • Quality German rod lens system
  • Standard eyepiece to match video coupler
  • Low cost speculum
  • Universal fiberoptic cable connection

Machida Flexible Nasopharyngoscope

Machida Flexible Nasopharyngoscope
Machida flexible ENT scopes have had continual improvements in optical resolution, illumination, and function to keep pace with today’s demands. Available in standard, slim-line and pediatric sizes, these precision fiberscopes are the ideal addition to your diagnostic armamentarium.

Portable Store & Forward Video System

Portable Store & Forward Video System Portable Store & Forward Video System
Telemedicine programs requiring store and forward functions and the portability of a laptop computer can now solve their imaging and archiving dilemmas with DigiCAM 2.0. The DigiCAM camera and light source is powered by the USB ports on a laptop or Desktop PC. This camera which is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand comes with free software allowing high resolution video and still images to be archived directly to a hard drive for intranet security, or later copied and pasted to other documents or files for internet communications. The software is easy to use and the search function quickly brings up patient information previously captured. The camera and accessories weigh less than 2 pounds.
Additionally the system can be outfitted with a USB powered LED light source which will adapt to all new and existing scopes
Video Accessories
Video Accessories
Video couplers are optical components used to magnify and focus the image from the endoscope for the camera. They are available in fixed magnifications or zoom magnifications. The zoom couplers allow a wider range of endoscopes to be used on the same video system.
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